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Common types of magic found in SotE. Bear in mind, this is by no means a complete list, and you are by no means limited to these forms. Create your own types of magic as you like! The list here is simply how magic is viewed and categorized in canon.
Immortal forces are timeless, cosmic forces out of reach of mortals. A Mordecai's ability to nullify the casting of magic does not affect these forces.
  1. Demonic
    The power unique to demons. Demons find the source of this power in the cosmic forces of destruction, corruption, chaos, and suffering. Demonic power is highly diverse because demons are highly diverse. A demon's capabilities will depend on its own origins and form. What they have in common is that their power is universally effective at corrupting, harming, and tempting mortals. It is susceptible and weak against holy power, but strong against all mortal magics.. It is used by demons, devils, imps, fiends, and other creatures that come from the hells.
  2. Holy
    The source of holy power are the cosmic forces of creation, order, justice, peace, and protection. Specifically, holy naturally seeks to protect mortality. It is strong against demonic power, but weak to the mortal magics of primal and life. Heavenly and divine creatures such as angels, unicorns, and valkyries. Unlike demons, these forces of providence rarely walk the mortal plane themselves. Rather, they more often allow mortals to use their powers through blessings, grace, or holy artifacts. Holy power cannot hurt mortals, excepting demonlords or those possessed by demons.
  3. Glamour
    This is the magic of illusions and enchantments, used mostly by fae, pixies, goblins, wisps, and other such creatures. It can be used by the fae to hide their true selves, and it can also be used to create scents, sounds, and tactile sensations. Though an illusion, it is just as real and tangible as anything else to those who are unaware that it’s false. Glamour can be used to enchant objects, or it can be bound to objects where it will remain dormant until triggered. However, the illusion can be spotted and summarily broken by those who know what to look for.
These are the powers available to mortals. A mordecai's ability does affect all of these magics.
  1. Demoncraft
    The summoning, subjugation, and control of demons by mortals. Concerns itself specifically with enslaving demons and using them to reach a person's own ends. Practitioners are referred to as demonlords. This is a dangerous calling as demons will take any opportunity to turn on their masters, but a demonlord that knows what they're doing is a frightening force against both other mortals and demons. They are universally feared and scorned, for demonic power is predominantly only good for harming others. They are the only mortals that can easily be harmed by holy magic.
  2. Elemental
    The command and manipulation of the four elements—fire, earth, air, and water. Some schools of thought also include light, lightning, and the manipulation of luck as additional elements. This is the most common magic for humans to have.
  3. Divination
    The practice of gaining knowledge of the past, present, future, or unknown using supernatural means. Fortunetelling can be accomplished in a myriad of ways including reading omens, scrying, dowsing, palmistry, augury, cleromancy, and mediumship. It is a very rare ability and mostly occurs in Essyrni and Thanati.
  4. Life
    Healing magic. These powers deal with manipulating the vibrant energies of the body. It is not unheard of for life magic to be used to do harm but this is exceedingly rare, as it is difficult to force life magic into this role. It naturally tries to mend rather than destroy.
  5. Primal
    Magic that is tied to the primal forces of the earth, concerning itself with the physical world of the five senses. Practices include cannibalism, blood sacrifice, sexual ritual, the manipulation of plants, and animals, and the forces of raw emotion. It is highly effective against holy but weak to demonic influence.
  6. Necromancy
    Death magic. Necromancy can either deal with communicating with the dead, or even reanimating the dead. It is a rarer, and more taboo, form of magic.