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Author Topic: Dawn of a New Story [Blink!]  (Read 257 times)

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Re: Dawn of a New Story [Blink!]
« Reply #20 on: July 13, 2017, 07:15:44 PM »
Before he stepped away from Jaela with Kanara in tow, he smiled widely at his purple haired beauty before pressing a quick and chaste kiss to her cheek. "All right, I'll see you there, then."

He hadn't failed to notice Karana's deep-seated stare at her brother, and decided he'd deal with it at home, in private. It only took a few minutes to get to their front door, and he ushered her in once the door was opened.

He shut it behind him, and turned to Kanara with a sigh. "You weren't all that different from your brother when you first discovered your powers. Sure, you didn't almost burn the village down. But you know that's not really his fault."

Itachi kept a first-aid box on the wall, just for these occasions. He opened it now, and opened a small jar of burn salve.

"Don't blame him for this. His strengths are just different from yours....if anything, blame your parents for not catching him sooner. But just remember, you experimented, too." He was at that point applying the salve to her palm and fingers, generously covering her burn.

"What I mean to say is....don't let me catch you taking this out on him." He stood up, after wrapping her hand in the bandage.

"I know you, Kanara. I've trained you. I've raised you. You're just like me...and I know all the tricks. I wrote that book."

Across the village, Atsu's visage flipped, and he found himself nearly dragging his mother to breakfast. "There better be eeeeeeeggggssssss.. ..! And biscuits and milk and sausage...gotta get it all before the butter witches take it all. Do you think they remembered the horseradish?"
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