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Author Topic: Collide [M] [Draconian]  (Read 320 times)

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #20 on: September 13, 2017, 03:00:36 PM »
Yet again, this Mordecai gave him nothing but surprises!

Suddenly the tables were literally turned and Lec found himself hitting the bottom of the tub with a thud; at first he thought the man was going to grab an unseen knife or something and threaten to murder him right there, but he found himself pleasantly surprised when the other had situated himself in between Lectyr's legs, their chests pressed against each other, and he became keenly aware of the growing problem of both of their arousals.

He raised his eyebrows; Dylan had managed to successfully wipe the smirk off of his face for a brief moment, but now it came right back as he realized what the man was saying.

"Now see," He said, not struggling, and in fact helping the other get his shirt off, "I was just going to jerk you off and escape into the night but if you're feeling brave enough to plow me little boy you go right on ahead." He growled, taunting the man and just daring him to see if he was bluffing or not (which he was.) He was determined to win, and determined to call out this Mordecai and teach him a thing or two about people--things almost never go according to plan, especially when there are people, like Lectyr, involved.

Of course he felt even better once he was out of his shirt, the water droplets on his pecs and shoulders glinting in the sunlight; he was a bit of a tankier build than the Mordecai was, thicker muscles, but he was also fairly certain he might have been an inch or two shorter as well, not that Lectyr gave a damn.

Regardless of what the other man wanted Lec was pretty sure he'd be able to escape this encounter victorious, and he was damn well going to try. He glanced down to their groins, both of them now unable to hide anything, with Lec's pants so tight and Dylan's... Nowhere to be seen. He raised an eyebrow at him.

"So what's it gonna be?" He couldn't exactly get his pants off on his own in the cramped tub with the other right in between his legs, so right now it truly was Dylan's call.

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #21 on: September 13, 2017, 07:37:25 PM »

Dylan should have anticipated this. The shirt was off and the chest was bare and he growled low in his throat to the best of his human abilities. Which wasn't well. This was stupid. Terrible. How could shit get worse?

Slowly, Dylan moved to sit up back on his knees, ignoring the state of his body. His teeth ground together in his irritation and being caught on his bluff. He couldn't bring himself to forcefully use someone. Even in anger. Even as a power move. The idea of it made him sick and the bluff was called, which meant that doing it would be pointless.

Letting go of the man's hands, he sat back, breathing quick in his attempts to restrain himself from just drowning the son of a bitch. Fuck this guy. Goddammit. Swallowing, he glared, body on displace, hands on either side of the tub to squeeze it for something to do with his hands. "Get out," He panted, not bothering to hide the full blown erection that was very very obvious and quite on display.

"Just get out and that'll be it. You'll go free. I'll finish my bath. We carry on. You leave me alone - forever - or i'll throw you into fucking jail," Dylan tossed his head to get the hair off of his face, cheeks still rosy from arousal and anger, "So get. The fuck. Out of my house."

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #22 on: September 13, 2017, 09:20:46 PM »
Lectyr raised both eyebrows, tilting his head curiously at the man as he watched him sit up. Clearly he'd called the stranger's bullshit--oh, right. How could he forget? Everybody in Connlaoth thought they were all straight, even though it only took a quick glance to see that Murderface here wasn't.

Speaking of the view, Lec found himself distracted and mildly entranced with the view in front of him. Water droplets rolling down the Mordecai's toned torso to his hips and down further to a throbbing erection that was just begging for attention.

His green eyes flicked back up to the man's face, hazey and warm with his own arousal as he slowly sat up more in the tub, his hands ghosting along the other's thighs.

"You really think I can just turn around and leave when you're looking like this?" He asked, honestly but still with that same smirk. "Let's be real here Mordecai if I were to leave right now we'd both be sore losers and you'd still throw me in jail the next moment you see me even if I leave you alone, and besides--" He glanced down to the man's erection and then back up to his face, grinning. "I told you I was going to win."

With one hand on Dylan's hip to guide him and the other pushing against his abdomen he--as gently as he could, anyways--shoved him to sit on the edge of the tub, up at a slightly higher angle so that Lec could switch to perching on his knees with his head in between the other man's legs, tongue sliding up the Mordecai's shaft to the tip of his erection and then back down again, taking him into his mouth on the way until he'd sheathed him all the way to the hilt in one smooth movement.

