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Author Topic: Town of Silece (KingTyrant!)  (Read 41 times)

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Town of Silece (KingTyrant!)
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:46:39 PM »
Shyirin sits up rubbing his eyes. He opens them and looks around at the camp. They were surrounded by the grassy and spiky area of the coast line. Just a breeze and maybe a bird could be heard to break the silence.  It was pretty early in the morning and he has had a pretty restless night. Tossing and turning throughout the night for some reason or another. He was traveling with his friends, Leon and Neyan to a port town in Serendipity. Apparently it just went silent all of a sudden and they needed to find out why. There was also a good bit of money involved.

He gets up and stretches out his muscles, then packs up his blanket he slept on through the nights with. He wasn't that hungry this time so Shyirin stretches one more time before sitting back down waiting for the others to get up. He wasn't in a rush since they were just a few minutes from the town. Shyirin felt safer with them being a little ways off from the town. But still during the whole night he felt very very off. Hopefully it'll be just that night and it won't continue. Even he needed sleep when he could get some. Still feeling a bit uneasy he starts to do push ups and chin ups while waiting for the others.


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Re: Town of Silece (KingTyrant!)
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2017, 12:00:08 PM »
Leon woke up not long after Shyirin, though it was shocking, considering he hadn't slept very well on most nights. At least, whenever the moon was in clear sight. He'd give anything to be free of that damned moon. He sat up with a groan, his back and neck both equally aching. The sky hadn't even turned a full blue. I was a mix of blue and pink, clouds dotting the horizon stretching out towards the ocean. He looked over at the other lycan, raising a brow. "A bit early for a workout routine, isn't it?"

He looked over at Neyan, who still dozed peacefully under the shade of a tree. She wore her thin nightgown, which didn't seem to give much protection during what was a rather cool night. Leon guessed it was simply due to her Connlaothian blood. Being that far up north and very close to the tundra, they probably had an affinity for the cold. Still, it made him cringe. He usually just slept in his armor. Probably because with how heavy it was, and how many pieces it had put together, it was a pain getting in and out of.

He narrowed his eyes, getting the feeling that she wasn't getting up any time soon, and grabbed her bag with one hand. It was a rather heavy bag, too. He grunted, tossing it her way, the thing hitting her in the legs. She squealed, being forced from her slumber as she quickly scooted all the way back to where her back was pressed against a tree. She pouted at him. "That wasn't very nice..." She whined, rubbing her eyes. "Don't care. Get dressed so we can go, Medic." He growled.

Medic was the little name he had given her around the time of their first quest together, seeing as she mended a pretty nasty gash on his upper arm in little more than minutes. It was a Hell of a lot more effective than stitches and gauze, that was for sure. And seeing as they were travelling together now, and she was their healer, the name, 'Medic' just seemed appropriate. Standing, he walked to the edhe of the little hill they were resting on... Sure enough, the town was right there in view. It was on the water, the docks extending out rather far to make room for a number of fishing boats, and even larger boats for short-range transport.

He narrowed his eyes, noticing that none of the lights in the town seemed to be on. Not even the lanterns that dotted the streets. There were no guards patrolling, no fishermen up, getting ready for an early morning fishing trip... Nothing. It was dead. From here, the small buildings were nothing more than silhouettes, completely black as the sun began to rise.

Neyan walked up beside Leon, frowning at the sight. "Creepy..." She said, noticeably shuddering. Looking back at Shyirin, she blinked. "Do we have to...?" Before he could answer, Leon did it for him. "Yes. We do." He snarled. She winced. He looked back at the village, sniffing. Not even a faint human scent... What was going on here? "Could've fled from pirates." He guessed, looking back at Shyirin to hear what he had to say.

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Re: Town of Silece (KingTyrant!)
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2017, 07:33:33 PM »
“Couldn't sleep well. So it's never to early for this.” Shyirin smiles, replying to Leon and does one for push up before sitting down. He looks around enjoying the morning and watched as Leon woke up Neyan by tossing her bag hitting her legs. He had to stifle a laugh when she scooted up against the tree very quickly.

