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Zantaric / Re: Strange Magic [Dragonsong]
« Last post by Moonie on Today at 08:40:42 AM »
Thankfully he was able to eat his meal in silence. Well, at least until Calen was done scarfing down his, then Joss groaned softly as he glared down at the last few spoonfuls of stew in the bottom of his bowl.

"Stop talking." He grunted before making a show of taking his sweet time in the last few bites. Just because it wasn't great stew didn't mean he shouldn't enjoy it.
Ketra / Re: How Much is That Doggie in the Window? [M]
« Last post by Moonie on Today at 07:14:35 AM »
It was good that Tessa didn't try to unwind herself from him, because Tobias was certainly not ready to let her go yet. He was just enjoying basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, still feeling so deeply connected to his mate, and not only because of how physically close their bodies still pressed against each other.

He tilted his head softly into her touch, nuzzling against her hand as he closed his eyes. The gold was slowly ebbing out of them, returning to their natural warm brown gradually.

A mix of guilt and pleasure pulsed through the werewolf as his face flushed heavily with embarrassment when Tessa told him she liked when he bit her. Guilt obviously coming from the man and pleasure thrumming through the wolf.

"You can thank the wolf for that, it's all him." Tobias murmured sheepishly. "He likes biting you, likes marking you so all the other males will know that you're his."
Moraki Desert / Re: Darkest Night [DragonSong] [M]
« Last post by Moonie on Today at 07:03:49 AM »
Cole didn't hear her tell him to sleep, because he'd already drifted too far gone into unconsciousness to pay attention. He felt exhaustion absolutely taking hold of his body and mind. The days leading up to all of this had put a great deal of strain and stress upon the drow, which was catching up to him with a vengeance now.

He couldn't even relax now that they were both away from the group. They could come after them, and even if they didn't, Cole had to find a way to keep Zahra safe until she found her own way outside of Essyrni.

That hadn't been part of the original plan, but now that he was here, still with her, he felt a responsibility to look after her.
Ketra / Re: How Much is That Doggie in the Window? [M]
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 06:45:25 AM »
The bite nearly had her coming undone again, a mix of pleasure and pain that was more intense than anything she'd ever felt before. She wrapped herself even tighter around Tobias as he gave a cry of his own and buried her face against his shoulder, shuddering and panting.

Then his brow was pressed to hers as they both panted, getting their breath back. A small smile curved at her lips, though it flickered uncertainly when he asked if he'd hurt her.

"No, love," she murmured, curving her palm against his cheek and leaning up slightly to peck his nose. "I'm not hurt, really. That was...incredible." Her face was flushed, the color spreading down her neck to her chest, and she refused to release her grip on his shoulders or unwind her legs from his waist.

And despite everything, she found herself blushing a little as she admitted in a mumble, "I- I it. When you do that." The hand on his cheek moved to flutter against the bite mark he'd left.
Ketra / Re: How Much is That Doggie in the Window? [M]
« Last post by Moonie on Today at 06:38:50 AM »
Tobias' breath was coming out in hot pants against her throat as he continued his tender assault with his mouth, lips suckling softly at the skin at one point. He wasn't sure how he could be both tender and so forceful as he felt Tessa come undone beneath him.

As his mate cried out the werewolf struck, teeth finding her shoulder in a bruising bite as he growled before tearing his mouth away and letting out his own sharp cry as he couldn't hold back any longer, spilling his seed deep inside his mate with a sense of rapture. How many times had he done so already?

It was too much to try to think in that moment, instead he just leaned his head down to rest against hers, holding her tenderly and close as he panted and trembled softly. He had never felt anything so intense before.

"Did I hurt you badly?" Tobias finally asked softly as he began to catch his breath, lifting his head to look down at her with concern. The wolf had bitten her again. He hated that.
Zantaric / Re: Strange Magic [Dragonsong]
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 06:37:05 AM »
Calen just waved a hand at him with a quick grin, obviously not taking anything he said to heart. He finished off his meal very quickly, then sat back in his chair and glanced at Joss, looking him up and down.

This would be interesting.

"Alright, ready when you are," he said with a bright grin.
Zantaric / Re: Strange Magic [Dragonsong]
« Last post by Moonie on Today at 06:27:36 AM »
The little show of theatrics was met with nothing more than a roll of his eyes. Joss doubted very much that he could offend the mage enough to drive him away. After all, he'd been purposely pretty rude since he met Calen and it hadn't gotten the man out of his hair yet.

"The more I have to listen to you talk the longer it gets." Joss told him sourly as he tucked into his stew. It wasn't the best he'd had, but he hadn't expected it to be amazing.
Serendipity / Fiala, Wandering Fae
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 06:25:38 AM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Fiala Tevras
Age 19
Gender Female
Species Faun
Height 5'3"
Orientation Pansexual
Occupation Fae things
Residence Serenian Highlands

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
From the waist up, Fiala is a rather pretty young woman with lightly tanned skin and large, round amber eyes. Her ears are more reminiscent of a deerís than a humanís, and a pair of delicate antlers protrude from her mahogany hair, typically adorned with flowers and jewelry of some sort or another. She bears rather fawn-ish markings across her heart shaped face, soft white spots that crest her cheekbones and brow, as well as a few on her shoulders and down her spine to her hips.

From the waist down, Fiala has the delicate, spindly legs of a doe, covered in velvet brown fur with a smattering of white spots on her upper thighs. Her legs end in dainty, cloven hooves. She also has a little deer tail. Itís kinda cute.

Fiala is an endlessly determined, if flighty, person. She grew up mostly on her own, so she's incredibly self-sufficient, but she's also still very young: she has a certain amount of naivety to her, but she is also unwilling to compromise on her beliefs and ideals.

Fiala has a strong connection to nature, particularly plant life. She can encourage plants to grow, and even claims to be able to speak to them, if she's careful, quiet, and patient.


Born in a small grove tucked away in the Serenian highlands, Fiala grew up almost completely alone. She has no idea what happened to her parents, or if she even technically had parents.

For the most part not much has happened in her past: she's still very young, with a plethora of opportunities ahead of her.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
Current Threads

Complete Threads
Ketra / Re: How Much is That Doggie in the Window? [M]
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 06:19:20 AM »
Her breath came in sharp, uneven pants as his mouth explored her throat, the gentle sting of his teeth against her skin making her shiver and gasp before it was smoothed away with those sweet kisses. Tension and heat coiled tight in her core and she all but writhed up under him, desperate for release.

Her hands clutched at his shoulders and her legs tightened around his waist as her body arched, pressing as tightly against him as she could manage as she went tumbling over the edge with a cry. Waves of pleasure rippled through her and she found herself clinging to her husband just to stop herself from collapsing weakly back into the grass.
Zantaric / Re: Strange Magic [Dragonsong]
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 06:12:12 AM »
Calen placed a hand over his heart and rocked back in his seat, swooning dramatically. "Ouch. Cut me deep there, cut me real deep."

He might've continued to make a show of it, but then their food arrived and he was instantly chipper again, digging into his bowl of- at best- second-grade stew like it was ambrosia. "Go on, eat. Got a bit of a long day ahead of us, it seems."
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