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Sirantil Valley / Re: A Mercyful Fate [M] [Boglin]
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 01:15:45 PM »
Alanna continued to eye the disposed nobleman coldly. She recognized what his venomous words were about long before he ever made a move against himself. They were the fighting words of an old tiger knowing his time was coming to an end. It was his time to die. The problem for her though was she did not understand what her instincts were telling her until it was too late.

As if in slow motion, she gazed on as he revealed his desired form of execution. In the back of he mind she could hear Roland screeching, almost begging the former lord to reconsider. Yet, she did nothing. The self-made dagger plunged into soft tissue and still she just stood there. Alanna watched as he collapsed and his last breath was had.

Only then did she move, slowly and deliberately forward. She said nothing as she knelt down and felt for a pulse. Nothing. "So ends the line of Brennick, Dukes of Falkenrath." She rose to her feet again to step out of the room. Death no longer phased her, she had seen so much of it over the past decade. What was one more lifeless body bereft of soul to the Grand Master Mordecai who sought only to bring an end and peace to her people?

"I take my leave of you then as I have no more business here and must share my report of the events that have happened here. You have my word Duke that I will do all in my power to present  the facts as they are and to be honorable towards all the men involved here. There is indeed more than one side to this story and I will do my best to put it all in a fair light." She nodded her head then to him out of respect while her eyes spoke volumes of the pain and love she was feeling for him in that moment. She did not want to leave but she must, especially if she was going to do her best to protect him, as difficult as that would be from opposite sides of the battlefield.
Serendipity Riverlands / Re: Library Fees (SilverLuna)
« Last post by SilverLuna on Today at 12:28:51 PM »
''If the Gods wanted humans to live long they would have made them that way don't you think? Humans have things that Elves do not. Still. This is the situation now. As for hexes, we may be a peaceful folk but do not underestimate us. We will not just give you the spell.You can live here for a while if you wish but any misbehaviour and you will be placed outside our borders. The fact that you do not mean harm to us allows you to see the village to begin with. Magic is a responsibility however and not a toy.  If control over your magic is what you seek, why not go for a more safer spell.'' Vyvynia spoke, clearly she had more to say then the men who were more suspicous but did not remark on her offer for Ewan to stay.

''You do not need to answer right away but think it over. A room in the guest quarters shall be prepared for you. During your stay however we expect you to help us with the chores. Everyone here does them f they wish to eat. Going out into the forest is permitted but preferably not alone. We have had an infestation of a magic plant we can not seem to control. We honor life but alas this plant kills everything painfully it comes in contact with. Is there however, anything we can do for you while you are here.'' one of the men added.
Draconi Forest / Re: Twice Cursed [Goblin]
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 11:55:03 AM »
She guzzled down the life-giving fuel as quickly as she could. Yasmine could not get enough. She wanted more; she needed more and quickly. her nails dug into his skin deeper as she continued to crush him close. His touch to hold her closer was ignored for the most part though she did growl in warning though should he decide to separate her from his person.

After a few minutes she was able to finally slow enough to actually savor what she was drinking. A few more after that and she was just lazily suckling, as she was not really still hungry but was enjoying herself. Her eyes closed to slits as she practically purred in his arms, finally fed and content. Her regrets would come later but for now, Yasmine was content. She swirled her tongue over his wounds instinctively to help with their healing before pressing light kisses to his neck and shoulder.
Zantaric / Re: Addicted To Adventure (Whim)
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on Today at 11:48:33 AM »
"Nope!" Randal beamed at the boy, happy to be able to show off. "I don't know what kind of 'mancer I am! I think Lady Hildegarde called me a..." The boy paused, trying to remember the exact term. "A synchromancer? I dunno, it sounded super fancy though!"

"Ah! Focus! I gotta focus!" Randal thought. "Um, right. Well, violet gibbous is typically used for alchemy and stuff, so it's probably shimmer lilies you're looking for." Randal grabbed a nearby stool and walked it over to the correct shelf. "It's not that expensive..."

And then the boy's heart sank as he reached the top shelf. He looked as his customer, an apologetic look on his face. "Um... Do you need the wand, like, now? Because we're all out of shimmer lilies..."
Seaside Town of Cerenis / Re: Down by the Sea [Goblin]
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 11:38:08 AM »
"Wine it is then," she replied cheerily before nudging him into a seat. "You've done plenty. Dinner should be ready any moment by the smell of it." Riley whisked herself off again to get cups and drinks for the table, generously pouring Lucien a glassful before giving some to herself and her father.

Agam was not far behind her placing the still steaming and quite hot food on the table and taking his seat at the head of the table. Riley then sat herself across from Lucien, a shy smile lighting up her features every time she looked at the man. The old man then reached both hands out to the other two. Riley followed suit placing her hand in her fathers and offering her other across the table to Lucien. "Prayers," she whispered to him by way of explanation.
"Thank you." Taza said curtly as she took the coins from the girl. She wasn't entirely sure who this woman was or why she'd been spending time with somebody like Chrys, so when she asked her question Taza was naturally suspicious. "Well..." she began slowly.

