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Plotting Center / Re: THE BEAST HUNTING CREW
« Last post by Legit Violet on Today at 08:25:44 AM »
All of your characters seem good! I just have to confer with the players who posted in this thread first some time ago to see if they're still interested in this plot, seeing as we don't want to overflow it!
Reajh / Re: Abstraction (M)
« Last post by HighLordMhoram on Today at 06:43:33 AM »
This priest certainly was a strange one. Helena watched as he paced back and forth, seeming to try and study the dagger. Fair enough, perhaps he was simply trying to verify its authenticity. Although how anyone could be uncertain when the thing practically oozed evil was beyond her. Finally, the man took the box and nodded at her suggestion of an escort. Helena motioned to two of her men, who took up flanking positions beside the priest as he began to make his way towards the exit.

And, as misfortune would have it, Cherno came face to face with a man entering the church garbed in priestly robes. "What is the meaning of this?" the man snapped. "I was told by the Bishop that the duty of handling the artifact was to fall to me!" The men accompanying Cherno froze, and Helena straightened with shock. She looked from Cherno to the newcomer and back again, the pieces starting to slide into place.

Graven swore quietly as he saw the second priest enter the church. "Looks like we may have a fight on our hands soon, boys. And girl," he added, glancing at Aura. "Tell me, kid, can you really wield magic within a mordecai's field? Because it looks like we're going to have to test that theory soon."
Yoreiq / Ravathos Davaathian, The Lion's Rage
« Last post by almighyxcavus on August 17, 2017, 11:17:51 PM »
Ravathos Davaathian, The Lion's Rage

Age: 147
Height: 7'7
Weight: 270 lbs
Fur color: White
Eye color: Glowing Blue in right eye, Glowing orange with am eye patch (glows through the patch)
Species: Pantherid (bipedal felines)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assassin, Hunter
Residence: Yoreiq
Ethinicity: Yoreiq

Ravathos grew up in a a very strict family that prided themselves over hunting the the strongest animals they could find in the vast jungles of Yoreiq. With every successful hunt each member of the family that participated would receive a trophy from the kill, most of the time this consisted of a horn, claw, or other bone. By the time Ravathos was 20 years of age he had about 300 trophies with at least one from every animal on the island. But he thirsted for more and more trophies until he had hunted every exotic animal in the island chain that he so proudly dominated. Until one night, he was asleep when he heard the cry of something he never heard before. He awoke instantly searching every part of the island for where the cry came from. He climbed atop the highest tree he could find and there he saw it. A gigantic 100 ft long dragon, with shimmering crimson scales had been flying all over the island chain looking for something, something to eat at least. Ravathos roared with excitement attempting to lure the dragon back to the tree he sat upon. After a long pause of not seeing any sign of the beast he returned to his village.
The dragon had burned his home and eaten every last being in his family, hunting companions as well. The dragon gave Ravathos the most malicious smirk he had ever seen. Ravathos was left with nothing but loss and completely uncontrollable rage. Not only at the dragon, but at himself for not acting earlier.
The dragon attempted to fly away, emphasis on attempt.
Ravathos leaped at the dragon even though it was almost 100 ft in the air already. He dug his Kirai Saber into the dragon's spine separating multiple vertebrae at once. The dragon shrieked in pain and performed an Aileron roll and knocked him off. Ravathos landed onto the canopy of a set of trees and grabbed his hunting bola from his belt and caught the dragon's leg. He yanked on the bola rope with such force the dragon could not produce enough force from being dragged into leap range. Ravathos landed on the dragon's right wing and completely severed it with one strike.
The two plummeted into the beach waters, with the dragon forced to fight for its life, the perfect setup for Ravathos.
As he leaped for the other wing, the dragon quickly clawed Ravathos out of the air, carving out his left eye. But his rage overcame his excruciating pain, he dropped his saber and unveiled his deadly claws. After a brief pause, Ravathos vanished completely from sight and smell, the only thing that could reveal his location was the sand and water. The dragon saw footprints coming directly towards it and spewed as big of a flame as it could. After the smoke had cleared two sets of prints appeared in the sand, slowly inching their way towards the dragon. The dragon kept spewing flames but nothing was burning. The same two foot prints kept approaching until...
Ravathos had leaped onto the dragon's neck and with one clean cross-swipe from his claws the dragon's head was completely severed from its body. He returned to his burned village and rebuilt his home from the ground up, the roof was decorated with the bones of the dragon he killed, all of it except for the head and the claws that gave him his scar.

