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Author Topic: A quest for the ages! [open]  (Read 40 times)

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Offline emeraldknight

A quest for the ages! [open]
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:59:09 AM »
"So, what is this all about, anyways?" The self-professed vigilante had barely taken seat inside the dimly-lit house of this curious old man, and was already lounging sideways over an armchair like he owned the place! Although there was a look of slight discomfort beyond the physical, he did not change his position, as if fearing it would damage his reputation. The oddball character had been called to this old estate for one reason, to accomplish a task no-one else seemed prepared to take on. The authorities may have been fine with leaving the beast to ravage the outskirts of La'marri, but not him! And so he did the only thing he could think of, and invited in the curious young figure who called himself "Blood Diamond". He was already regretting his decision. "Now look here, you may have heard about a large flying creature ravaging this town by nightfall..." He spoke, with a hesitant pause. "Ah, yes..." responded the vigilante in earnest, "The terror of La'marri, devourer of men, bane of mages, scourge of civilization. Not even the guards will approach it! I don't think a soul could have not heard about it! Why?"

"Well... I want you to kill it"

There was a long silence. After what felt like hours, the old man started spluttering, practically begging this so-called "vigilante" to fulfill his wish, practically screaming about his last hope and his promise to himself! Blood Diamond was almost shocked at this display of fear and sadness, but quickly regained his composure. "Alright, let's talk money: 500 for the job, if you can find some other people to help out."
"500! How about 250?"
"No, not really worth it, then. This is basically certain death, you know. Let's say, 400"
And with the hopeful look in the old man's eyes, Blood Diamond accepted.
"I'll come back at sundown. Please at least try to find someone else to do this as well!"
And with that, he was gone.