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Author Topic: Twice Cursed [Goblin]  (Read 9003 times)

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Offline Juno

Re: Twice Cursed [Goblin]
« Reply #460 on: August 11, 2017, 08:49:38 PM »
Her embrace was unexpected, but the sudden strength in it startled him. All he could think was to comfort her, his chest ached at the thought of her bursting into tears again over things that were out of her control. In preparation he was already murmuring words of comfort to her, his arms snaking across her back to hold her in a warm hug. At least that's what he thought was happening.

Conrey froze briefly for the touch of her lips against his skin, the contact so strange from her his immediate thought was that it was some gesture of gratitude for what he'd done. The pain that followed took his breath away. The werewolf hissed through his teeth and tightened his grip on her slightly but he didn't dare pull away. While abrupt and without notice, he had offered her his blood and it was only fair to allow her to drink unless the pain became too much. To his surprise, he hardly felt anything aside from a light sting and the strange, tugging flow of blood from her bite.

Her willingness to follow her instincts came so suddenly, but whatever the reason behind it he was relieved and happy for it. "No rush," he murmured gently, relaxing his hold on her slightly and stroking a steady hand along her back. Uncertain if it might encourage her to truly drink her fill he added, "Just a pinch, I feel fine."

Offline GoblinFae

Re: Twice Cursed [Goblin]
« Reply #461 on: Today at 11:55:03 AM »
She guzzled down the life-giving fuel as quickly as she could. Yasmine could not get enough. She wanted more; she needed more and quickly. her nails dug into his skin deeper as she continued to crush him close. His touch to hold her closer was ignored for the most part though she did growl in warning though should he decide to separate her from his person.

After a few minutes she was able to finally slow enough to actually savor what she was drinking. A few more after that and she was just lazily suckling, as she was not really still hungry but was enjoying herself. Her eyes closed to slits as she practically purred in his arms, finally fed and content. Her regrets would come later but for now, Yasmine was content. She swirled her tongue over his wounds instinctively to help with their healing before pressing light kisses to his neck and shoulder.