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Author Topic: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees[M]  (Read 366 times)

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Re: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees
« Reply #20 on: October 11, 2017, 11:37:07 PM »
It was criminal to be this comfortable against someone.

Bifrost hummed and snuggled in, eyes falling closed to the hair petting. It was a nice calm moment. Before the storm, as the saying was. "Just curious," He whispered, plucking at the fabric of Kirkley's shirt before he smirked and rolled himself onto the giant of a man. One leg on either side, resting slightly on his abdomen.  Bifrost looked down at Kirkley before pursing his lips and looking over his shoulder to the room.

A longer glance down at his ... Lover? Friend? Companion?

Still not really sure what to call Kirkley, Bifrost just smiled down at him and smoothed his hands over the other mans chest. He chewed on his lower like for a moment before he pushed his hair over his shoulder and leaned forward, hand on either side of Kirkley's head. Bifrost leaned down slowly before he pressed his lips to the bigger man's, tongue gliding along his lips before he pulled back.

"Okay. We go now, or we stay here another night and make really good use of the bed," His voice was low, he could feel it in his chest. Feel his heart and his breath and how warm being close to Kirkley made him feel. "The sooner we go, the sooner we get back," He whispered, pressing another kiss to Kirkley's lips, "Or, we relax another night in an actual bed before we go sleep on rocks." Bifrost pulled away and leaned back, keeping most of his weight off of the other mans abdomen.

"Choice is yours," He grinned widely before he stuck out his tongue.

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Re: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees
« Reply #21 on: October 12, 2017, 12:04:55 AM »
Kirkley raised his eyebrows, running his fingertips across Bifrost's scalp and dipping down to tuck stray hairs behind his pretty, narrowly-tipped ears.

"Just curious, hm..?" He purred, before Bifrost moved to change positions and suddenly all of Kirkley's attention was focused in its entirety on the man currently straddling him.

His eyelids lowered until his companion's lips were pressed in full against his and he closed his eyes, hands coming up to tangle in the man's hair as he kissed him back, their tongues meeting and sending heated shivers down his spine.

Bifrost pulled back and Kirkley narrowed his eyes, smirking as he heard that unmistakable rumble in his thief's chest.

They could afford to stay another night.

"How could I ever say no to an offer from you when you're looking at me like that?" He murmured, kissing him again and using a hand in his hair to keep him close so he could look him in the eyes, something hazy glinting in his own. "Don't stick that tongue out at me unless if you plan to use it." He teased, letting one hand slide down Bifrost's chest, over his abdomen and down to shamelessly grope his crotch, that smirk of his turning into a wolfish grin that showed off those eerily sharp canines.

"I'd stay here with you forever if I could, Handsome." He leaned up enough to catch the skin of the thief's neck gently between his teeth, nipping and pressing soft kisses along his jawline down to his throat and the crook of his collarbone.

"I definitely wouldn't say no to getting the chance to taste you again.~"

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Re: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees [M]
« Reply #22 on: November 19, 2017, 11:30:22 PM »
Gods above.

Bifrost groaned softly, eyes falling closed. A wriggle of his hips against Kirkley's lower abdomen and he let out a slow hot breath. Purple eyes bright as he watched Kirkley, eyes falling closed and letting out a soft whine when the giant man's touch went south. A hitched breath and goosebumps rose on his skin, reminding him of their first and so far only time together. The heated frantic coupling like two people who had been apart for far too long.

The wolfish grin was met with one of his own, hair falling over his shoulder only to be pushed back to expose half of his neck. A hesitant grind downward.  "Hmm," Bifrost hummed, tilting his head to give Kirkley better access to his throat. "We'll figure something out about that forever thing," He decided, a hand moving to squeeze a bicep before his hands moved down to push at Kirkley's clothing, intent on keeping his own pants on for just a few moments longer.

"Because I'd be okay with that," He breathed, sucking his lower lip between his teeth and chewing on it to keep his voice down because all he wanted to do was pant and whine. Bifrost curled his arms around Kirkley's back to grind his hips against the other mans while he pulled a kiss from the growly man's lips and nibbled at his chin to his ear. "Do you want me to taste you?" he teased softly, chewing on the lobe of his ear, trembling slightly. Bifrost liked to pretend he was a playboy but Kirkley was a big scary guy, intimidating and he made Bifrost feel small and dainty - and he wasn't a small man either.

"I vote," He said again, voice soft and accented by little moans from the grinding the green haired man was doing against his current most well loved companion. Loved? Maybe. Too soon for that. "We do it a whole bunch of times today and get it out of our system." That was a thing, right? Bifrost couldn't remember ever marathoning it. Something about Kirkley though pulled at his gut in the most wonderful worst ways and all he needed was to look at him to remember how satiated he'd been even though he could smell his burning pants.

Bifrost kissed his chin and down his neck, nipping at his chest and down down down until he got to his groin, when he palmed his through his trousers and gave his thighs a squeeze. A kiss to a clothed thigh and Bifrost pushed his hair to the side again, silky green in the light, "I figured I owed you since I stuck my tongue out at you," and for good measure, he did it again.