"Is she gone yet?" Randal had poked his head out from behind the basement door. "I checked on all the merchandise already."

"Yeah, she's gone." Taza replied, shooting the Randal a motherly look. The boy nodded and got back to work rearranging pots, and Taza looked back at the woman. "You see... Chrys has issues with interpersonal relationships, and it makes it very difficult for her to get along with other people. It's really a private-"

"She asked if she could touch me once." Randal interjected. "Wanted to know if I would hang out at her apartment with her."

"Randal!" Taza said exasperatedly, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "Hildegarde asked you to keep that a secret!"

The boy looked at her sheepishly. "Right... Sorry."
She eyed Akakios stiffly. She had been perhaps a bit rash and forceful with her venom but she still stood by her opinion. Those of Tirial were very proud to be so and took that pride very seriously. An insult to their lands was taken as a personal affront. She had no way of knowing of course who and what the man before her was, but calling Tirial boring to its new High Lady was not the most brilliant of moves if she had anything to say about it. Instead she nodded her headed slightly at his apology before turning back to Lucas.

"Thank you Mister Renwick. I would like that very much. Please both of you feel welcome to drop by my home. I would be honored to entertain you for a few hours as I am able." Amleah bowed her head gently with a warm, welcoming smile to each of them though her eyes lingered longer on Lucas than on Akakios.
Arca / Re: High On Life (And Also Drugs) [Armorend]
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on Today at 06:59:39 AM »
Randal scratched the top of his head. "Um... I think it's just, like, an aesth..." He paused, trying to remember how to pronounce the word he wanted to use. "Ae-sthet-ic. An aesthetic enchantment." Suddenly realizing that Kartuun might not know what that meant, he quickly explained it. "Like, the enchantment doesn't do anything practical, it just changes how the marble looks." Randal gazed at them, smiling. "And I'm not really sure who did it. Lady Hildegarde gave them to me for my eleventh birthday, but she doesn't have that kind of magic."

Randal looked back up at his friend. "They sure are pretty though, huh?"
Sirantil Valley / Re: Blood and Roses. [open/PM to join!]
« Last post by Eckhart_Von_Musel on Today at 06:31:09 AM »
Gwendolyn shook her head adamantly, hand still firmly gripping the woman's shoulder. "Then I'll take you to the church in the next village. Please, you cannot stay in this forest."
__________________QUICK STATS
Name: Moonlight Shimmergleam Dusty Bonecrusher
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Pixie
Ethnicity N/A
Height: 5"
Weight: 1/5th lb.
Occupation: Runaway Prince Mercenary (currently looking for work)
Residence: Wherever his wings take him!

Image Coming Soon! I couldn't find one I like, so I'll need to draw him X(

Character Theme:

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description:
Standing at only five inches tall, Dusty Bonecrusher is petite even by pixie standards. He has very fair skin that seems to sparkle when he's clean- which is why he's always dirty. His hair, normally bright green, is dyed black. He can't hide his vibrant blue eyes however, and they stick out like a sore thumb against his drab leather armor. He has mint green wings that are reminiscent of a luna moth.

Dusty speaks with a very heavy Scottish Pixie accent.

Dusty tries really, really hard to be taken seriously. He's sick of people seeing him as the delicate fey he is, and would very much like to be remembered as a badass warrior. He can be very abrasive, but that's because he feels people are more likely to respect him that way.

Dusty sometimes displays proper, royal etiquette out of habit. It really embarrasses him, and pointing it out is a good way to get him to yell at you.

Please don't mistake him for a fairy. He's a pixie, they are two totally different things.

Dusty's parents are the prince and princess of the royal Shimmergleam family. He resents them, and wants to be seen as more than just a prince's son.

Dusty carries a sewing needle a rapier, and has defeated many an insect in his day. He even killed a tarantula once! Unfortunately, he's not very good at fighting anything larger than he is...

Dusty has a little bit of glamour magic- he can change the pitch/octave of his voice. He uses this ability to make himself sound really tough and badass. Nobody has told him that hearing a deep voice coming from his tiny body is more funny than anything. 

As a pixie, he naturally produces dandruff pixie dust! Sprinkling this stuff under your arms lets you fly for a short amount of time!

The grandson of pixie royalty, Prince Moonlight Shimmergleam raised with the expectation that he'd grow up to be just another pretty face in High Queen Shimmergleam's court. The intense etiquette training he had to go through was too much for him however, and in an act of teenage rebellion he ran away from home. His family has people looking for him 24/7, but Moonlight has managed to avoid them so far by changing his name to "Dusty Bonecrusher" and posing as a mercenary.

Dusty is a terrible, terrible mercenary. Nobody takes him seriously.

__________________THREAD TRACKER
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