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Author Topic: To Vivianne, From Teryn  (Read 59 times)

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Offline SilverDragonsBlood

To Vivianne, From Teryn
« on: November 28, 2017, 10:03:55 AM »
Delivered a week and a half after written.

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I know you well enough to know that the minute I left your room, you started looking for the Von Musel kid. God willing, you have found him.

Melissa has taken it upon herself to once again search for him. You and I both know that spells trouble for us both in more ways than one. You are one of the best warriors I know, as well as being someone who can easily gain trust. Eckhart Von Musel is in mortal danger, if Melissa reaches him.

I am aware this is not within your typical job description, but I will pay you handsomely to keep that kid alive.

I don't know when this will reach you, but I can only hope that it is not too late.

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