Lectyr had never been one of those types to be selfish when it came to sex, and he didn't find pleasuring others to be any kind of bruise to his ego; he liked making other people feel good, though this was a little bit more than that--more of a way for him to win, and to terrorize this poor Mordecai who'd decided to stick his nose in the wrong person's business those few days ago.

One hand stayed on the redhead's thigh, giving it a soft and gentle squeeze while the other ventured to just below Dylan's shaft to fondle what he found there while he sucked him off, obviously determined to win by his own rules and not the other way around.

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #23 on: September 13, 2017, 09:37:08 PM »
It was a strange blend of feelings.

External and internal.

He sat back as was guided because it was either that or fall over, his hands were gripping the side of the tub and he squeezed it for dear life. "You're not going to win, you little fuck, what exactly do you ---aaah..." Dylan gasped at the sensation of someones fucking tongue on his dick. Sure as fuck no ladies have done that and holy fuck what the shit was this. Dylan's hand went from the side of the tub to fist into the runner's hair with every intention of ripping him up and off his dick but - "Holy Fuck," he panted.

Instead of pushing, he spread his legs a little and his head tipped back. Breath hot. His hand fisted harder in the hair though, "The fuck are you doing?" He gritted through his teeth, flushed and grumpy and angry and holy fuck why did that feel so good? This was a man! Another guy! Right there topless in the tub and he'd just practically swallowed his dick. That was a thing? Clearly that was a thing.

Dylan had never been the best at finding companion ship. Occasionally a high class expensive whore when he felt like he needed it but other than that buying himself a wife and heir wasn't working. Guys had never done it before. Surely he'd have known by now if men turned his cogs but ... "Oh my God," He panted, bending forward slightly, the fist in his Runner's hair loosening slightly and instead turning into an open hand on the back of his head. His other hand was white knuckled on the edge of the tub.

He made sure to drag his nails from the bottom of the other mans neck to the back of his head. A little bit of pain because every nerve ending was screaming with anger as surely as it was screaming with pleasure, "The fuck you trying to prove?" He panted, pleasure building up in his belly and threatening to turn violent, "This getting you off?"

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #24 on: September 13, 2017, 10:20:38 PM »
The other man's commentary alone was making this whole exchange priceless, as if it hadn't been beforehand. Lec didn't complain when the Mordecai's hand shot out and grabbed a rough fistful of his hair, though he let out a slight growl that vibrated against the man's dick as he took it all the way in again, laving his tongue along the underside and loving the slightly salty taste.

He looked up at him, watching the redhead's neck curve, adams apple bobbing slightly as he moaned and panted; Lec could feel his own erection throbbing, desperate for attention, but he was able to focus enough on the man before him to ignore it.

But gods was he pretty to look at during sex. He wondered what the Mordecai's face would have been like if Lec had spread his legs and taken him like he so desperately wanted to, or if he'd let it happen the other way around. Hey, Lec was never one to complain--he didn't let his ego get in the way of his fun, that was just silly.

He drew his gaze back down and closed his eyes, focusing on the sensations--the taste, the smell of the other man so rich before him, the feeling of every rise and bump of the veins along his throbbing length. He let the pressure between his tongue and the roof of his mouth work for him, sucking and squeezing while Dylan tried to comprehend what in the world was happening to him.

He briefly glanced up at the man's question, before looking back down again to the task at hand as he continued to grope and play. He slid his mouth off of the soldier's dick with a satisfying pop, blowing on it now with the sudden lack of heat surrounding it sure to send a shiver up the redhead's spine.

"Honestly? Yes." This was totally getting him off. "So no, I'm not really trying to prove anything--so just shut up and let yourself enjoy it." He said with a grin before he went back down on him, focusing more on the head of his length, swirling around it with his tongue and sucking directly on it while he slid the hand up that had been playing with Dylan's balls to instead grasp and gently stroke the remaining lower portion of his shaft.

