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Author Topic: The Vlaetana  (Read 64 times)

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The Vlaetana
« on: January 10, 2018, 02:28:44 PM »

Species Overview
The Vlaetana are an ancient race of humanoid shape shifters that have been around since before modern Serenian people. Since their beginning, their numbers have severely declined for a number of reasons, but more on that later. They are a diverse race, but these shifters have spiritual links to what they can shift into; especially since they can only have one humanoid form and one animal form.

Location: base of Terrin Mountains on the border between Atlas Verde and Tirial

The Vlaetana live in a tribe that is made up of a little over 200 people on average. The tribe is under the charge of the Vlaha (their word for ‘Chief’). It’s an equal society, based completely on merit and worthiness over gender or appearance. They’re a very spiritual people, connected on a deep level to the spirits of animals and other species.

These people have a longer lifespan than the average human. They usually live to be about 150 years old, though those who break the 200 year mark are revered as sacred.

They hold jobs that benefit the whole of the tribe. Hunters and gatherers are of the utmost importance, as are the Vlaha. Warriors are trained in the ways of archery and hand-to-hand combat, though it isn’t unusual for them to be skilled with blades. Some do hold jobs that will bring in real currency because they are a social race and enjoy mingling with people outside of their tribes.

Their names are usually soft, pleasant to speak and hear. Surnames are nonexistent because they are addressed as “First Name – Job/Role,” relying on their own skills than their family name.

The Vlaetana are a tall and lean race, sometimes described as ethereal. Males are usually about 6’6” to 7’ tall, and females are usually about 6’ to 6’6” tall. Their skin is usually a lovely pastel hue, frequently coming up as light pinks, blues, and greens, but they can also have the typical human shades. Every Vlaetana will have a light glow around them because this race actually has a visible aura.

They all have light colored hair. The colors are usually a slightly darker shade of their skin tone, or it will be on the opposite side of the color spectrum (i.e. someone can have light blue skin, but their hair will be light pink). Hair is either straight or with a subtle waviness. Females tend to keep their hair long, while males rarely have it longer than their shoulder blades.

The race’s eyes are unmistakable. They don’t have irises or pupils, rather their entire eye is a solid color. They are reflective, looking like their eyes are diamonds. They can be any color, but the diamond-like appearance will always be there.

Common Traits
Vlaetana are all born with a birthmark on the napes of their necks. These birthmarks are always of an animal, and they represent which animal the Vlaetana will be able to transform into. In their animal form, people can tell it is a Vlaetana because they will keep the diamond-like eyes.

In general, they wear a wide variety of colors, but a very distinctive style. Women generally wear ankle-length dresses made of the finest silk that can be made. The styles of dress may change, but the skirts of the dresses will always be loose and flowy to give them a majestic grace when in movement. Men wear knee-length dresses and robes of the same silk, or they wear pants and shirts made of the best quality velvet.

In the winter, they don’t change their styles, only add a cloak or coat to the outfit.
Warriors wear metallic breastplates, but the rest of the armor is made of leather for maneuverability.

Jewelry is a popular accessory for the Vlaetana. It’s rare that one of them will be seen without some kind of gemstone worn. Necklaces and rings are most common, though earrings and bracelets and the like will also be seen.

Family Life
Vlaetana are monogamous, taking only one partner for their entire lives. If the death of one of the partners occurs, the other will never wed another.

Children are an important part of life, as they are what makes the race endure. When a family is blessed with a child, the mother and father devote five years to nurturing it during the tender years.

Homes typically consist of a mother, father, and up to three children, though some will also have grandparents under the same roof. That is a decision unique to the families. If a couple has more than three children, the firstborn is required to leave the home to live with grandparents or other living family members.

The Vlaetana are a very accepting race. Homosexuality is not stigmatized, rather seen as a sign of the people’s souls not being quite ready to inhabit a body. They are often treated with more care because of this.

Murder is the harshest offense there is. The taking of another life is seen as an insult to the Mother and Father, so a murderer will be cast out and the birthmark removed, making it impossible to shift.

These people are polytheistic, worshipping two deities named the Mother and the Father. The Mother is the personification of life, while the Father represents death. They gave them the familial titles to make them seem more friendly and approachable. The tribe has no set rules for worshipping.

They believe the best way to honor the Mother is to live their lives to the fullest, taking chances and spreading happiness and beauty. They believe that you honor life by living.

They believe the best way to honor the Father is by placing a freshly plucked flower under their beds every night. It’s a superstition that has been passed along for so long that no one can remember how it started. It’s believed that the fresh flower under the bed while you sleep will deter the Father from taking you. You offer the Father the flower’s life, so you may live through the night.

Views on Magic
Magic is a prominent part of the Vlaetana lifestyle. Their very way of life relies on the magic imbued in their birthmarks. Without their birthmarks, they are trapped in human form.

They are also naturally skilled at reading auras. The auras glowing around their bodies are obvious signs of their emotional or mental state.

Their clothing is the product of magic. Since they aren’t wealthy, affording the silk and velvet is impossible. They found a different way! They are capable of transforming any fabric into the finest silk and velvet ever seen.

The tribe’s history was passed down orally through the generations. Along the way, things were altered slightly, but the important facts remain. They were around long before the Serenians, so they will never consider themselves to be Serenian. The pride in their race is strong, so leaving the tribe permanently is almost unheard of.

The Vlaetana were always a peaceful race, believing that knowledge would conquer violence. They accepted anyone with open arms, as long as that person was willing to play his or her part while staying with the tribe.

Over hundreds of years, the spread of humans and other races started to threaten the Vlaetana’s way of life. The peaceful race had to quickly learn the art of war. Because of this, they were pushed to near extinction. They weren’t skilled warriors, so they would rush onto the battlefield only to be slaughtered.

That they are now highly specialized warriors is told as a tale of darkness and dread. The Vlaetana still value knowledge over violence, but they are too aware that knowledge won’t protect their children from steel.

Their numbers grew slightly, but it’s still known that they are few and far between. Just breaking 200 people, the Vlaetana hold their culture very dear to their hearts.

NOTE: PM me if you make a character! I'll be keeping a record of the characters and their positions in the tribe here! :)
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