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Author Topic: Water Wings [Goblin]  (Read 2138 times)

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #100 on: March 09, 2017, 09:05:53 PM »
For a moment he had hope as she put on the coat. But then she was taking it off and putting it back on over and over until at last he stood there staring dumbly as she held it out to him. "Um...a different one, then? We'll find you another to try," he sighed in frustration, scratching at his neck anxiously as he didn't understand a word of her strange language.

Seeing his brother's irritation bubbling Stephen swooped in to pluck the coat from his arm and go find another to exchange it with. He returned with a lighter one of slick instead of fluffy fur. "Try this," he insisted, smiling back in the face of his brother's glower until the younger man finally conceded and offered it to Vanora.

"How about this one?" Idris offered, trying to keep his mood in check.

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #101 on: August 05, 2017, 04:05:30 PM »
She watched the exchange dejectedly. Though the new article offered to her was quite different. For a moment Vanora was hopeful as she burrowed into the coat. Sadly though it too was not right. The Selkie hung her head in despair as she rubbed her hands mournfully over the coat's silky texture. She shook her head again, a tear spilling down her cheek as she turned watery eyes towards the brothers. Vanora opened her mouth to speak but instead of words a choked sob escaped her before she clapped her hands over her mouth and tried to seal away her woes.

These human men had been kind to her. She knew that she should not bother them further. If only they could understand her, and she them. They did not have her precious coat or they were cruel and refused to return it to her. The latter she did not believe. Her Stephen had been so kind. Even Idris with his tight expressions and pained sighs had still managed not to harm her. They were not the culprits.

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #102 on: August 05, 2017, 07:29:07 PM »
Idris could see it in her eyes before she shook her head. Something wasn't right, but it was frustratingly out of his grasp to understand what. They'd tried both a heavy and a light coat. It was clear she wanted a coat but he didn't understand where he was going wrong or why she seemed so deeply affected by it all.

The ray of sun coming through a window that lit up the tear streak across her cheek made him frown. What in the world was there to be so upset about? For a woman that seemed so put-off by clothes she was certainly picky about fashion.

"One moment," he muttered, excusing himself to return to his quarters. There he plucked a piece of paper from his journal and picked up a quill pen before returning to the table. He set them down in front of her, lightly dragging the tip of the quill across the top of the sheet to show her it could bear ink before letting it rest on the table.

"Draw it?" he asked slowly. "Draw what you want."

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #103 on: August 06, 2017, 08:08:23 PM »
Vanora looked to Stephen in confusion. Were they going to bring her another piece of strange cloth? Was this how it was just going to go on and on forever? She did not have to wait long though as Idris returned and not, much to her great surprise, with cloth. Instead it was like the book she had seen him scribbling in earlier that morning.

She accepted the quill from him, examining it briefly out of curiosity before attempting to clutch it in the same manner he had. Vanora applied it to the page, surprised as ink came out much in the way it had for Idris. For a moment she made several such swipes, getting the feel of how to use the instrument while casting a nervous smile to the brothers.

While the Selkie did not understand what was expected of her, the idea that perhaps she could explain want she wanted through images dawned on her and so she slowly and meticulously attempted to draw them her story.

First, she drew the sea with herself and her family swimming about in their seal skins. Vanora smiled at the crude image. Next, was a small sketch of her shedding her skin on the rocks with the upper half of her body human and the lower half still seal. The third image was of her castoff coat left on its own followed by an image of her and a rudimentary drawing of a man.

"Stephen," she murmured pointing to him in her picture and then herself beside him. "Vanora." She dragged her finger across the images pointing to herself in each of them. At last she pointed to the abandoned skin and made one last time the motion of point it on and being cold.

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #104 on: November 01, 2017, 08:42:03 AM »
The brothers leaned close around her to watch as she drew her pictures. Stephen looked to Idris nervously, not really understanding what he was seeing as it came to life. Idris ignored him, watching Vanora closely, paying special attention once she’d drawn herself and not seeing the importance of the animals and seal coat at first.

He’d heard of creatures- people that had different forms they could take. He’d never met one in person and he was wary of the idea of accusing her of anything just from her drawings now. It was clear he hadn’t known the full story, that she might not be what he’d assumed her to be if Stephen had truly found her near the water. Oddly, the idea didn’t really bother him as much as it probably should have.

Standing up straight Idris looked between her and his brother as she spoke and then back at her drawings again. “Vanora… This is your coat?” he asked, his mind slowly putting the pieces together, or so he thought. She’d simply misplaced it, this would all be fixed if they could take her back to where she’d been found and recover it. Right?

“And this… Home? Family? Friends?” he tried, pointing to her first picture and hoping any of the words might have some meaning to her.

