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A map showing Serendipity's provinces. Click to enlarge!

The Kingdom of Serendipity is the oldest of the Three Kingdoms and was built upon a wide expanse of flat country with its borders stretching from the Terrin Mountains in the west to the Hivan Ocean in the east. It is the middle kingdom, located between Adela to the south and Connlaoth to the north.

Serenians value academia, social progressiveness, and magic. Their country enjoys natural defenses in the form of the Terrin Mountains to the west and north and the Hivan ocean to the east. Serendipity's only major vulnerability lies to the south where it borders Adela, its long-time ally. Because of its relative safety from invasion, Serendipity has formed little in the way of defenses. Few of its cities have walls and the palace in Arca was built for beauty rather than for ability to withstand a siege. Most defenses are laid near the northern mountain passes and the coast.
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Society and Culture

  • Serendipity is a monarchy of equal primogeniture, meaning that inheritance passes to the oldest surviving child without regard to gender.

  • The kingdom prides itself on smooth transitions of power even in the event of succession struggles.

  • The eleven Great Houses form the core of Serendipity's government. They owe fealty to the throne and rule the eleven provinces that divide the kingdom.

  • The High Lords and High Ladies of the Great Houses form a council that both upholds the law of the throne and checks its power.

  • The provinces are further divided into fiefdoms, dukedoms, and baronies.

  • Kia's Court, the twelfth province, is always under the power of the noble House who holds the throne.

  • Most nobles are nobles by birth but the crown can grant this title, as well as land ownership, to commoners should it see fit.

  • Serendipity consists of flat grasslands, snaking rivers, and sparse forests, making it ideal for agriculture and raising livestock. The most fertile regions are the provinces of Jadenshine and Whitesands, where rivers and tributaries produce floodplains.

  • South near the border of Adela the forests grow thicker.

  • The Wester Highlands, a region atop a high plateau, lead up to the Terrin Mountains in the west.

  • The Ora River flows south and cuts the country in half. It's tributary, the Illusiath, flows out to the east to meet the Hivan Ocean.

  • Long stretches of sandy beach mark the coast up to the sea cliffs of the coastal Terrins.

  • The climate of Serendipity is temperate throughout with wet springs and summers and mild winters.

  • All native-born people, whether man or woman, Serenian or not, are citizens entitled to the protection of the law and required to meet their obligations to throne and lord in the form of labor, service, and taxes.

  • Only temple servants might be released from these obligations.

  • Commoners who own their own land owe no military service to the lord of the province or fiefdom, but are taxed on the land under their possession.

  • Commoners may purchase land or be granted it by nobility. Titles of nobility might also be granted for exceptional service.

  • Slavery is legal, however native-born Serenians are guaranteed freedom under the law. Only Serenians enslaved outside of Serendipity's borders and later brought into the country would be lawfully owned.

  • Slaves might own property (never land) and have a family at the discretion of their master.

  • Serenians free slaves liberally and often, usually as a reward for years of good service or if the slave earns their own price.

  • Serenians value masculinity and femininity equally.

  • Serenians are traditionally polytheistic and follow a specific pantheon of gods and goddesses.

  • While the throne acknowledges and honors the gods of the Serenian people, there are no religious laws and people may worship or not as they choose.

  • However, anyone who engages in acts that might anger the gods would likely be shunned or even cast out of their village so as not to bring the fury of the offended deity upon the rest of the people.

  • Rural people tend to worship local gods and fae without partaking in organized religion, while city people tend to embrace a priest class with organized ritual and temple service.

For additional (and optional!) information about their religion, check the Serenian Religion page!

  • Serenians are a race of humans. Long ago, their ancestors mingled with the fae folk, which produced the Serenian people of today.

  • Their predecessors migrated to Serendipity from what is now known as Fell, and they share a common ancestry with Connlaothians.

  • They typically have delicate features and tend to be small boned. Fair skin is most common.

  • A wide variety of hair colors are common, even hues such as greens, pinks, and blues. This is also true of eye color.

  • Serenians have a strong predisposition for magic. Roughly one out of every fifty Serenians will have at least some minor gift, making magic a part of everyday life in Serendipity.

  • Their individual height can range from tall to short depending on which fey race they trace their origin back to.

  • Serenians are weak to iron. Individual reactions will vary. For some the aversion is so acute that the touch of iron will burn their skin.

  • If cut or stabbed with iron they may grow weak and the injury would suffer potentially fatal infection, even from a superficial wound.

  • A Serenian's magic can be contained by iron shackles at their wrists and throat. Nets and traps made of iron produce similar results, and even proximity to iron can interfere with Serenian magic and weaken them physically, sapping their energy and making them feel dizzy or ill.

This is all the information you need to play in Serendipity, but if you'd like some more detailed information, check out Serendipity's wiki page!