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Author Topic: Song of the Sea [Juno]  (Read 2434 times)

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Offline DragonSong

Re: Song of the Sea [Juno]
« Reply #360 on: August 09, 2017, 07:27:32 PM »
"Oh!" Ash winced guiltily even as she climbed onto his back. "I'm sorry, I just- this is so-" She just felt like they needed to move. They were getting closer, she just knew it. If they could really find her mother...

"I'll make sure we take a proper rest soon, I promise," she murmured, leaning low over the dragon's neck and patting him gently.

Nearly a week passed, swimming from one island to another, sleeping on cold rock, surrounded by the sea and the wind.

And strangely, Aishling loved every moment of it. Yes, it was cold, and she was tired, and dressed in nothing but a very ratty, very damp nightgown, but being out on the sea, traveling with the selkies, with was wonderful.

Braiga, the selkie girl who'd first spoken to them, had stopped them at a crescent shape stone far out to sea, further north than Ash thought most human settlements stretched. She shrugged out of her coat and waved airily in a westward direction.

"The islands are there," she told girl and dragon. "Just out there, see? The chain looks like a spiral, the largest island in the center. If you are lucky, your mother will be there. Or someone who knows her."

Offline Juno

Re: Song of the Sea [Juno]
« Reply #361 on: November 19, 2017, 06:27:44 PM »
Every day of their journey Yan wished they'd had time to better prepare before they'd left Ash's human home behind. There was never enough shelter through their island-hopping, but he did his best to shield her from the elements. Blessedly it didn't take them nearly as long as he'd thought it would before their selkie guide was stopping to show them their destination.

Yan perked up, lifting his head high to peer out at the humps of land in the distance against the horizon. He tilted his head to eye his passenger, uncertain if she was ready for the final stretch. 'Would you like me to fly us there? We could be there by nightfall,' he offered.

Offline DragonSong

Re: Song of the Sea [Juno]
« Reply #362 on: November 21, 2017, 08:18:39 AM »
Ash, worrying at her lower lip, started slightly and glanced up at him with big eyes. "Um...yes?" She cleared her throat and rubbed at her arms absently. "I mean- if you're up for it. Are you? I don't wanna push you..."

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