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Got some cool lore, cultures, races, or beasts you wanna submit as site canon? Do it here! We'll review it and work with you to make it happen.

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Development and discussion of the video game project!

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This is the non-canon RP board, for any and all RP that doesn't fit in SotE's setting! Have fun! (:

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If you're going to be away, please post here to let everyone know. That way no one's left in the dark wondering where you've poofed to! Don't worry, we understand. Life happens!

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Does you character have some long-distance friends, family, lovers, or rivals they want to keep in contact with? Here they can correspond via letters of the written or magical variety.

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Here characters can spill their innermost thoughts.

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The Meeting Place

No New Posts The Meeting Place

Known simply as the "Meeting Place", this is a large, sacred area consisting of scattered forests and lush meadows. There are many access points throughout the world, but they all lead directly to this one place; a person in Yoreiq or Essyrn or Connlaoth could step through one to get here and leave again by the same means.

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Northern Le'raana

No New Posts Hyoite

A remote village located in the frozen tundra beyond the Kilanthro Mountains. The outermost reaches of it extend outward toward the Hivan Ocean.

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No New Posts Sionad Tundra and Valleys

The frozen expanse of land surrounding and leading away from Hyoite. Dotted with small, hardy settlements and natural hot springs produced by the geothermal activity in the area. The land is mostly barren and trees are scarce, but gradually, as it extends closer to the Kilanthro Mountains, the icy scenery does eventually to give way to greener valleys.

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No New Posts Kilanthro Mountains

A tall, trecherous mountain range that lies between the Sionad Valley and the kingdom of Connlaoth.

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No New Posts Fell

The ruins of a nation so old that no one remembers its name. It is where Serenians and Connlaothians both originated, and it is said that the cataclysm that caused the city to fall is what prompted its survivors to split.

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No New Posts Reajh

The capital of Connlaoth, this is where the Grand Duke’s palace is. Surrounded by a thick wall, it is a heavily fortified city. However, it is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in Connlaoth. Several huge churches can be found in the city, housing some of the most important holy artifacts. It also holds the main garrison for the Mordecai as well as where they train new recruits.

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on November 15, 2017, 03:25:38 PM

No New Posts Uthlyn

Located only a few miles from the capital, Uthlyn is a center of art and learning in Connlaoth.

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No New Posts Sirantil Valley

The lush, green valley in which Connlaoth lies, veined by fresh rivers and temperate forests and circled by the Kilanthro mountain range.

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No New Posts Matron's Hallow

The area where the Matron and Lower matron meet is known as Matron’s Hallow. There are a number of cities here that lack the low, squat fortresses that are so common everywhere else in Connlaoth. The cities in Matron’s Hallow all belong to the Grand Duke and as such, other Dukes aren’t allowed to attack them. To do so would be an act of treason against the Grand Duke. A large lake, Athervann Lake, is the only lake in the country is at the meeting point of the rivers. It is a meeting place for some of the greatest artists and minds in Connlaoth.

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No New Posts Northern Serendipity

The Northern provinces of Serendipity border Connlaoth and the Kilanthro mountain range. They tend to have a chillier climate than the rest of Serendipity, being farther northward. Darken Vei rests in a valley between the two mountain ranges while Northwatch and Featherfall enjoy relatively flat grasslands broken by occasional forests. The border between Serendipity and Connlaoth becomes indistinct in the mountains.

For provinces Darken Vei, Northwatch, and Featherfall.

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No New Posts Wester Highlands

A high plateau and steep, green hills form the Wester Highlands of Serendipity. Flanking this region are the Terrin Mountains, an impassable range that provides rare ore for the provinces of the Highlands and protects Serendipity\'s western border. Mysterious artifacts hide within the mountain crevices and residual energies left by violent magics linger over much of the land, the reminders of a truly earth-shaking war fought long ago.

For provinces Fallial, Tirial, and Altas Verde

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No New Posts Serendipity Riverlands

The Ora River and its tributaries cut through the middle of Serendipity, providing the provinces of Jadenshine and Moonspear with fertile floodplains and grasslands. Kia's Court houses the Serendipity capital city, Arca, while Ravensway to the south consists mostly of dense, enchanted forest. The riverlands are the backbone of Serenian trade efforts, with goods traveling north and south along the Ora. The roads in these provinces, especially Jadenshine and Kia's Court, are well maintained and often paved. Banditry, while always a threat, is less of a problem close to the river where the provinces go to special effort to protect their economic interests. Traders forced to travel the outlying roads should be wary of brigands, however.

For provinces Jadenshine, Moonspear, Ravensway, and Kia's Court.

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No New Posts Coastal Serendipity

The Serenian coastlands, stretching from Whitesands down to the southern border of Summervale, consist of broad, sandy beaches and while they are beautiful they also make up Serendipity's most vulnerable front. Lacking a powerful fleet, the coastlands are often besieged by pirates and privateers. Whitesands and Summervale commit most of their forces to maintaining control along the shores, but lack the numbers necessary to hold the entire shoreline under Serenian control indefinitely.

For provinces Whitesands and Summervale.

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No New Posts Ketra

A large trade city in the center of Adela where many villagers take residence. Many make their living as hunters and tanners with the forests so close, and there are a good many modest taverns and specialty shops, many of which peddle unique animal specimens.

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No New Posts Draconi Forest

The forested land which covers much of western Adela and borders Ketra on one side. A broadleaf, temperate forest that provides plentiful hunting, though travelers must be wary. Away from the towns and villages, the forest grows dense and harbors bears, wolves, and basilisks.

