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Author Topic: Devoria Faelos, The Moonlight Huntress  (Read 184 times)

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Devoria Faelos, The Moonlight Huntress
« on: August 11, 2017, 08:49:40 PM »
Devoria Faelos, The Moonlight's Huntress
Age: 147
height: 6'0
weight: 140 lbs
eye color: Dark Crimson
hair color: Pure White
Gender: female
Species: Elf
Occupation: Huntress, Assassin, Actress
Residence: Thanatos beach
Ethinicity: Thanatos
Relation ship status: single

Backstory: Devoria grew up in a very wealthy family. Her father had owned a gold mine since she was 2 so money, education, and formality came almost naturally to her. She had never developed a close relationship with her mother, since talking to her was as boring as talking to a plank of wood, she never cooked, cleaned, or really did anything. Devoria figured out her mother's true purpose once she came of age and just felt disgusted. She had two younger siblings, but she never really met them until she finally moved away from her parents when she was 27. Since she was the oldest she was entitled to her father's wealth but wanted nothing of it. What she wanted was the thrill of the hunt. Ever since she picked up her first bow at the age of 7 she had always wanted to go far into the forest and find the rarest and most untraceable animals, and hunt them down until she just could not physically keep up with them. She never enjoyed the idea of putting things to waste, so with every kill she made sure to attempt use every aspect of the animal at the very least. She also prayed to her god of Light for the opportunity to hunt these magnificent beasts every night. She became proficient with every hunting weapon imaginable. Long bow, short bow, re curve bow, throwing knife, broadsword, short sword, and the list keeps going. But one night, while hunting a rainbow scaled dragon-ling she called Nightwing, Devoria noticed a shadowy figure approaching the beach, she decided to follow the figure. As she cleared through the leaves she hid in a nearby bush, she was completely awestruck. A complete shadow was murdering a completely defenseless dragon. Devoria readied her bow, ran out of the brush and shouted at the creature in pure anger. The creature turned to Devoria, who stood proudly with an arrow drawn back and a tear in her eye. It was a full moon that night. After a brief second,a shriek turned into silence Devoria stood, her bow empty, and her hair a pure white flowing down to her knees. From that moment on she knew, she was a wielder on moonlight, and vowed to find the source of these shadow creatures and eradicate it from this world.

Abilities/ Weapons:
She is proficient with all weapons, but she always has her personally tailored bow and quiver on hand as well as an assortment of professionally made knives hidden all over her. She wields the power of moonlight to banish any enemies with malicious intent. The spirals in her bow will glow white along with the string, while harnessing moonlight she has an unlimited arrows until she stops channeling. Because of her outstanding beauty, she is very good at manipulating men and women alike. She can also use her hair as a barrier from magical attacks due to its purity. After sparing Nightwing, he became her partner in crime. He goes to fetch money whenever she needs any from her family. Nightwing can travel across the continent in less than a day's time, thus its very easy to request money.

Personality: Although she is filthy rich, she is very humble. She is dedicated to her mission, so much so that she has no time for love or any emotional connections, but she would definitely consider it after her mission is completed. She will let absolutely NO ONE touch her weapons, they were tailored for her, thus they are HERS. She can get cocky at times, especially during a drinking competition, she challenged Zukiro, one of the more famous drunks of the land, and lost by a sip. She is competitive when it comes to everything that doesn't concern necessities, hunting, running, drinking, etc. She is open to meeting new people everywhere she goes, but is very judgmental especially within the first minute of a conversation. She is also a hired assassin, but each contract must have a supportive claim to it, among the most common are revenge for killing a certain family member, depending on the rank, distance, and many other factors she determines a price. She is not cheap though, one contract took a week to complete, which required to kill a nobleman, only a 10 lb bag of gold could've paid for that one, it was one of her more messier endeavors, but she made sure that never happened again.

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