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Wester Highlands / Re: Snow? This Time Of Year? (SDB!)
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on Today at 10:10:06 AM »
Eckhart watched in awe as Taiga effortlessly moved the piece of carriage, creating a sheet of ice and sliding it out of the way. Her words rang in his head. "I don't want to make you feel weak or anything..."

"Welp," Eckhart thought, going red in the face. "Too late!"

"Um... Right." The boy said, clearly a bit flustered. "Thanks..." With the large piece of wood out of the Way, Eckhart was able to see yet another body- this one belonging to a woman who appeared to be pregnant. Eckhart winced and looked away. Finally he steeled himself, and knelt next to the body. "Oh! Look at this!"

The woman had a crumpled piece of paper in her clenched fist. Gingerly removing it, Eckhart smoothed it out and read it out loud.

"Dear Minister Corrine, I hope you are doing well. Everything has been arranged for your and your family's trip to Maestoso, although finding an inn with dedicated, professional midwife was harder than I had expected. Looking forward to meeting you this Saturday! Sincerely, Chancellor Greenacres."

Eckhart looked at Taiga nervously. "Um... I don't suppose you know anything about Serenian politics?"
Uthlyn / Re: Lay my bones in neat little rows [open]
« Last post by Tegan on Today at 08:52:14 AM »
- ignore XD pressed the wrong button!
Uthlyn / Re: Lay my bones in neat little rows [open]
« Last post by Tegan on Today at 08:36:53 AM »
It took a little moment for him to reign in his emotions, feel the pounding in his chest begin to slow and the feeling of anxiousness quieten back down to a normal level. He felt annoyed with himself; frustrated and more than a little embarrassed. What a mess he was. Of course he’d seen things like this on other people; in young soldiers who had watched one too many of their friends bleed to death, and he hadn’t thought ill of them for it, but to now find himself in such a state rather a distressing surprise. Maybe he’d thought that because he’d seen it from the outside he was immune. Idiot. He shook his head slowly, willing the stinging sensation in his eyes to go away.

The doctor flinched ever so slightly when her hand came to his, not expecting it, nor the apologetic tone in her voice.
”No, no i-its not your fault.” he said, feeling guilty because she felt guilty. To be fair misplaced guilt was probably a large part of the problem. Even though he knew it wasn’t rational he couldn’t help relive certain moments over and over and wonder if it’d been his fault. If he’d been less tired, or less stressed or ran a little faster how many of the young men in the ground might still be walking above it? And then there was the fact that he was here at all. While he was monstrously glad to not be on the front line anymore he couldn’t help but feel bad for not being there while people were dying. Being back here in the normal world seemed both a blessing and a curse. One tends not to think about their terrible situation quite so much while it’s actually happening and when you are in the company of other people to which it is also happening. It was easy to focus on his job in that place but now there was a great slab of spare time for his brain to screw with. Now that he was back he felt like a soggy puzzle piece; unable to fit back in to the space designated to him. Seeing the things men could do to each other was not good for the psyche.

He rather fancied for the world to swallow him up right then.
”It’s me,” he said, face still buried in the folds of his hand, ”I’m the one who bought it up. I… suppose I didn’t realise it had affected me so badly. I’m probably just tired from traveling all day.” he drawled, though he knew in his mind it had been something more than that. The little adrenaline rush of the near-freak-out had made him feel rather drunk, but it seemed tainted and untrustworthy now that he’d seen his mood fluctuate so drastically. He pushed his half full glass away across the table In favour of resting his forehead on the surface instead. He swore to himself under his breath and tried not to think about it. Tried not to think about the fact that he had to go back to that other world because it made him want to sob and he was sure he couldn’t bear the shame of being a grown man crying in a stranger’s house. It sounded so… pathetic…
Faraday felt suddenly exhausted, the hollow of his stomach reminding him of his hunger and the heaviness of his eyelids of his fatigue. He realised that he was running on empty. On painkillers and alcohol and tobacco. You’d think a doctor might know to take better care of himself. He laughed a blunt brief note at himself and lifted his head from the table. He extinguished his cigarette in the broken beaker and gave Kate what he hoped was a reassuring smile- though it barely touched his brown eyes. The world swam pleasantly and he folded his arms across the table and rested his head on them like a child taking a nap at their school desk.
Eyes shut and voice somewhat muffled by the position of his head, he said ”I’m sorry I’m afraid I’m being awful company.” he half laughed into his chest, ”You probably should have left me on the ground where we first met.” his tone of voice suggested that had been a joke.

