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Ketra / Re: This hurts me more than it hurts you. [M] [Aeyt!]
« Last post by Aeytrious on Today at 11:05:08 PM »
        Dirk could feel some slight soreness in his erection from his ejaculation, but Briar’s eagerness to go again, aroused him further. He may not have known how to properly respond to these stimuli, but his body did. Biology was great that way. He moved to get a new condom, and he quickly opened it and placed it on his renewed erection. He returned to Briar, and gripping the base of his cock put the pulsing tip against her still quivering slit.
        “Are you ready?” Dirk asked as he slid his cock gently up and down Biar’s lips.
Northern Serendipity / Re: Lady of the Lake [Aeyt!]
« Last post by Viscount Rhi-Rhi on Today at 10:54:35 PM »
...Rare. Bloody. No need for a fire.

That was the impulse that sprang to mind, but Adamaris bit back the words, horrified at their pull. But as she looked at the wriggling, dying fish, all she could think of was its soft flesh between her teeth, and how its blood would taste. She shook her to clear the image and rubbed at her temple, taking a deep breath.

She could smell its blood from there.

Or was that just in her head?

“...Cooked,” she answered quietly. “Thoroughly. Raw meat can make you ill. How can you stand that?”
Zantaric / Re: Urchins (CyclicalCycal)
« Last post by Whim on Today at 10:11:11 PM »
Cara's delicate little fingers were fighting a losing battle with the grimoire. It was enormous, and it had teeth. She'd just have to bare it. "I'm trying! I'm trying! Just a few more seconds; I gotta concentrate!"

Ewan took a deep breathe and tried to ignore the jittery tome, the rivulets of blood on the floor. He began to utter the old elven verse printed on the page. No sooner had the words left his lips than the brand on his backside flared up. "Ow!" A thin, wormy tail forced its way from Ewan's spine, waggling to and fro. Concentrate. Enunciate. Puffs of sporedust and golden pollen filled the room as life-giving energies emanated from the boy and the book.

Meanwhile several spell books had wriggled from the stacks and were circling like hawks. One took a dangerous dive toward Cara! And then girl saw it. From the corner of her eyes a potted plant, a strange sort of spiky one from the southern desserts, sat by the window...
Northern Serendipity / Re: Lady of the Lake [Aeyt!]
« Last post by Aeytrious on Today at 09:24:36 PM »
        “You don’t seem very pleased with the fruit,” Kheelan said. He walked passed Adamaris to the edge of the water, “and I could sense your reluctance at accepting the suggestion.” A few whispered words to the reeds on the shore and they grey tall and twined themselves together. Kheelan snapped them off and they formed into a spear. A few moments later he thrust it into the water and pulled up a decent sized fish.
        “I’m not very good with a fire,” Kheelan told Adamaris, “and I normally eat my food raw anyway. How would you like to prepare it?”
Salamon had not really done much research on that subject. In fact he really was not sure what they were. He was not the most powerful demon in the world. In fact he was weak compared to most of them. He was contemplating how to commit crime without being caught. He was a sneak after all. And not not only did he have a guide but he had a scapegoat.

" okay that sounds like a plan." He stated. He frown as the scent of sulfur came though his disguise. Oops there was always a slip up or two when he tried to be human. He hoped that she would not notice that. Though if she did she would become his first victim here.
Sionad Tundra and Valleys / Re: Encounters with trolls ( King Tyrant)
« Last post by Ice on Today at 07:53:06 PM »
Vega followed the man as he agent a long. She kept a look out for any trolls that wanted to attack. She knew that this battle would be a tough one. But she wanted to free the poor slaves here. After all she knew that it was not right to be treated like this. After all she did have a human side to her.

When she saw what was going on up ahead she was ready for an attack. Though having to jump out of the way of fire was not exactly what she expected. She was barely able to get away from the flames in time. She growled after a few moments stepping out and snarling.

She did not have to be told twice to take out the other troll. She stood up and smacked the troll hard in the neck with her claws. As the troll fell she slammed her weight down on the dire wolf killing with it with her weight a force. She knew well how to kill wolves.After doing that she growled knowing that there were probably more trolls around.
Wester Highlands / Re: Obsessed With the Deceased [M] (Open)
« Last post by Ice on Today at 07:37:22 PM »
Raven just smiled a bit as the other woman stirred. Well at least she didn't have to wait long on her. She knew that some fell asleep after doing what they had just done. Of course she knew that this girl was not exactly human. "Indeed we do have things to do. I am a ghost of her word ." She said softly her now.

She then kissed her back with a smile. " I did indeed"she said to her in response to her statement. As she left the ghostly woman slowly rose from the couch. Unlike her lover she could make her clothing materialize on to herself. Very convenient for getting dressed quickly.

As she listened to the other woman talking to her from up stairs she frowned. Indeed for those who had never been dead like raven it was definitely not very pleasant. Lots of things wanted to kill you there. She still was uneasy about magic. Though she was sure that she could trust her after being with her . There had to be some level of trust after doing that.

She tried not to laugh when she saw her look as she came back down the stairs. She floated up from her seat and nodded"Like I said I plan to keep my word. I will help you like I said. " she told her now. Though at some point she would have to go back to her ghostly form. It was tiring to stay in this human form for very long.

Northern Serendipity / Re: New People, New Home, New Life
« Last post by PumpkinSwift on Today at 07:33:39 PM »
Maria's breath caught in her throat. She hadn't expected him to take the hit. After seeing him as such a threat, she had expected him to avoid the attack.

Maria grit her teeth, hands shaking. She retracted the tendril from the armored man, and summoned another one from the surrounding air.

"This can stop whenever you want it to."

The sound of the water whizzing through the air was unnaturally satisfying.

It made Maria's stomach turn.
Dego failed to understand her infatuation with him. He just raised a brow at her, looking off to the side and scratching his chin in deep thought. What could he honestly say to this woman to satisfy her purpose? Whatever purpose that may have been. "Yes... I cannot think of anything more." He told her honestly.

Unless... Whatever she was looking for in him was something he was yet unaware of himself. At one point in his life, he was a teacher of outsiders, and a nurturer of all life that deserved a second chance. He had an entire tribe of followers whom he picked up on the verge of death, nursed to health and taught the ways of survival and the beauty of nature. Those days were long gone, though. Especially after losing all of them in a way he would have rather forgotten.

"I suppose the only thing I could be here for other than the game, is to enjoy the unfamiliar scenery. Such an alien environment like this is a perfect excuse to be looking for ways to better myself as a man. Forget past wrongs, and look towards a fruitful future." He said, looking towards the sky and smiling at his own hopeful thoughts.

It was amazing how a little bit of grass could bring upon these things. Though, he did suppose the snow and ice was a gloomy thing to be surrounded by 24/7. "Who told you to find me? Have I been watched by someone?" He finally addressed her again, asking a question he should have asked to start with.
Northern Serendipity / Re: New People, New Home, New Life
« Last post by Kalak on Today at 07:07:39 PM »
Restrained and weighed down by heavy armor, there was nothing the hunter could realistically do to evade or deflect his former prey's attack. He took the full brunt of it. His teeth gritted together and hands squeezed each other behind his back.

He resisted falling back onto the ground, but only just barely. The man's great constitution allowed him somewhat to stand the piercing bite of the tendril as it entered his flesh. Defiantly, he stayed on both feet, doubled over as much as the armor would allow. He stared down at the snow-laden earth as drops of blood fell onto it.
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