Ravathos over the years of becoming a master at hunting, has developed three crucial abilities to assist him on long hunts. A powerful leap that can achieve a maximum horizontal distance of 100m ~ 300 ft, and a  maximum vertical distance of 150 m ~ 450 ft. Because of his resilient nature fight through every wound he has an increased regeneration factor, fatal wounds ( such as a sword to the heart for example) will incapacitate him for a significant amount of time (a couple of hours longer than what my other character Zukiro takes to regenerate.) Lastly, he can completely vanish, not only from sight, but scent as well. The only thing that will reveal him is the environment, or if he's right at your neck. He has one desperation move where he will become so consumed in his ferocity that his speed and strength will increase tenfold (he would become faster than Zukiro in the Aerials thread during the sparring match for a much longer duration.)
As far as weapons goes, he has 3 main tools for hunts and assassinations alike. His first and primary weapon is Kirai Saber, basically a giant knife about the length of his arm he wields this with his right hand. Second is his Tekko-kagi that he carved from the claws of the dragon he killed, they're two elongated blades that hover just above his knuckles  on his left hand that are attached to a leather armguard. Third, his bola rope, this is his most versatile tool. He uses it for maneuvering around the jungle as well as locking down his prey. His final weapon he will only use in desperation which is his claws, 6 inches long and 5 inches thick in diameter at the fingertip, these things will cut through any piece of flesh no matter how fortified it may be.

Clothing/ Appearance:
Pantherid's are a species of bipedal lions, known for their family pride and hunting prowess.
The Pantherid's are known for growing the fur atop their head to ludicrous lengths, to remedy this, Ravathos braids his hair fur. The braids finish to just about hip level, leaving enough room to cover his bola. He always wear leather in his attire. he owns varieties in color, but he prefers the black set the most, he'll wear lighter colors in the summer months. On his right shoulder he carries the skull of the dragon he murdered (image down below). He always has his Kirai saber, tekko-kagi, and bola on him at all times.

Ravathos is a proud hunter, anyone that attempts to disgrace his hunting prowess is almost immediately killed. He cares for the young, and deeply respects the old, but those of similar age to him must prove themselves. His anger can cloud his decision making and how he approaches someone, but this aspect only makes him that much terrifying in combat. He has no tolerance for lackluster performances, he is very patient due to his long hunts. He is also very analytical, he can determine a person's personality practically within the first conversation. He prefers to work alone, but hunts with his family have taught him that sometimes he needs assistance with certain aspects of life. He has never harmed or hunted anything of youth and gave a swift death to those who need not suffer any more. He always pays his respects to his family the day the were killed, by returning to Yoreiq and performing a spiritual offering from the more rare trophies that he has to offer.

Currently in:
No threads just yet! Pm for any plots!


Art credit goes to Lynton Levengood (bottom right corner of picture)
Arca / Re: High On Life (And Also Drugs) [Armorend]
« Last post by Armorend on August 17, 2017, 10:41:25 PM »
Kartuun had already felt concerned when he saw Randal meet eyes with a familiar-looking man. It looked like... Oh. His concern levels rose, and said concerns were confirmed when Randall proposed they leave.

Then the waitress came. Never before had Kartuun felt so utterly unnerved at someone acting nice. He looked down at the food which appeared mostly normal. But with the man from earlier working here, something felt extremely off.