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #105 on: November 07, 2017, 03:57:00 PM »
She slumped in relief. At last it seemed they were understanding her. Vanora recognized the word for coat and nodded her head eagerly as she repeated it in Common, pointing at the picture firmly. The following words were not ones she understood but she too pointed to them, repeating them in her own tongue before motioning at herself by bringing both of her hands tightly to her chest as if holding something or someone close to her heart. One last time for added effort she pointed to the image of herself shedding her precious coat and stated her name.

"Coat. Vanora. Home?" she added at the end, unsure if she had gotten the correct meaning or pronunciation but desperate for the chance to at last communicate in a language they perhaps could both understand.

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #106 on: November 07, 2017, 07:28:45 PM »
Idris ran his hand through his hair, feeling like this whole situation was something out of a story if she was understanding what he meant. Her native tongue meant nothing to him but the few words she did speak seemed to make sense to him. He looked to his brother and was relieved to see him nod in understanding as well. Perhaps pictures would be the way to communicate moving forward if returning her didn't work out so well.

"We can take you," Idris told her, setting a hand to her shoulder and offering what he hoped was an understanding smile. "Where did you find her?" he directed at his brother.

"Just...along the beach, I saw her in the sand." Stephen frowned, wishing he'd known earlier the exact spot would have any significance at all.

"Well let's get out there, maybe you- either of you might recognize it again." At least Idris hoped that would be the case. "Vanora? Can you come with us? Together? Um, outside?" he prompted, moving his hand down along her arm to grasp her elbow gently and begin directing her towards the door, his brother right behind them.

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #107 on: February 12, 2018, 09:47:51 AM »
Not understanding the words spoken by either, Vanora could do nothing more than to look back and forth between the two men. Her pulse raced with anticipation. Perhaps now she would at last find her beloved coat and return home to her people, to where she belonged. Being among the humans was different and interesting but she was more than ready to leave this adventure behind. She missed the feeling of the current cradling her as she floated beneath the surface, the songs of her people offering her solace and comfort even in her dreams.

When Idris gripped her elbow, she thought nothing of it and followed eagerly to where the men led her. The closer they got to the beach and places she recognized, the faster she walked and harder she pulled to be there again. With sand under her feet again, Vanora wobbled ungainly but she did not let that deter her as she began to speak excitedly in a mix of her own tongue and the few words she was already learning of Common.

"Baile! Home!" she cried, pointing out towards the water with jerky motions. She looked back several times to see if the other two followed her though their paces did not deter her as she pushed forward. She stopped only once she reached the place she had last seen her beloved coat. The rock where it rested remained as cold and empty as it had the last time she had seen it.

Running her hand dejectedly over the cold and craggy surface she commented forlornly, "tá mo chóta fós ar iarraidh. Coat." Vanora shook her head as she gripped arms about herself again. "Coat, bhí sé anseo. Stephen, cabhrú? Tá Vanora ag iarraidh dul home."

With watery eyes she turned her eyes to Idris and shook her head at him. It was not there. Was this what he wanted to show her? That it was gone? That there was no hope? Vanora hung her head low, letting her hair form a curtain in front of her face to hide her sorrow and grief. Maybe the stories about humans were true. They really did just want to keep the Selkie for their own without regard for the lives and families they were forced to leave behind. How cruel!

Yet, a deeper part of Vanora could not believe that sweet Stephen could do such a thing to her. He had been nothing but kind to her. Even Idris who was rather strange and intimidating in perspective had not done anything to harm her. They certainly seemed like they wanted to help. At this point, she didn't know what to think. It was all so overwhelming. It felt like the waves of the ocean were too strong for her, that she would had grown up swimming them her whole life would finally be drowned by them. Would the sea not allow her to breathe? Would there be no reprieve from this horror? Time would only tell.

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Re: Water Wings [Goblin]
« Reply #108 on: February 21, 2018, 12:12:51 PM »
Idris didn’t like feeling like he was dragging her along but thankfully Vanora seemed eager to keep moving the closer they got to the water. He let her run ahead, uncertain why she was so excited to be there. Perhaps she’d grown up near the water and felt at home along the beach?

As soon as she’d come to a stop just out of the way of the surf’s reach her whole demeanor changed and he was confused as to why. She’d gone from excited to sad so quickly. She even seemed like she was mourning, but how could that be? His brow furrowed in thoughtful confusion as he stood by and watched her, occasionally casting perplexed looks towards his brother who could only shrug.

Stephen attempted to communicate, though, moving closer at his name being spoken and standing beside her as Idris looked on. “You left your coat around here?” he tried, looking to the rock she’d touched. It seemed familiar, but he hadn’t been paying too much attention to their surroundings when he’d found her and had mostly been concerned for her safety and comfort. “Do you live nearby? Is your family close?”