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Northern Serendipity / Re: Settling In (Pickles!)
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on Today at 10:15:25 AM »
"Is she serious?" Lulu thought. "Is she seriously asking this question?"

She slowly turned her head to look at Ailith, her face completely deadpan. "If I were using it on you, which of us would be folding my socks?"
Niahi Woods / Re: Please, Tell Another Tale...
« Last post by quaggan on Today at 10:12:04 AM »
 Steward Anfelath brushed inside the drawing room, his wings fluttering in the air. "The Princess will see you now" he proclaimed.

 "That's as far as I go, then" Caerwyn the Candlelight commented. "Unless the invitation included me as well? Yes, didn't think so. Go on, present yourself to Her Highness."

 Maldwyn followed the steward through the winding pathways of the castle. The lines of the wood swirled on the walls and floor both in a mesmerising pattern, immediately captivating his attention. It wasn't hard to distract him from his nervousness, especially when faced with such beauty. What was nature trying to tell him, hiding its secret in this geometric cipher? Was it yet another mystery no one was fated to solve?

 The steward cleared his throat as he floated towards the door at the end of the hallway and pulled them open. "Her Highness is waiting inside" he explained, moving aside. Maldwyn entered cautiously, immediately dropping to one knee in a proper bow, hovering just above the floor.
Kilanthro Mountains / Re: Far from Home
« Last post by PixelatedGlory on Today at 09:23:22 AM »
Oren nodded at Shyla, forgetting for a moment that she was blind, and then quickly added, "Ok."

He winced as the large hand clapped down on his should just a smidge too hard, but before he could agree to meet the council he was interrupted by Aeris' coughing fit. With a raised eyebrow he too turned to look up at the man. "If I had known you were ill I could have tried to treat you before you ran all the way here," he chastised, "Is this the sickness you were talking about?"

Oren clasped his hand over the larger man's and with a tone of compassion added, "If you need me to meet your council first I understand, but I will need to see to you. Preferably today."
Sionad Tundra and Valleys / Re: The Not so Lonely Wilderness
« Last post by PixelatedGlory on Today at 09:10:45 AM »
Mert had set to lounging with his back propped up by a few of the bags of supplies and was just about as close as one could get to sleeping without losing consciousness. A talent he had honed mostly for lying in wait while hunting, but just as effective while waiting for soup to simmer. His breathing and heartbeat slowed but his eyes and ears remained alert.

So it surprised him when his friend reacted to something he didn't hear. Deli's ears perked up and she stood on her hind legs with her neck craning to hear something outside. "Something up? Can't hear nothing over this wind," he whispered. He checked the soup and guessed that it was safe to leave it while he checked things out. He didn't want to burn it or have a fire start, but he knew better than to ignore his friend's senses.

With a grumble, and a matching protest from his stomach, he pulled on his still damp boots and a layer of furs. "You riding or walking?" he asked Deli. She chittered and climbed to nestle herself around his neck, her alert head poking out over his left shoulder. With a chuckle Mert pulled his heavy outer coat on and hung his long knife and hatchet in his belt.

Mert unhooked the flap of his tent and a rush of frigid air blasted its way inside. He quickly stepped out and hooked the flap closed on the outside. His tent was in a small clearing and he had packed snow into a rough circle around it, leaving just enough space for his gear and for him to be able to walk around the tent. The tops of the snowbanks were tipped with various branches and pieces of bone to ward off predators. There was only one safe entrance to the camp and it was blocked off by his sledge, set into the snow on its end.

Mert shielded his face with a gloved hand and gazed out into the snow, trying to see what had alerted his companion. He thought he heard a small voice not far from his camp but he couldn't be certain. Who would be out here in this? I've heard stories about creatures luring hunters away from camp, but if it is some lost soul I better check it out.

Mert pulled the sledge out of the snow and set it aside, pulling out a spear from the snow after his hands were free. He began trudging through the snow, leaning forward against the wind. "Who's there? You a demon?" he called out in a rough but loud voice.
Niahi Woods / Re: Back here again {DragonSong}
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 08:28:22 AM »
The kitsune cast a glance to her foster father, then took a step back, slowly shaking her head as she let her hands drop. ", that's alright." She offered a quick smile, though there was a tinge of befuddlement in her eyes. "I offered a bed, and I meant it. It's made up, if you want it."
Kilanthro Mountains / Re: Far from Home
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 08:20:18 AM »
"Wait until Aeris introduces you," Shyla murmured out of the corner of her mouth.

Her brother nodded and clapped a hand on the healer's shoulder. "Come on, it'll be easiest if ya meet the council and get things over with-" His voice cut off in a brief, hacking cough.

Instantly Shyla was at his side, one hand on his heavily furred arm. Her head tilted as though she could look up into his face, though her eyes were fixed blankly on a point somewhere beside his left ear. "Ri? You alright?"

He waved her off with a grunt. "'M fine, just a cough. Quit worrying."
Sionad Tundra and Valleys / Re: The Not so Lonely Wilderness
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 08:15:50 AM »
Even a timberwolf's fur wasn't quite enough to keep her warm in this weather. Ghost shivered violently as she trudged doggedly forward through the snow and gale.

Why on earth did I think this was a good idea? she asked herself despairingly. Hunters had been growing into more and more of a nuisance down south, after "The Ghost". So heading north for a while had seemed logical.

But it was so damned cold!

Wait- what was that, up ahead? Asta took a few more shaky steps forward, squinting through the driving snow. A- a tent? Oh thank gods, maybe someone would be able to spare some food, or a blanket, or-

Or it could be another hunter.

She hesitated, whining softly to herself. Take a risk, or flee into the snow? Freeze to death or possibly get shot?

At least an arrow would be quicker. Desperate, she staggered forward and gave a quiet, plaintive howl.

Oh, wait. No. That wouldn't work, not out here. A wild wolf knocking at your door? No no, she'd be shot on sight.

With a huffing sigh, she thought, Very well then, and allowed her form to shift to human.

Ohhhhhhh, bad idea! Bad, bad idea!! It was so so so cold! "H-help!" Her voice was weak and raspy from disuse. Bare feet sinking into the snow, arms wrapped around her little naked self, she tried again. "Help, please!"
Niahi Woods / Re: Back here again {DragonSong}
« Last post by Lowen Thorn on Today at 08:10:32 AM »
The man tried not to laugh from embarrasssment as Hana moved his face about: "I'm sure! What is going on? Are you okay, Hana?" he asked. "I am a little confused as to what is happeneing here."

Lowen's innocent eyes trailed off to the floor as he found it hard to keep eye contact under the current situation. This was awkward. There were no longer any traces of the second entity that briefly made an appearance. Of course, Lowen was completely unaware that that was ever the case.

"I am not sure what has happened, but if you wish me to leave.. I will understand."
Wester Highlands / Re: Help With Homework (Emerald!)
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on Today at 07:11:38 AM »
A hushed giggling seemed to come from the nearby students as Hana raised her voice, as if her statement was some sort of joke. Arthur slowly lifted his head, rubbing the sleepies out of his eyes. "...Right... Work... I have to do that." 

The boy stretched his arms above his head, yawning. "Did... ahhhhhh.... did Professor Grimsly send you? I'm working on his paper now..." Arthur lazily pushed the sheet of parchment towards Hana. "It's supposed to be on the history of wands..."
Absences/Returns / Re: I'm back
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on Today at 05:44:11 AM »
He returns! Welcome back man, it's good to see you again.
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