"Yeah, I agree. Let's uh... Let's go." Kartuun pulled out enough money for the drinks, since he and Randal had at the least partaken of them, and stood up, hurrying with the other boy toward the door. Kartuun tried opening it, but found it wouldn't budge. "Nghh... I... It's locked!" He spoke quietly, not wanting to draw attention, but not knowing that attention had already been on them since the drumsticks went on the table.

"Well, well, well, trying to leave so soon?" The addict and cook spoke up, drawing the gaze of the two boys, who dreaded turning around but did so with the desire of not being snuck-up on.

"Without even eating first?" The waitress chimed in.

"Y-yeah... You're a criminal! You almost hurt my friend here!" Kartuun's legs wobbled a little as he spoke back toward the pair. Before, they were able to run. Now, short of breaking the door down and causing a lot more commotion, they were cornered.
Character Catalogues / Re: Rowans alter-egos
« Last post by Rowan Whitethorn on August 17, 2017, 10:02:08 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Duamutef, AKA Dua, AKA Sloth
Age Ageless, Has been present since the beginning
Gender Male
Species Sin
Height 5'8"-9'6"
Occupation Necromancer
Residence Everywhere, Yet Nowhere

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

 Duamutef has a slim body of a black jackal with large black crows wings. Dua stands at 9'6". Dua's ears are long and pointed with deep blue fur along the out edge and tips. This blue fur also runs around his eyes, which themselves are ice blue, and along his hands and feet. The rest of his body is covered in short, soft, black fur. His hands resemble that of a humans and have long and narrow, gold colored claws. Sand-battered cloth wraps around his forearms and hands, as well as his calves. He wears a yellowed, rather thin kilt with a gold trim along the top that comes to a tattered end just above his knees when he stands. Dua walks on rather large paws with the same claws that dress his hands. Dua also carries a ten foot gold staff with a large bulb on the end.
Spoiler: show

 When this form is not convenient, Dua takes the form of the dead boy of 17 years, in which he inhabits. The boy is 5'8" tall, has black, shoulder length, shaggy hair and wears a loose white and gold tunic that stops just short of a pair of beige leather sandals. The only indication of that Dua is undead in this form is his ice blue eyes.

 Duamutef is the embodiment of the sin of sloth. Due to this Dua is very careless, lazy, unmotivated, unwilling to act, half-hearted effort, and is easily discouraged by any difficulty, unless his mother, Cerci, tells him to or is in danger. This is because Cerci is the one that placed Duamutef's soul as sin of sloth, into the dead body he now inhabits; If anything happens to her, his fate is not guaranteed. This makes Dua very loyal and protective. If she asked him to, Dua would lay down his life, or rather his body, for her. Aside from Cerci, Dua rarely listens and rather cares very little for any other life, even his own creations.


  Necromancy: In this body, Duamutef is a necromancer. His magic that of many forms used throughout history, as he studied them while he was without a body. This makes his magic very powerful, that is if he ever uses it.(Sloth, Remember?) Dua can raise most dead creatures back to life to be his own personal minions. Or soldiers if he so decides, although unlikely.

  Soul Re-connection: Dua can see and communicate with the souls of the dead, although he mostly ignore their "demands". He can also take a soul and put it in any dead body. Once he does he no longer has control of the body he put the soul in and they then have a will of their own, although he can expel the soul from the body again. This takes quite a lot of power and leaves him vulnerable for the time he is preforming it.

  Flight: Dua can fly, and at astounding speeds, often missed at a blink of an eye.

  Fighter: Duamutef is a skilled fighter when he wants to be, he has the strength to level a town with a swing of his hand, and when he uses his staff, can turn a mountain into a plateau. Dua is also very fast on the ground, but not quite as fast as he is flying. Dua has taken down several human armies throughout his long history, without his staff, and several giant armies when he has his staff.

