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Wester Highlands / New Girl
« Last post by DragonSong on March 17, 2018, 09:32:18 PM »

The Basics of Shaping the Soul.

That was the first class she'd managed to actually sign up for- this whole enrollment process was more complicated than she'd first thought, she'd had to go through all sorts of applications just to be accepted into the one class, the rest of her roster was still being decided based on a series of aptitude tests.

So, just the one class for this first week. But where in the hells was it?

Rey grumbled and butted his head against her leg as she paused for the umpteenth time in the middle of the hallway, turning the map she'd been given over and around in her hands as she tried to orient herself.

"Now, if the second seminar room is that way...and the entrance onto the second floor balcony is that way... Oh, hells' bells!" She stamped her foot, resisting with some difficulty the effort to crumple the map up and toss it down the hall.
La'marri / Tell Me All Your Troubles
« Last post by DragonSong on March 17, 2018, 09:19:41 PM »

Caliope had never really been much for drink, but sometimes the day just pushed her to the point of indulgence.

Today was one of those days, but while normally she would have just poured herself a glass of wine and hidden away in the flat above her shop with a good book, now she found herself venturing out into La'marri proper, making for the bar nearest to her store. A small bell above the door chimed merrily as she slipped inside and she shot it a quick look, then lowered her head and bustled toward the bar.

With a shaky sort of breath Cali adjusted her shawl and settled herself on a stool, eyes on the counter and ankles crossing nervously beneath her seat. "Can I, uh, get a drink?"
Moraki Desert / Re: Desert Encounter (DragonSong)
« Last post by DragonSong on March 17, 2018, 09:14:15 PM »
She allowed him to lead her through the steps of the dance, not interested so much on the movements themselves but rather observing how well he could adjust and work with her body. It was surprising sometimes how well dancing could translate to martial skills, worth noting.

Maka was certainly no slouch herself, feet light and hips swaying easily to the music. She allowed herself to twirl lightly away on Ruby's arm before spinning back into his hold- then smirked. She reached back to shift his hand a little higher up on her waist as she settled back into his arms. "Easy there, tiger," she chuckled. "Moving a little too far south."

Moraki Desert / Re: Desert Encounter (DragonSong)
« Last post by Jiaolong on March 17, 2018, 08:59:39 PM »
Ruby stifled a laugh of his own. “Happens enough that I’ve considered a haircut,” he said, twirling a silvery lock around his finger.

He was surprised when Maka actually agreed to dance with him—he’d been trying to get her to lighten up and couldn’t believe it’d actually worked. “As you wish. I’m a wonderful dancer. At least, that’s what I’d like to think,” he said, rising to his feet with her.

The music became more festive-if that was even possible-as more people joined the dancing. Ruby took Maka’s hand and placed his other one on her waist, leading her in tune to the music.
Arca / To See the World (OPEN!!! need two or three!!)
« Last post by Pinfeathers on March 17, 2018, 07:36:40 PM »
Faleene was packing her bags for yet another outing.  Except this one, this one was different.  This was going to be the outing that would start her next book: The Creatures of the World. She had been planning it for years - since she had started writing - it was going to be the first and greatest compendium ever written, covering all creatures, magical or not, in all of Le'ranna.  She would start in Serendipity - this would be the shortest part of her journey, as she had already written two manuals on the wildlife of her home-country.  Next would be Connlaoth, which she was also familiar with to an extent, following which she would venture to Essyrn, Adela, and Hyoite before traveling to the islands, Thanatos and Yoreiq. This, however, would be at least a few years away.   This was going to be her longest excursion yet. 

Perhaps with this publication, she could finally apply at Wyrdwood Academy for a position as a Professor of Biology.  But again, this was years in the future.  Faleene was just starting her journey today.

"Mrao?" her cat, Na'vi, hopped up onto the cluttered bed and nuzzled his head into her hand as she paused to think, and she smiled, stroking her friend's forehead with her thumb. 

"This'll be our longest adventure yet," she said softly to the feline, "are you ready for it?" Even having been on outing after studious outing, Faleene still got a rush of adrenaline thinking about being in the field.  Especially for this particular trip.  She was excited beyond her wildest dreams. 

A tinkling of bells alerted her to the opening of her front door.  "That'll be the Help," she explained to the siamese on her bed.  She had been putting up fliers all over town and had even been able to give a seminar at the city square about her planned outing.  She had gotten two written responses for takers who wanted to join her as "Lab Assistants", if you will, on this particular adventure.  She had written back telling them what to pack and when to meet at her home (or "base of operations", as she liked to call it), and left it at that.  Today she was meeting them both to make sure they were up to the task.

It was early in the morning, and sunlight streamed in through the windows at the front of Faleene's little house, leaving the figure in the doorway backlit.  The young woman squinted, lifting a casual hand in greeting.
"Morning," she said, doing her best not to sound too eager, "you must be..."
Tuor Ocean / Re: Catch of the Day [m]
« Last post by DragonSong on March 17, 2018, 07:07:49 PM »
The siren stared at him for a long moment in silence, fighting back tears of their own. How could he do this, blame himself like this, it was all her fault, all of it, how-

Aura-lee took a shaky breath and leaned in to kiss his forehead, then his cheeks, kissing away the trail the angry tears had left behind. Eventually, she let her lips brush against his softly, one arm curled protectively around Morgan while the other reached up to circle her mate's shoulders and pull him closer so she could rest her brow against his.

