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Author Topic: Turn Notice (DragonSong)  (Read 34 times)

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Offline Elrond

Turn Notice (DragonSong)
« on: January 04, 2018, 12:39:16 PM »
"Did Corren send a spare map by any chance?"

Rory grimaced as he shook the wrinkled parchment, now soaked in mud and dirty water--and perhaps other pungent things. Cailan sighed as he turned and stared at Rory with a disappointed expression.

"The girl could be anywhere anyway. We just have to pick up her trail if she is still here."

Rory sniffed the defiled map, which Cailan responded to by resting his face in his palm.

The duo had been contacted by a member of the Corren family, a renowned family of scholars and mages that Rory's father, Dimitri, had a particular affinity towards. They requested assistance in finding Allaeya Corren, and suspected that she may be somewhere within the Kishahn Jungle at this point in time. Cailan was particularly annoyed by this request, as he was in the middle of conducting several experiments amongst top transformation magic scholars.

"Stop messing around and just find this girl."

Rory sarcastically pouted as he drew his staff given to him by his teacher, Iluvia. He whispered into the staff, repeatedly saying "Allaeya" and then pointed the staff into the sky. In a moment, Allaeya's name was projected over a large radius at an equal volume, so that anyone within the spell's circle would be able to hear the name at room voice. The downside, however, was that if she did hear the call she would not be able to locate the voice.