  Sloth: Dua can make average mortals abandon tasks, no matter the importance, sometimes permanently, some stronger mortals for limited times and some very powerful non-mortals for a few seconds.

  *Dua's soul also cant be destroyed as he is a sin, although his body is vulnerable and can be destroyed.

His mother and person who gifted him this life, Cerci Anicetus.
No other relations of importance to Dua.

Duamutef has been the sin of sloth for all of time, never before having a body. That is until Cerci placed his soul within the body he now inhabits. Dua's history consists of corupting mortal souls and learning many forms of necromancy. Nothing special.

Serendipity Riverlands / Re: Underfoot (Armorend)
« Last post by Armorend on August 17, 2017, 07:16:05 PM »
"Hmm. Yeah, I dunn--" Kartuun's statement was cut off when the troll attacked. "Ahhh!" He watched the guardian of the library as it grabbed hold of Ewan, making a motion as if to go one way and then hesitating, utterly unsure of what to do. He internally breathed a sigh of relief when Ewan slipped free and watched the troll attempt to dog Ewan down, and had his temporary trance broken when Ewan called out to him. "Ah... Er-Uh... I... Troll, down! Stop attacking him!"

He yelled to the mighty, faux beast, but the creature merely replied with his own yell. "TRESPASSER IN THE MASTER AND MISTRESS' CHAMBER!" Kartuun was legitimately stumped, trying to recall how the thing had been pacified when his mom and dad had awoken it before.

"A... A book! It was a book, Ewan! It makes the thing go back to sleep! When my mom and dad enchanted it they used one of the titles to bind it! We have to get that book!" The creature, being modeled after the real thing but not being real itself, loomed menacingly in the doorway still, waiting for Ewan to make a move. Unlike a real creature, it didn't breathe, adding an eerie silence to the air after Kartuun made his statement.
Wanderers and Independents / Elise Anicetus, Bone Reaper
« Last post by Wrathwyrm on August 17, 2017, 06:41:28 PM »
The following character is officially endorsed by Salzem and Legit Violet.

__________________QUICK STATS
Name: Elise Anicetus
Alias: Bone Reaper
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Human-like descendant of necromancers
Ethnicity: Different
Height: 5-foot even
Occupation: Necromancer
Residence: Anywhere she wants.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description: A layered appearance...

Elise looks...kind of scrawny, but don't let that fool you.  She IS strong and naturally wiry.  She has light skin and blue eyes that are built to stare for long periods of time without blinking.  Her hair is black and reaching down her back with middling bangs.  She seems to be in extremely good health and complexion, and she wears dark clothing - shirt, pants, gloves - which should be murder in hot places, but it's not likely that it will ever bother her.

You see, apart from a shocking physiology, Elise spends alot of time covered in polished bone.  Most of the time you see her, you will scarcely ever see more than her eyes and perhaps her mouth.  She creates armored shells and bodies of bone around her, which can take numerous forms, but will most-commonly follow the true shape of her father, Gravekeeper Embalmus.

Personality: A different perspective...

To a human being, Elise would seem haunted or even shocked by the world, and in a way she is.  She is not a normal person in mindset.  Her father is a jackal-man who only takes the form of human to keep eveyone unaware of his presence.  Her mother only treats the dead (or her spawn) with respect and is cold and distant to others.  This taught Elise to reject the world as she grew up, and as a result, flesh kind of weird to her, and people's faces disturb her.

They really honestly freak her out.  They're always changing so much!  Even her own parents surprise her sometimes, though she knows they're both dead inside.  But living people...  Stretching their faces around like that...  The only thing keeping her from tearing her own face off is the knowledge that she can control that aspect of her, and she can show her 'true face' in an expression of bone.  Elise likes skeletal faces, bodies of unyielding bone.  They're reassuring to her...

So, she has a full range of emotion, but doesn't like to be especially expressive because she knows that it twists her face around weirdly, and she covers it up because skeletons can't lie  Their best face, their only face, is thrust forward.  It is because of this, of course, that too many people being too expressive WILL hit a berserk button where she has to kill them all to make them stop and 'be their true selves'.  She gets alot of minions this way.