Plotting Center / New character will rp
« Last post by Desirat on Today at 07:55:13 AM »
Putting myself out there for anyone who needs a body for one of their schemes errr rps. Desirat is a healer of sorts so that's where her skills lie. But, I'm open to taking other paths as well if it is needed or wanted.
Serendipity Riverlands / Re: Strange Happenings [Glob] [M]
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 06:44:51 AM »
“Oh, Vel...” She swallowed thickly and took a hesitant step forward, reaching out. Then all at once she’d thrown herself into his arms, gripping him tight and kissing him like it was the last chance she’d get.

Then she forced herself away, darting around him toward the door. “I-I’ll be back, I promise. I just...n-need some time.”

Half afraid if she looked at him again she’d lose her nerve and stay, she fled out into the streets of the city.
Taza's eyes flashed dangerously. "I wouldn't talk about that here. Lady Hildegarde doesn't like her past being brought up."

"We didn't even know she was from Hyoite until Addie joined." she added silently to herself.

Taza shook her head. "No, I'm pretty sure she's a midwife so parents will let her into their homes." She shuddered. "Ugh, just talking about her makes me want to take a bath."

Randal, who had been staring at the woman excitedly, finally spoke up. "Are you a bad guy too? Like, with bad guy magic and stuff?" He beamed. "I bet you are!"
Serendipity Riverlands / Re: Strange Happenings [Glob] [M]
« Last post by Dauphin DaGlobster on Today at 01:05:08 AM »
As she talked and stood there, Vel placed a hand on the tower's wall, and the views started to cycle. It was with solemn hesitance that he took his hand off. Outside the tower, the rooftops of Arca could be seen.

"I don't want you to go," Vel said, his tone pleading, and he looked at her.

"I know the past day or so's been confusing and sometimes painful, but it'd be nothing compared to not having you here. Please."

"I love you, Twilight. You're wonderful and kind and beautiful and I don't want to spend a day here without you."
He shot her a look, and he drew his hips away from Raxta's mouth.

"Replace me above Raxta here. I think it's time I gave her some attention," He said, and he drew a line of kisses down Raxta's body before straightening up and rubbing her womanhood with his pulsing cock, still slick from her ministrations.

"And face me too, Raxta. I want to kiss you."
Kunata / Re: One more look at the ghost... [M] [Glob!]
« Last post by Dauphin DaGlobster on Today at 12:52:33 AM »
He was enjoying every rapturous second of this, and he returned her kiss with a growing passion brought on by his lust for her. When they broke apart, he sighed with pleasure, and started to grind against her. He went back in for another kiss

"Let it happen," he whispered into her mouth.

"I want to hear you wail for me."

He used the short break caused by the grinding to focus on the magic of the sigil he'd drawn on the door. He wanted to make sure that her cries wouldn't carry to the rest of the inn.

Then, when he was sure the sound-proofing was in place, he started to pound her, drawing her legs up higher and plunging ever deeper.
Uthlyn / Re: Can I Get an Amen? [RHEH-RHEH] [M]
« Last post by Dauphin DaGlobster on Today at 12:43:24 AM »
Elaros raised a brow-ridge at her, and shook his head with a chuckle, holding out his arms.

"Okay, I'll humor you this time. Only thing it'll cost you is a kiss," he said, tone flirty as he beckoned her towarss him.

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