When the other two went to look out over the hill Shyirin stood up, grabbed his gloves and walked over to join them waving good morning to Neyan. The town was definitely a ghost town. No scent nor sound came from it. “I have to agree this is a very very creepy town Neyan.” He wasn't phased by Leon’s snarl towards Neyan but he felt it unnecessary still and patted Neyan’s shoulder a bit attempting to comfort her. There was very little hope of him ever changing so Shyirin just prefered not to start an argument. Shyirin looks closely concentrating on the small detail he could see, “If they were fleeing from pirates I don't think that the boats would be left like they are, and we would probably smell blood from a fight also.” He was all serious now, this whole place reeked of foul play.

“Something else could be going on here. I don't like it. The hair on the back of my neck was tingling the whole night.” Shyirin laughs slightly, “This is gonna be a great story I can tell!” He starts walking down the hill, “We aren't gonna get anywhere if we just sit up on this hill soaking the rays in.” He was very nervous, everything was telling him to turn back and get as far away from this town as possible. If someone knew what to look for they would be able to tell he was nervous by the way he would walk. It would change to being a bit more light and bouncy. It'll be probably be a five to ten minute walk to reach the town at the rate he was walking, slowly as if he was relaxed and at ease.

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Re: Town of Silece (KingTyrant!)
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2017, 01:06:47 PM »
Leon listened to what Shyirin had to say about his assessment, and to be honest, he was impressed. "Yeah... I can't smell any traces of people ever living here. Not even stale scent. It's like the whole population got sucked into a void, or something." He murmured, grabbing his shield, slipping his arm into the leather bands which tethered it to the metal. He had to say, it was nice having another lycan around... Someone who thought and felt a lot like him.

Still, they had their clear differences. While Leon was more concerned about what gold could come of investigating this ghost town, Shyirin seemed to just be pissing himself over the adventure, and all that other nonsense. For all they knew, there was an angry beast down there waiting for them, and this guy was treating it like a big walk in the park. It was slightly off-putting. Especially how he seemed to start off down the hill, almost leaving them in the dust.

Still, it didn't take too long for Neyan to catch up with him, walking side-by-side with her friend and giggling at his enthusiasm. Leon rolled his eyes, and soon caught up as well, walking at Shyirin's other side. "Packmate... Try to take it from a 10 to a 3, alright? Keep your guard up, so we don't end up stumbling right into a trap, or something." He advised, his voice stern. Similar to Neyan's, 'Medic,' Leon's nickname for Shyirin was, 'Packmate,' simply for the reason that he was the only other lycan he had somewhat befriended. They had their own little miniature pack, in a way.

Neyan frowned, looking over at him in confusion. "Why should we be so worried? You said it yourself, you didn't smell anything down there... Why can't we just investigate in peace, without having to worry and stuff?" She asked. Leon didn't look at her, keeping his eyes on the village ahead. "Anything can happen. There just might be nothing down there we have to worry about. But I'd rather play it safe and keep both of you alive and well, than take chances and put us all in jeopardy." He explained.

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Re: Town of Silece (KingTyrant!)
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2017, 06:41:52 PM »
(OOC: I literally just squealed with happiness when I read the Packmate part XD and my mom and twin looked at me like "wtf woman?" Also I imagined FFXV for some reason. Oh and I added a slight time skip if thats okay)

Shyirin looks as Neyan when she caught up and giggled. She was possibly the happiest person in the world. But still he jumped a bit when she caught up to him. Then Leon caught up, he didn't mind being called Packmate. It was nice and sort of comforted him a bit considering what he and Leon were. "Okay Leon." He sighs, "Sorry, I'm just very nervous about this place. Everything is telling me to turn back and get as far away from this place as I can."

Shyirin looks at the town getting closer and closer with every step,"I see where your coming from also Leon." He looks at Neyan and starts to add on the the explination a bit, "You know the term, "Never judge a book by it's cover?" It's a lot like that in this case and what Leon said. Thanks, bro." He thanks Leon for keeping him in line.

As the town moved in closer Shyirin noticed that this place has been like this for quite a while. Making him even more jumpy. A crow cawed making him jump back a bit with a little yelp, "Fuck..... fuck... fuck!" He growls a bit looking uneasy but alert and moving forward. "Crows.... even wrose." He looks at the other crows perching around all of them seemed to be watching the trio. Crows were never a good sign in his books.... of mysteriously silent towns on the coastline. Without a single sign nor scent of people living here. It was even more unnerving.