Magic/Abilities: Right-Click To Necromance!

To Your Good Health - Elise's body is not immortal, by necromancy or regeneration, like either of her parents.  Instead, everything she kills will have every last bit of strength it had prior to death sucked into her by osmosis.  While it is unknown as to whether or not this is prolonging her life, it is making her bones and muscles quite strong, her stamina and energy reserves quite large, and most other aspect of her health and complexion in top form.  She is never hungry if she's just killed a man, although she can still eat.  Please note that this does not devour the soul, and that it DOES promote faster healing if wounded.  It is possible for her to die, although it is unknown if the same god that resurrects Embalmous will do the same for her.

NecroBone Specialist - In the annuls of necromancy, Elise works chiefly with bone.  Every dead body she reaches her will out to tends to burst with bones flying out of it, to move and reshape at her will.  She cannot make undead from nothing like her father, and she eschews the use of flesh, but that which remains...she is a master at.  Every bone particle, from dust to complicated skeletal structure, is reachable in a wide radius with her mind.  Primarily, she forms weapons and armored bodies to surround her with, but she also crafts minions.  (More on both of these later.)  Her exact range is unknown, but finding yourself surrounded by skeletons from several blocks away after you thought you were surrounding HER would not be uncommon.  Note that it is harder to take the bones of anything that has a will of its own or is dominated by another's will, and that fact works both ways.  Her own bones can be set and repaired this way, though, and the same can be said of her creations.

Sandblast - Elise' primary means of magic assault is to create either an unfocused sandstorm over a given area, or to fire a VERY focused blast of it in a given direction.  The strength of the attack depends on whether or not there is extra dust, sand, grit, or whatnot in the area. At default, the storm can be very hampering to the senses and the focused blast can severely damage flesh.  Prolonged exposure can be fatal, unless you are resistant to or empowered by earth.  The basic force of the attack is magically created and only uses the surroundings to try and strengthen it.  Elise can vary the consistancy of the sand from hard grit to powdery fesh-fesh, if she so desires.  She tends to polish bone this way, and she can pulverize any bone available into dust to give this attack a serious boost.

Bone Armor - As stated, Elise spends alot of time in a shell-body of bone (not to mention weapons, her own preference being a rather wicked scythe), which is being made articulate and functional by way of her magic.  This is her second skin and her control over every particle of it is without question, because it is so important to her to be kept separate from the world of strange flesh and twisting faces.  So, it can't be wrested from her, and it will range in shape and size, depending on what she does with all the bone she has.  It could be a jackal-man body like her father, a large mantis, a puma, a giant freakin' minotaur with elephant tusks and Wolverine claws...  It's just a question of resource management and a bit of imagination.  Also, because she is literally moving bone even through the air with her mind, she can fly to a limited extent, even by moving her OWN bones around.

Bone Soldiers - That which is bone and without will or domination, Elise may seize control of to raise the skeleton as a minion under her power.  If the body is too frail to be of much use, the bone matter will be canniballized, and she can exercise more power to plant the TEETH of the corpse into the ground and (by the power of Ray Harryhausen) create a new skeleton.  This CAN technically be repeated, but the cost of energy makes it only worth it if she needs numbers more than power at the time.  It's a trade-off.  Now, she can control any sort of skeleton that is without will or domination, but it IS possible to seize control in a battle of wills.  It is not something she could ever win with her mother or father, though.  Their power and mindset are too strong on this.  Still, she can reshape her own minions as she likes, and what she likes the most are sturdy soldiers whose body and armor is dense bone, and seem to act like they have minds...but that it is her subconscience, every time.  They tend to shove things into their mouths alot (could be flesh, dirt, or what-have-you) and then blast it out in people's faces under pressure from wherever inside them it was stored.  It was a habit Elise developed to hide the unsightly flesh of the dead.

