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Culture and Society
The Kingdom of Adela is located in the woodlands as opposed to Serendipity, which is located upon a wide expanse of country. The capital city, and location of the castle and its monarchs, is Ketra, a major trade hub since Adela is located at the center of the Three Kingdoms and travelers from the neighboring countries would have to travel through Ketra to reach the other kingdoms.

While a younger kingdom than Serendipity, many of Adela's people can trace their roots back to Serendipity. Adela was formed when Serendipity's people pushed southward and mingled with the small tribes living there, thus forming the Adelan race and later nation when they broke off from Serendipity and held onto their land fiercely. Because of their origins, Adelans are known as a fiercely proud, strong people that are hell on a battlefield.

The people of Adela, being so near to the forest, rely mostly on hunting and trade with Serendipity for crops. The soil is not the richest and most well-suited for agriculture, though there are a few small farms here and there where the forest has been cleared for it. Some families also choose to grow their own gardens, but, for the most part, Adela is reliant upon Serendipity for their crops, and has long had a close relationship with the neighboring Kingdom. Even if their relationship was sticky in the past, they have since grown to be allies and Serendipity often regards Adela as a sort of younger, louder sibling.

1. Kingdom Colors
Red and black.

2. Emblem
A winged dragon.

1. Religion
While Adela does not have a strict national religion, the majority of Adelans follow something akin to animism: there are many spirits all around, residing in everything, some good and some bad. It's a laid back spirituality, but nonetheless Adelans are what others would consider very superstitious. Superstition is very much engrained into Adela's people and most do them now without even thinking about them. To an outsider, this would probably seem very silly.

Some superstitions are:

  • Having a cat in the house wards off epidemic spirits.
  • Never tell secrets in front of a cat or it will whisper it into peoples' ears while they sleep.
  • If a black cat sits in front of your door, you will find unexpected money that day.
  • If you hear an owl in the daytime, turn in a circle three times or someone close to you will die.
More will be added as they're created! If you've come up with an Adelan superstition, PM an admin.

2. Race
Adelans tend to have dark skin with coppery or reddish undertones. Their hair ranges from dark brown to black and sometimes red, though there is of course a lot of variation due to their mixed blood coming from older tribes and from Serendipity's people. Eyes tend to be dark in color but vibrant greens are frequent as well.

When it comes to other species, cultures, and outsiders, Adelans are tolerant of them but nonetheless proud. There is a lot of ego and patriotism in Adela and most consider their country and people the best damned thing in the world and no one can tell them any differently. They're rather set in their ways, but they aren't unwelcoming of other people.

3. Gender
Adela is a society based off of merit. As such, the genders are considered equal.

1. King/Queen
The leaders of the kingdom. However, there isn't always a King and Queen; sometimes, there is only one leader if said leader is not yet married. The King and/or Queen make all the decisions concerning the Kingdom, and create the laws of it. Full power rests in their hands, and they maintain the position for life, or until they pass it onto the Prince or Princess when they see fit, if one is available.

2. Prince/Princess
A Prince or Princess may also rule in the stead of the King or Queen, and also has the opportunity to rise to the position of King or Queen—usually in the case of a death, though there are other ways, as well. Generally speaking, the Prince or Princess is the son or daughter of the monarchs, though this is not always the case. Princes and Princesses of other lands may take the position, especially if the current monarchs have no heirs.

3. Lords/Ladies
The rich and influential inhabitants of the Kingdom.

4. Knight
Knights are the elite of the soldiers, the best of the best. Historically, of course, the whole knight concept is very complex and specific, but for the sake of a fantasy RPG, it can of course be simplified. Soldiers can become knights for outstanding performance in combat as recognized by a higher official, and they are officially knighted by the monarchs. A person could also become a knight if they were born of noble blood and apprenticed themselves to a knight.

5. Soldiers
Soldiers make up the bulk of the country's militia, and it is their duty to defend the kingdom in times of need and enforce the law at all times. However, the duties of soldiers vary, especially during times of peace when there is no imminent threat or upcoming war on the horizon. Duties include patrolling the villages, protecting the borders, gathering intelligence (in order to better protect the country by anticipating any future threats), and any other missions the monarchs or higher officials may deem necessary. There are also different classes and skills among the soldiers, such as magic classes (which includes defensive and offensive magic) and weapons classes (swordsmen, archers, etc.). The class the soldier belongs to all depends on his or her individual skills.

Though this is mostly a voluntary service, if the kingdom is in short supply of soldiers...citizens may also be drafted during a time of war.

6. Students
The soldiers-in-training. Students are typically pretty young, a majority of them being under twenty-one and many beginning their training, depending on when they joined (or, in the cases of orphans, were brought in) around the age of eight. Indeed, many students are orphans who were brought in off the streets and raised to be soldiers, but many are also be volunteers. Once brought into the system, they begin their training starting at the lowest level possible and gradually advance upward through the different levels. Age does not have much to do with how quickly a student can advance; it all has to do with the student's skill.

Students are divided into different groups based off their own individual talents and taught to hone their particular skill, but they are also trained in all other areas, with special emphasis placed on perfecting the skills in which they excel and strengthening the areas where they may show weakness. However, students are not only trained in physical skills, but also in subjects such as history, the arts, and the like. After all, a smart potential soldier is a good potential soldier.

7. Commoners
The heart of the kingdom. Commoners are what they sound like—the common folk. Not all are dirt poor, though poverty indeed is, sadly, not at all uncommon.

8. Slaves
Yep, the slave-trade is quite alive and legal. In fact, it's often used as a punishment for criminals.