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Re: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees[M]
« Reply #23 on: December 15, 2017, 10:11:30 PM »
The warmth that rolled through him was unreal when Bifrost murmured that he would be okay with spending the rest of forever with him like this; he felt like his heart could've burst out of his chest and started singing, and he let himself get entirely caught up in that kiss, throwing all of his passion and emotions into it as he tasted the sweetness of the other man's lips and let out a husky moan into his mouth.

"Want it? I think I need it." He growled, smirking as Bifrost chewed at his ear and made him growl, pushing against the growing bulge in his thief's pants before both hands slid to rest on the arch of his hips and pulled him more flush against Kirkley's own with a soft and wanton groan.

"Yeah, like I could ever get you out of my system," He grinned fiercely as he rolled his hips back up against his thief and reached up to tangle a hand in his hair as he pressed kisses along the tan skin at the man's throat, receiving similar kisses in return until Bifrost worked his way down until he was playing with Kirkley through those awfully worn pants, making the big man shift and moan at the feeling of the pressure against him.

"Fffuuucckk," He growled, smirking and glaring playfully at Bifrost as he saw that flash of tongue again. "You sure you wanna attempt it?" He propped his elbows on the bed behind him, sitting up better to enjoy the view of his thief poised over his groin with that long green hair pooling over the bed and his thighs, making a perfect picture he wanted burned into his retinas till the day he finally fuckin died, whenever that would be.

"By all means, be my guest." He growled as he shifted his weight moreso to one elbow and reached out to tangle a hand in the man's hair, running his fingertips across Bifrost's scalp before he slid his touch down along the man's jawline, lifting his chin just a bit. "Seeing your handsome face down there's doing something to me alright," Because it was incredibly obvious by this point that he was fully erect and those pants were barely hanging on by a thread to keep him contained. There was just something about his little thief that made him so hot and ready to take him at a moment's notice, other than his drop dead gorgeous looks, that he couldn't quite place a finger on.

Either way, Bifrost would find no resistance here when he finally attempted to work the shifter's pants down, as Kirkley raised his hips from the bed to help wiggle out of them enough to be freed of the constrictive material, a shiver running up and down his spine at the exposure to the air, and the feeling of the weight of it bouncing slightly as he set his hips back down on the bed and got comfy.

Offline Draconian

Re: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees[M]
« Reply #24 on: December 15, 2017, 11:07:16 PM »
There was a pause and Bifrost looked up, licking his lips and grinning widely before giving a soft chuckle. He nuzzled at Kirkley's him, smoothing his hand over the bulge in the pants and trying to remember their first encounter. Honestly, Bifrost couldn't really remember any finer details about Kirkley's intimate bits, but... He gave the hardness beneath the fabric a squeeze and let his head rest on his thigh for a moment before he finally dipped his fingers beneath the fabric and dragged it down.

"Uuuuuh," Bifrost stared, eyes going wide while he wriggled down the bed to tug the pants completely off the giant shifter. That was more of a monster than he remembered. Still, he made a not-promise promise and slowly Bifrost crawled back up the bed, pressing kisses along Kirkley's thighs, swiping his tongue along his hip. One last glance up before his hand wrapped around the beastmans cock and he gave it a few lazy strokes before his tongue followed. If there was one thing he'd never done, it was put his mouth on another man's penis.

It was cautious, his tongue swiping from base to tip before he went back down. Bifrost felt like he was on fire. He watched Kirkley's face while he worked what he could of Kirkley's cock in his mouth, swirling his tongue around what he could fit and working his hand along the rest of it. Eager to please Kirkley, Bifrost worked as much as he could, moving his tongue and head, squeezing him with his hand. Finally, flushed, lips red he pulled back taking a deep breath, hand moving before he took his hand off completely and side stepped off the bed.

He tossed his hair over his shoulder before he removed his clothing, sliding his pants off and kicking them from his ankles to somewhere on the floor. Bifrost chewed on his lip while he smoothed his hand over his own erection, eyes falling closed before he looked at the big beast of a man on the best. "You make everything make sense," Bifrost whispered before he crawled onto the bed, straddling Kirkley's thighs. He leaned forward, grinding their cocks together with rocks of his hips while he rested his head on Kirkley's chest, pressing kisses and nibbles to his collar bone.

Soft gasps and pants while he ground them together, flushed cheeks.  "I don't think I've ever needed someone so bad in my life," He admitted, rising himself up on his hands so his hair rocked like a silky curtain as he moved. "Just... Everywhere," Bifrost sighed, eyes falling closed, "I don't want to imagine anything else. Everytime I think of tomorrow you're in it," he licked his lip, catching it between his teeth and moving faster. The intent was to drive Kirkley just this side of lustfilled crazy. Bifrost needed it. Craved it. "What have you done to me?" He whispered, eyes falling closed, fingers digging into the bed spread.