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Author Topic: Iunia  (Read 183 times)

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Offline Iunia

« on: October 01, 2017, 07:55:49 PM »

Name: Iunia

Gender: Female

Species: Nereides

Height: 5'11
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__________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Iunia is a tall woman, with an medium build. Her hair is a black with reddish highlights , with a slight wave to it, her hair reaches to the small of her back when she wears it loose.  Her eyes are a dark brown with a slight slant to them and an almond shape to them in general. Her facial features might be called attractive depending on who is looking at her, although up until this point point it is unclear how much of that is rumors and the rest actual attraction. For the rest of her body, it is softly curved but not enough to make her seem all that out of shape. For those who come in contact with her, her hands and skin tend to be soft as if she did not do much manual labor.

When it comes to clothing her prefers tight fitting clothing in a scandalous cut, out fitted in jewels. Recent developments have caused her to give up that sort of style, for now at least. For the moment she prefers simple clothing in dark colors, fitted enough to allow for freedom of movement but not likely to attract attention. In place of many jewels, she manged to grab a silver pendant in the shape of a crescent moon she always tends to wear, and her nose is pierced on the right side usually worn with a thin silver ring.
Iunia tends to be outwardly cheerful and pleasant, having learned long ago that life was easier for her. To those ends she seems occupied with nothing but who might be wearing what or whom is married to whom. However, once they drop their guard she has a talent for digging out information about whatever information she might think will prove to be useful to her.

With her recent turn about she has changed personalities a little to be a simple woman of the servant class who knows only what happens in her local area and even then only what concerns her. However, both are ruses. In reality she is rather self serving and is willing to do most anything if it means her return to society. However, she keeps this hidden from other people.

Iunia was born into luxury and knew very little else for most of her childhood and adolescence. Servants and other household staff was careful not to upset her or the other children, for the could easily get them into trouble. Although, her parents were not cruel to the staff, they were not interested in hearing complaints of their children. Nor were they interested in the affairs of their children. Who were for the most part handed off to staff and left to their own devices. Until they reached a certain age, so long as they did not get underfoot they were allowed to roam the house and grounds at will.

As she grew older there were tutors as well, she was a decent if not remarkable student. Much preferring to entertain herself and her friends with endless rounds of parties and other social engagements. Bored and with money they would often get into trouble with the locals after too many drinks among-st other things. Her parents were happy to allow her this lifestyle, as it kept her out of the way.

As the years progressed she toyed with the idea of marriage although she was never sure about any one person, instead allowing herself to spend time with any number of men from her social circle. The fact that there was something amiss in the political situation was lost on her on her friends. Any conversations took place behind closed doors and thus there was reason enough to ignore them.

The problem was a series of droughts had limited the foods which were in the markets. The merchants rose the prices of the latest harvest. When people began to have problems feeding their children they became disgruntled with their betters. Her families and her friends houses did as they always did and simply ignored the problem, as they had for centuries.

However, they were not in the mood for such a response. It began with riots and protests in the plazas. The crack downs only gave them more to complain about, and as happens they began to arm themselves. They did not possess the well made weaponry, they did however have numbers on their sides and one night they were able to breach the walls of Iunias family compound.

She might have suffered the same fate as her parents except for one thing. An old governess from Iunia's past was able to pull her into her quarters long enough to change her into more humble garb and guide her out the back door. Iunia was able to escape, however she was injured in the crush of people in their hurry to reach her former home.   


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Re: Iunia
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 02:15:24 PM »
Mother Aquila
Father Iovianus
Older half brother Hadrianus
Younger half sister Aureliana