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Author Topic: Ongard, Local Cat Lady  (Read 73 times)

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Ongard, Local Cat Lady
« on: November 12, 2017, 02:30:45 PM »
Name Ongard DuTrip'lin
Pronunciation own-garr dew-trip-linn
Age 26
Gender androgynous trans girl
Species human
Ethnicity Adelan
Height 6'6"
Weight 170 lbs
Occupation Animal Rescue
Residence on the outskirts of a large town south of Ketra, in a large log cabin with 4 acres of land


Physical Description Very tall, of average weight for her height with wide shoulders. Ongard has a dark brown skin tone with long, platinum blonde hair that falls in tight ringlet curls, a round face, and small, dark brown eyes. Her upper face is covered in scars, and her lips are often painted bright red, even when she doesn't go out. She wears a white high-collared blouse with wide sleeves that cinch at the wrist, and tight black pants held to her legs with golden-coloured sandals that tie up to the knee. When she goes into town, she wears a dark blue shawl that covers her torso, and a wooden mask that covers her forehead, eyes, and bridge of her nose, with feathers etched into the sides.

Personality She's very shy and prefers to spend time with animals rather than humans. She's naturally very nurturing, courteous, and affectionate. She's very willing to take risks, but not if anyone else pressures her to. She has a hard time trusting people and being social, is rather pessimistic about herself and how people view her, but is observant and empathetic in any case.

Magic/Abilities/Talents She has the ability to understand and speak to animals in a primitive way. She can understand their body language, basic needs and wants, and a summary of what they're trying to communicate, but can not, for example, hold a lengthy and intelligent conversation with them.

Relationships She has not kept in contact with any family members, does not have any friends, and is scared of pursuing romantic interests.

History Ongard was born in Ketra, to very proud and haughty parents. They regarded her as their property, but disliked that she inherited her grandfather's blonde hair, so treated her worse than her two other brothers. At 15, she was just realizing her powers and was too ambitious. She attempted to converse with a wild dragon instead of a tamed one, and, because it was unaccustomed to humans, it attacked her and permanently scarred her face. She now avoids dragons, even tamed ones, which is why, as an adult, she lives outside of the capital. She used to be a soldier trainee, but dropped out after she came out as trans at 17. Afterwards, her parents shunned her even more, although gender roles were not enforced in Adela; her parents did not accept her, thus she cut contact with them after she moved out. She runs an animal rescue and lives with her many foster cats.

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