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Author Topic: "Drakarys Micro", AKA: Teacup Dragons  (Read 23 times)

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Offline DragonSong

"Drakarys Micro", AKA: Teacup Dragons
« on: February 12, 2018, 05:55:28 PM »
Teacup Dragons

1. Description
Teacup dragons are perhaps the smallest members of the dragon family (save for maybe their Fae cousins). When full grown, they are typically only about the size of a lapdog- not including the measurements of their wings and tails.

Hatchling drakarys micro are small enough to be held in the palm of a handler's hand:

(art credit: aeoptera.deviantart .com)

There is a decent amount of physical variety among teacup dragons, but one constant is their large ears and and their nasal crests, which can get very elaborate. Most will sport thick, fluffy manes into adulthood, but not all specimens grow one.

They have fur and feathery wings, often accompanied by a feathered tail crest, and their forepaws are nimble and dexterous, with opposable thumbs that allow them to pick and peel fruits and the like easily.

Though they lay eggs, both male and female teacup dragons have a pouch on their stomachs where the new hatchlings will live and grow until they are able to fly.

2. Social Habits
Teacup dragons are incredibly social creatures, living in colonies of several dozen in the wild. They tend to be incredibly affectionate with their handlers as a result of this natural bonding instinct.

Teacup dragons mate for life, though oftentimes in polyamorous family units, normally with two females and three or four males. Since these tiny dragons often lay eggs in pairs or even triplets, this allows each hatchling to be reared in the pouch of one individual parent.

3. Intelligence
While not as intelligent as their larger cousins, at least not in a traditional sense, teacup dragons are wonderfully clever little animals. They are automimetic, meaning that they instinctually mimic the behaviors and habits of those around them.

(i.e. if they are raised around cats they will eventually begin to act like cats; if they're raised solely among humanoids they may exhibit human mannerisms, if not the same "level" of intelligence.)

4. Diet
Most teacup dragons are omnivorous and will eat just about anything put in front of them, from insects to fruit to bread to cutlets of meat. Typically a well-rounded diet affords them the best health, though at the very least a decent amount of fruits and vegetables is required.

5. Magic
Most teacup dragons do not boast the magic of larger drakarys species, but sometimes they will have a slight magical talent: the ability to conjure sparks or make a flower bloom, things of that nature.

6. The Fad
Think purse dogs. But dragons.

Drakarys mirco were an undiscovered species until very recently, but once they came to light (as natives to the Yoreiqi islands), it became quite fashionable in places like Arca and Essryn to own several of the little darlings as companions, personal pets.