Relationships: The family that dies together, rises together.

Gravekeeper Embalmus - Father

Cerci Anicetus - Mother

Samara - God?

History: If you can call that living...

As you may have gathered, any child of a necromantic being like Embalmus and an immortal necromancer like Cerci will not be a normal one.  The circumstances of how or why any of this happened...I leave to them.  For now, I focus upon the life of Elise Anicetus.  Taking care of her physical needs was easy.  All you had to do was kill something around her and, if the life energy was not being used for something else, she would soak it in.  This would maintain her health and wellbeing just by being around anyone who died.  It was because of this that she grew up well, had no physical defects, or any sickness at all...because her body was just too good.

However, there was a problem.  Elise began to grow aware that there were other things in the world than expressionless undeads and her family in the world.  She began to understand the existence of the living.  That they had skin and organs, warm flesh and beating hearts, was not really the problem.  That was unusual to her, but not the issue at hand.  Their faces...  Their faces did things that really freaked her out.  They twisted and warped to create these things they called 'expressions'.  It was horrifying.  From then on, living faces - or ANY faces made of flesh - disturbed her.  Because of this, she created a shell of the truest and most-natural material of the undead - bone - and protected herself from the freaks of nature.

She didn't spend all of her time in there, but alot of it.  She couldn't stand groups or crowds of people with their fleshy faces molding themselves this way and that, when bone was far cleaner, far more decent.  Elise could see why her father and mother did what they did with the living.  These people were just plain sick!  She had to put an end to this, free their true selves from their fleshy prison.  Only those nice grinning skulls would do.  Everything else had to go.

EXTRA: Not yet
Ketra / Re: Aerials {PRIVATE}
« Last post by almighyxcavus on August 17, 2017, 06:03:05 PM »
Zukiro shot Aithusa a small smirk, stood up and made his way over to the piano.
"Very beautiful I must say, may I?"
He offered Celegwen a hand, guiding her off the seat. He began a small chant which summoned for arms made of ice and water.
"I shall play three songs, the first is called, a true hero."
A battle with a true hero
Zukiro was masterfully stroking the keys with perfect precision. No one could believe the absolute speed he was playing at. As he finished he rested for a bit.
"My next piece is called the Final Battle"
Final Battle
Zukiro rested his hands, after a small chant the frozen arms dissipated into smoke.
"For my final piece, I dedicated this one to Amelia just before she passed, I call it Oracion."
Zukiro finished the song with a a small smile. 
I hope you remember Amelia.
Ketra / Re: Aerials {PRIVATE}
« Last post by SilverDragonsBlood on August 17, 2017, 03:45:50 PM »
"Come on, Zu," Aithusa said, watching the wolf practically finish the ale in one gulp. "You'll kill yourself drinking like that." Aithusa took hold of his pint and repeated exactly what Zukiro had, leaning his back against the wall with a wide smile.

Celegwen walked over, running her slender fingers along the beautiful wood of the piano in the room. She sat down on the stool and danced over the keys, performing a tune a traveler once played for her. Her voice was much more beautiful than one would expect from someone like her, and it was surprising to see her open up like she was.

"Come over the hills, my joyous Ketran lad.
Come over the hills to your darling.
You choose the rose now, I'll make the vow,
And I'll be your true love forever.

Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows,
Fair is the lily of the valley,
Clear is the water that flows from the stream,
But my love is fairer than any.

'Twas down by Adela's green woods that we strayed
When the moon and the stars they were shining.
The moon shone its rays on his locks of silver hair
And he swore he'd be my love forever.

Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows,
Fair is the lily of the valley,
Clear is the water that flows from the stream,
But my love is fairer than any.

Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows,
Fair is the lily of the valley,
Clear is the water that flows from the stream,
But my love is fairer than any.
My love is fairer than any."

Aithusa watched her with a small smile and looked at Zu when she had finished.
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