"I love you," she whispered again. "And we can figure this out. Together." She kissed him again, gently, sweetly, letting the touch linger. Her heart still ached for the loss of a baby that was never really hers, but she was determined to love the family she had here in her arms as much as she possibly could.

"Come to bed?" she whispered pleadingly. "We...can talk in the morning. About all the rest. Just come to bed, please."
Tuor Ocean / Re: Catch of the Day [m]
« Last post by Draconian on March 17, 2018, 06:54:43 PM »
Hydra didn't know if it would be okay.

Could he tell her that? Could he worry her with that? Was it worth it? Obviously having a child was tough, having two and having the other one... Hydra looked down at her before he knelt fully beside the bed. His finger tips grazing her forehead, pushing her beautiful hair from her pale skin. What fate had he subjected her to?

If he hadn't been stupid. If he hadn't let lust and foolishness overcome him none of this would have happened. That would be a terrible thing to say though. It would make her sad and maybe she'd cry and... Hydra was spiraling. He rested his cheek on the bed beside her shoulder and looked up at her.  "I'm sorry," He whispered, "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you and morgan and..." He squeezed his eyes shut, "I'm sorry I'm not wealthy. Aura-Lee, I'm so sorry I can't set you up for life. That there will be struggles and things will be hard for a while. But I'll figure it out."

Hydra sucked in a breath and kissed her forehead, opening his eyes again and angrily brushing at the frustrated tears. They stung. He couldn't remember the last time any sort of angrily salt water came out of his face and he frowned and just turned his face into the bed. "I'll make sure it's... Okay. It'll be hard sometimes but I love you. Okay? If I have to go get a job somewhere I'll send money back for you two. You'll be taken care of as best I can. I promise."
Serendipity / Faleene Scathaín, Naturalist, Biologist, Zoologist
« Last post by Pinfeathers on March 17, 2018, 06:46:16 PM »
Name: Faleene Scathaín

Age: 21

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Serenian

Height: 5'3"

Occupation: Published Biologist

Residence: A small house in Arca, but she goes on outings for weeks at a time

Appearance: A cheerful demeanor with short, light pink hair.  It sets her apart from other Serenians - she uses simple appearance-modifying magics to alter it.  When she's actually in Serendipity, it means she's probably writing or running experiments - she shuts herself in her house and wears the same clothes for days on end.  When she's going out on an expedition, one can find her in leather armor, decked out head to toe with specimen bottles, notebooks, papers, and a hefty backpack full of anything she might need while on her adventures (you'll find a bird, or snake or two - or four- on her person somewhere as well.  She keeps many pets). Her Siamese cat, Na'vi, is with her wherever she goes. She likes to paint her face frequently with what looks like dark red "war paint" just under her eyes, but is really just her way of saying "I'm a scientist, watch out".

Personality:  Faleene loves people, but is hopelessly awkward.  She doesn't do well in social situations and has trouble communicating verbally.  She loves writing and has several published manuals documenting the creatures she finds across the wildlands of Serendipity and beyond.  She is well known for her extremely well-detailed publications on the dragons of Essyrn.
Despite her love for people, she can sometimes come off as a know-it-all, which isn't intentional, she just enjoys sharing the knowledge she has. 

Magic/Abilities: Well versed in druidic healing and calming magics, Faleene gets along very well with animals and creatures of all kinds.  In a way, she gets on better with them than with other people. She also has some minor appearance-modification abilities which she can use to alter the way she looks if need be. 

Relationships: Not many.  She isn't very good at keeping up with them. She still talks with her parents from time to time but even her communication there is scarce. 

History: Having a modest Serenian upbringing, Faleene has always been fascinated by science. Taught druidic magics passed down from her parents, it is her goal to teach Biology Classes at Wyrdwood academy, but she has always felt inadequate since her people skills leave much to be desired.  She never had many friends growing up as she was always awkward and had odd interests.  Once she hit her teenage years she would leave for days at a time, camping out in the wilderness to study the animal species that lived among the wilds.  At 19 she purchased her own house using the funds from her first published manual entitled Serendipity: A Naturalist's Guide. The house is full of specimens, animals that come and go (including her favorite companion, Na'vi), manuscripts, etc.  It is often wondered by her neighbors if she ever sleeps.  Now, at 21, Faleene makes a living publishing scholarly articles and working on her next book entitled The Creatures of the World (which has yet to be started). 
Wester Highlands / Re: There's Something About the Amulet... [Dragonsong]
« Last post by DragonSong on March 17, 2018, 06:41:37 PM »
"Well, what I want isn't really the point, is it?" The djinn smirked, evidently pleased that they were speaking plainly now. He spread his arms wide, and for a moment he seemed to glint copper, exposed, lean muscle rippling. Lapis felt her mouth go dry and ducked her head quickly, flushing.

"That's the beauty of a djinn, isn't it. Your wish-" He swept into an elegant bow, looking from Lapis to Bartley and back- "is my command."
Zantaric / Re: In the Name of Science!
« Last post by DragonSong on March 17, 2018, 06:33:55 PM »
Ally flushed, then admitted in a mumble, "I'm...not entirely sure, yet. I need to compare this book with my mother's notes, but I haven't really had a chance to- to read-" A yawn cut her off and she clapped a hand over her mouth, her blush worsening. "Sorry, I'm sorry. I'll get started right away-"

Her eyes widened and she cursed under her breath. "I'm so sorry, I...left my mother's journals at the inn where I'm staying. I have to go fetch them."
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