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Author Topic: Eiden, Arcane and Elemental Mage  (Read 53 times)

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Eiden, Arcane and Elemental Mage
« on: December 02, 2017, 03:22:58 AM »
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Connloathian
Height: 5ft,10"
Occupation: Adventurer
Residence: Serendipity

Physical Description
Eiden has a vertical scar from above his left eyebrow, over his eyelid and around an inch and a half down his cheek from a particularly nasty fight in an arena with several orc warriors. HBe has blue eyes, light brown hair. He is rather slight in build but has a toned physique. He wears light clothing, usually a tunic and trousers, he never had a taste for the long sweeping robes mages stereotypically wear. He wears a necklace which increases his pool of magical energy and an enchanted ring which gives him a heightened the sense of intuition, allowing him to sense nearby threats. He also carries a bag full of health and mana potions along with various other concoctions, gold, scrolls, books and a simple dagger which he has long since forgotten about due to his hands being the only thing he needs to cast his spells.

Eiden has an approachable nature, and always had a fascination with magic. He would have his rich parents buy him shelves upon shelves of books on all aspects of magic, which he would bury his nose in all day long, soaking up the knowledge, but always bursting into tears when he couldn't even produce a puff of smoke no matter how much he waved his hands. This was difficult for his family, who had to keep this a secret and make excuses as to why their son was always in his room mostly for fear of his life and their reputation. While his family was privileged and he lived an opulent life, they became arrogant with their wealth, something Eiden chose to distance himself from, refusing their offers at filling up his bank account. Eiden had a thirst for adventure and wanted to earn his coin the hard way, and hopefully, learn magic.

Despite numerous hush-hush efforts, tutors, and procedures, nothing seemed to work for Eiden as he grew up, and after the heavily disguised Duke's archmage had even failed to produce any resemblance of a spell in Eiden, he had begun to resign himself to the fact that he just didn't have magical blood. The constant careers advice from his parents to become a judge like they did never help the matter, they never had much time for magic and let Eiden know this, considering themselves true Connloathians through and through. The Connloathian life never appealing to Eiden, who continued his studies without consideration for the anti-magic laws and dreamed of a place he had heard of called Serendipity, where he could use his magic freely.

At the age of 11, Eiden and his family were returning from a party far from the kingdom and they were ambushed by thieves, Eiden, of course, looked to the guard for protection, he had never been threatened before and now around six burly looking, dagger-wielding lowlives were demanding our coin. He had expected the guard to fight them off, and a few fell to their blades, but one particularly deft thief, the only woman among them evade their attacks with precision and grace, calculating her every move and opening each of their throats one by one until all eight of our golden armoured guards lay in bloodstained heaps around us. Eiden couldn't believe his eyes, having lived a sheltered life, he had never seen death or violence before and began to positively shake with fear, burying himself in his mother's protective embrace. As she approached, twirling a blade in hand, asking, one more time for our coin. Her gaze was set on my father, who, frozen in fear reached inside his robes for his purse. His fumbling fingers caused the thief to grow suspicious, she launched a knife in his direction, grazing the side of his face. Eiden couldn't help himself and burst into tears as his father held his face together, holding out a bloodsoaked purse. He then felt something inside him, a pure, unexplainable instinct to protect his family, it stretched through his body and crackled around his fingertips. His eyes, glowing with magical energy fixed on the thief, who's smug grin faltered. As she raised her dagger, Eiden raised his arms, thrusting them forward, and feeling the energy leave him in a surge of blue light, striking her full on, and flinging her at least 8 meters away, where she lay in a scorched and broken heap.

From then on, Eiden honed and trained his unique magical abilities whilst learning other disciplines. However the encounter changed his outlook on life, he had trouble trusting people, was sometimes far too diligent, resulting in becoming too focused on one thing. He also became prone to outrages, which were extremely dangerous and uncontrollable if he felt under threat.  He has spent his adult years, having left his home in search of adventure, with only his bag and the clothes on his back trying to fix these flaws, in the continuous thirst for knowledge. He had left home and escaped to Serendipity, learning much about the world and meeting all kinds of characters along the way, whilst dodging the law and practicing his spells whenever he got a spare and private moment. His family writes to him, which gives him small joys in the loneliness of adventuring, holding them very close to his heart and forever wondering if they're okay. He's almost always on the move, allowing nothing to slow him down.

Motivations, Morals, Flaws
Eiden has always had good morals, believing in what is right, but not always obeying the rules. While he would not join in the bullying of other children while he grew up, he would, however, steal food from the kitchens when the chef wasn't looking. The law was never something he took into huge consideration, this partly due to the constant lectures his parents gave him and volumes they made him read in the hope of him carrying on the family legacy. He has a strong ego and attitude that he will do what he wants to do, no matter what anyone else tells him. Because he had never really known anyone but his family, Eiden has a craving for human connection but struggles to make friends because of his lack of trust.

Eiden's motivations for adventure is purely for the thrill of it, to challenge himself and to increase his knowledge. He also believes the world is a very dangerous and dark place, and he hopes to impart his own justice on it in his own unique way, sometimes he thinks he is doing the right thing but can end up doing the opposite. Despite his good intentions, his actions are not always thought through. He is never passive, always active and ready to get up and do something, even if this does mean him taking action without considering the situation first, resulting on too much focus on one thing, leaving him vulnerable.

Eiden his very intelligent, always has been. He keeps his body in good shape, thinking there is no point in being a mage if you can't so much as dodge a fireball. He has great strength in the magical arts and is adept at spellcasting and potion-making. He has a very strong will, is determined and works very hard. His loyalty, although hard-won is unwavering and valuable to anyone fortunate enough to be by his side. He has a good nature and humorous personality which is only ever seen by those who manage to get close to him. Wealth can also be considered a strength, due to his aristocratic family, meaning he never has to worry about money if he needs it, but most of the time he chooses to earn it through hard work.

Eiden can manipulate Arcane Energy, the very substance which gives mages their power. It manifests itself in a blue or purple light, using this he can create constructs, shields, or weapons, the possibilities are huge. He also has a spark for elemental spells which he cast through channeling summoned Arcane Energy into fire, water, ice, or lightning; he never had a particular affinity for earth or air magic. Eiden is also a skilled potioneer, able to brew a range of substances to buff his physical attributes as well as heal his wounds and replenish his mana pool. He is trying to improve his enchanting but was always more concerned with using magic to affect the world around him rather than imbuing it into objects.


He has a very close relationship with his family, but other than that is looking for companions on his adventures to share his experiences with.

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