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Author Topic: Doctor Alderon Finicci  (Read 116 times)

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Offline SilverDragonsBlood

Doctor Alderon Finicci
« on: November 30, 2017, 05:14:14 PM »
__________QUICK STATS

Name: Cosmo Manoti Alderon Finicci

Nicknames: Doc or Dr. Alderon

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Height: 6'3"

Ethnicity: Serenian

Occupation: Doctor

Residence: Zantaric

Random Fact: Alderon believes family is top priority.

Voice: Khan, from Star Trek Into Darkness


Physical Description
Alderon is a tall, lean man with undeniably handsome features. He has significant muscle growth, though it is often hidden beneath his clothing. His general features are typical of an elf with pointed ears, fair skin, and elegant stature being the most noticeable at first glance. He has piercing, green eyes beneath dark brows that counter his pure white hair. He has perfectly shaped lips, which are always curved in a devious grin.

His clothing in private or among friends is relatively plain. He'll stick to his signature black pants and black boots with an off-white shirt rolled up at the elbows. When he appears in public, he'll sport much nicer attire of rich reds and blues made primarily of silk or velvet.

What many people notice about Alderon are the strange, white designs scattered on his skin. If asked about it, he comes up with all kinds of stories, none of which will ever be the truth.

Spoiler: show

credit: AnnaHelme on DeviantArt

Many would describe Alderon as "that asshole" or "fucking bastard," so much so that he actually feels slightly proud of it. Despite this, the man has a powerfully suave side to him, able to convince most people of doing what he wants.

He is incredibly secretive about anything personal, as anyone could see that his eyes hold more experience than anyone should have been through. Then again, they wouldn't know that he brought that experience upon himself. Alderon is deceptive and enjoys lying to anyone who actually thinks they can understand him. Contrasting this, he is very loyal and finds companionship a warm feeling. He won't admit it, but he loves being around people.

In all aspects, Alderon is a conman. He lies and steals to get what he wants, despite being secretly rich. He takes pride in being one of the best in his field, regardless of having absolutely no natural healing abilities. He's driven and passionate about what he does, sometimes verging on obsessive.

A surprisingly rare thing for an elf doctor, Alderon possesses no magic in his field. Everything he is capable of is a result of a memory like a steel trap and many, many years of research and dedication. His work was highly sought after in Connlaoth, as it is completely scientific. He hates when people lower him to using magic because that's cheating.

He's a talented thief, as well. Though he really isn't sure how, he can take basically anything he wants right out from under people's noses.

Tiya - daughter (secret)
Neria - wife (secret)
Selusa: younger sister
Taza: introduced him to the Friends
Hildegarde: the only person who fully knows his history

As a child, Alderon went by the name, Cosmo. He was raised by a miller and a laundress, so he didn't exactly grow up surrounded by wealth. The boy was expected to take over the mill, but he had much larger dreams. From before he could read, he was fascinated by injuries and illnesses. He would frequent the healer in his village, studying how he did his job. Once he learned to read and write, he was never seen without a medical book or journal.

As a young teenager, Alderon was already a skilled healer. He was able to diagnose illnesses and mend minor injuries. He was an apprentice to the village healer, despite having absolutely no history of schooling. His parents were adamantly against Alderon pursuing medicine because they wanted him to stay home and continue on the mill. He didn't care about their wishes, and eventually, he went out on his own.

Venturing across the land, he collected knowledge and skills from every nation he could. He refused to use magic for his healing skills because his ultimate goal was to cure humans and the like of all ailments, regardless of how mad that seemed to others. After only three years of schooling, Alderon received his doctorate in medical studies at twenty-one. He graduated at the top of his class, making several people very unhappy at his ability to soar above them.

His talents soon landed him in trouble. Though he was unmatched at his scientific ability to cure almost anything, the public was unaware this ability was created due to experimentation on fatal cases. When Alderon deemed a patient too ill or injured to save, he would let the families or friends say goodbye, then take the patient away to be experimented on. All of his studies were recorded in journals, and he began to gather more and more information on how the diseases could be cured. His goal was to create "perfection."

Unfortunately, he was found out before he got the chance. At twenty-seven, Alderon was arrested for his cruel and unnecessary experiments. His journals were burned, and he was sentenced to ten years in prison and a life sentence of slavery. Alderon served six years in prison and was released for good behavior, then was shipped off to Essyrn to be a gladiator slave. This was where he got the white marks on his skin.

He escaped when he was thirty-five, eventually making his way to Zantaric. He believed that Zantaric was his best hope at living a normal life where his talents would be appreciated. He went to a bar every night, doing his best to recreate his journals. One day, he struck up a conversation with a woman named Taza, who introduced him to a gang under the leadership of Hildegarde Von Musel. Alderon became the head medic for the gang and absolutely loves it, though he refuses to truly speak of what ultimately brought him to Zantaric.


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