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Remnants of the Earth - Sci-fi fantasy RP!
Our sci-fi RP that is also heavy on the fantasy! Basically, it's mages in space mechas.

RPKnaves on Tumblr!
Our tumblr! We blog and reblog stuff about RP, writing, and art!


Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying Visionary Tales

Wanna affiliate? Just e-mail Rhi-Rhi at eternalwonder(at)!. Please include a 88x31 button if you have one! Here is a code to put our button on your site!


Critique Circle
Our personal favorite writing critique site!

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing
JA Konrath's publishing blog. Industry news, publishing tips, and data to help authors earn a living.

The Passive Voice
A fantastic blog by a lawyer on trends in the publishing industry.


RPG - Directory
A huge, really busy directory and RP community.

Behind the Name
Awesome site for character names! They've even got surnames, too!