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No New Posts The Thunderblacks

The Southern Terrin Mountains, known to Adelans as the Thunderblacks, grow harsh and rocky in the western regions of the kingdom then gradually soften into lower, greener peaks as they curve south and east. They were so named by early settlers for the chilling sounds produced by the mountains' resident dragons. Their thunderous roars echo off the dark cliffs and can be heard for miles. At night, tongues of dragonfire flare intermittently upon the heights. Many Adelan mountain villages live in peaceful isolation in the Thunderblacks, but those on the southern side of the mountains must contend with raiders from the plains.

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on November 08, 2017, 05:41:49 PM

No New Posts Serha Plains

An expanse of temperate grasslands that lies between the forests of Adela to the north and the Moraki Desert to the south. The plains cover a larger area of land than Adela and Serendipity combined. There is no law here. Hordes of nomadic horsemen roam these lands, and permanent settlements are few and far between. Travelers should be prepared to pay heavy tolls to any horde they encounter...or risk being taken as slaves instead.

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No New Posts Kunata

The largest island of Thanatos, Kunata is the main population center where the bulk of Thanati can be found. Most Thanati keep their homes near the shoreline, even building around the fishing docks, for further inland lies dense rainforest. Kunata is home to the Capital city, Suna, and also to the largest port city in Thanatos, Jin'ta.

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on November 17, 2017, 03:34:14 AM

No New Posts The Rest of Thanatos

The other three large isles are Inno, Ruka, and Kelei. They are smaller than Kunata with fewer people and are also very rarely frequented by foreigners. Many of the inhabitants don't even speak Common.

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No New Posts Hivan Ocean

The cooler waters of the ocean which both Adela and Serendipity are situated next to.

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Western Le'raana

No New Posts La'marri

The free village of La'marri lies sheltered between the Niahi Woods and the sea, independent of any governments, kingdoms, or laws—save their own. Many mages find their way here, drawn to the graced land and the promise of a safe haven where they might study their craft in the company of kindred spirits. Rumors abound about La'marri, some saying that the land itself breathes magic, that it is blessed by the gods, but the inhabitants of the village keep their secrets close and the mystique of their enchanted home well guarded.

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No New Posts Niahi Woods

A dense, evergreen forest...

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Yoreiqi Isles

No New Posts Yoreiq

The Yoreiq Isles are a tropical island chain of six islands off to the Southwest of Le'raana in the middle of the Tuor Ocean. Yoreiq is the main and largest isle of the chain, an island inhabited by many a friendly tribal people. Most villages can be found along the coast, avoiding the dense jungles where some really large beasts dwell, some of which have been known to prey on humans. The volcanic Eiba Mountain can be found on the Sourthern portion of Yoreiq.

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No New Posts Port of Ainu

The largest village in Yoreiq, Ainu is still small and modest in comparison to the Le'raanan villages, and the homes are built to be far less permanent due to the storms that often buffer the island: huts raised off the ground that can be easily built and rebuilt. The people tend to be welcoming and curious of visitors, even if they are still content to keep and preserve their own ways and culture.

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No New Posts Tuor Ocean

The warmer waters of the Western ocean. Sirens and merpeople are said to dwell in this ocean.

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No New Posts Essyrn

A large desert city tracing its history back for centuries. The people who founded Essyrn were once nomads until they came across this oasis near the coast and settled down. Still, it is not immune to the rare but violent sandstorms that are capable of burying a caravan whole. Often called the Golden City, both for its beauty and for it's famed wealth, adventurers can find both fortune and danger here. Within Essyrn's shining walls await any vice or pleasure one could desire, some as wondrous as the exotic gardens surrounding the palace, some as cruel as the fighting pits and coliseums where slaves are made to battle animals or each other for the amusement of a crowd.

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No New Posts Seraj Isa

Seraj Isa, or the Glass Desert, is located nearly a hundred miles from Essyrn and is considered to be one of the wonders of the world. It is a miles long section of desert that has turned to glass--including the wind-blasted dunes, some even captured in motion. Essyrni consider it a holy place, but no one really knows what caused it nor what new creatures exist on this barren landscape. While the glass is thick and strong in most areas, some areas are fragile as thin ice so travelers must be careful.

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No New Posts Moraki Desert

A great expanse of sandy terrain and dunes. Though it looks barren to an outsider, truth be told it is alive with desert life and settlements clustered around oases. Travelers are warned to keep to the caravan routes, as folklore tells of ageless beasts prowling the rocky outcroppings and boulder clusters beyond the established roads. Unwary adventurers have been known to survive encounters with these beasts only to disappear among the rock formations, falling into hidden sinkholes and crevices. Rumors say some of these chasms lead to the underground ruins of a once prosperous civilization...

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Southern Le'raana

No New Posts Kishahn Jungle

Beyond the desert toward the sea, the climate begins to take on a rapid change, gradually opening up into a lush jungle environment.

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on November 08, 2017, 06:38:58 PM

No New Posts Zantaric

A secluded village independent of any kingdoms or governments that is shrouded deep in a dying forest by jagged mountains that may have once been volcanic. It is an ideal haven for outlaws wishing to dwell or conduct business in a place where they won\'t be bothered...for the most part. Deeper in the forest, an old, abandoned temple also lies...

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Flashback Threads

No New Posts Flashback Threads

For any threads that occur in the past!

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