Lec knew of course he wasn't going to orgasm like this, or that Dylan would return the favor; he was still enjoying it, though. Playing with another man, particularly one this fiesty, it wasn't something he got to enjoy every single day.

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #25 on: September 21, 2017, 05:32:43 PM »
It would be so easy to just let himself be in the moment. Let him use the person in front of him like an object. Come down his throat and push him away like he was a cheap prostitute. Which he should do. Dylan had his lower lip clamped between his teeth and he took deep steady breaths - this was insane. Normal people didn't just let people that piss them off give them blowjobs.

What if this guy bit off his dick? Obviously when he had a raging hard on, thinking ahead wasn't Dylan's best ability. Still, his hand rested on his runner's head and his fingers were pressed into his hair. It was a confusing time, his cock in another man's mouth. The scent of man and soap heavy in the room. Wet clothing. The sun was pouring in through the window and making the water droplets almost picturesque.

"Shut the fuck up," Dylan ground out, letting his head tip back after a moment before he moved both hands to the other mans head. If he wanted to be down there and getting used, then that was exactly what Dylan was going to do to him. "You want me to fuck you?" He hissed, digging his thumbs into his runner's jaw, right by the ear. No doubt it would be uncomfortable. Dylan took the lead then, using the mouth for his own pleasure. No caring about the noises or how uncomfortable it would be.

His grip was harsh and he grunted softly, not willing to let on exactly what was going on in the bathroom. "You want it down your throat or on your face?" Dylan hissed, finally pulling his hands away to go back to the tub, face flushed and with a mix of sweat and water on his torso. Maybe if he bruised the back of this guy's throat he'd never want to come by again. Maybe if Dylan made him feel like less than human he'd just go the fuck away. Get the picture. Or maybe, his runner would like it and come crawling back for more.

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #26 on: September 28, 2017, 07:34:23 PM »
It was hard to laugh with someone's dick in your mouth so Lec had to restrain himself to a snort of amusement when the Mordecai told him to shut the fuck up. He looked up then, as the other man started to move his hands and he asked him if he wanted to be fucked.

Before he could even answer, he felt a sharp pain in between his jaw and his ear that forced him to open his mouth even more as he let out a slight noise of discomfort before the man started mercilessly thrusting into him, using him like a whore and honestly?

Lec totally loved it.

Everything, even the pain, it just made him ache that much harder as he obediently took the man in, groaning as he held back his gag reflexes every time the Mordecai hit the back of his throat; the whole thing made him dizzy.

He was released from the man's grasp and he coughed, a string of saliva linking his tongue with the tip of the soldier's dick as he leaned back a bit, hands going back to the sides of the tub. Aw, poor guy, he really probably wasn't used to needing endurance, if this whole encounter told Lec anything about the guy's sex life--it was nonexistent.

He grinned at the question, wiping the spit away from his mouth as he looked up at the man with that challenging look in his eyes, the one Dylan hated so much. "You do whatever makes you feel better, Mordecai. And I told you before--if you wanna fuck me you go right on ahead, if you can that is."

As he spoke he put his hand next to the other's on the side of the tub, raising himself just out of the water enough to hover over Dylan, gripping his erection and holding it tight at the base so he couldn't come or lose any of the pleasure building up just yet as he leaned in and kissed him, biting at the man's lower lip in an attempt to get him to open up his mouth so he could slip his tongue in and taste him.

Lec was so fired up, the lust making his mind hazy--it was hard to be a good boy and not just spread this jerk's legs and take him. He wanted to. So fucking bad. But that'd be pushing it too far, even he would admit that. He wasn't here to permanently scar anyone for life, he was just here for a good time, and he was curious what he could get the Mordecai to do with the right poking and prodding. The sounds he made were so pretty and tantalizing, the look on his face absolutely priceless while he fought to keep his breath steady--Lec wanted to see more of it.

He hadn't anticipated loving this with this guy so much, loving the whole scene on display before him, the smells, the warmth of his skin under Lec's touch. If he could get this to last even an hour more he'd be happy, because he wasn't quite ready to stop playing with this guy, not just yet.

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Re: Collide [M] [Draconian]
« Reply #27 on: November 09, 2017, 10:59:07 PM »

No no no.

This was all wrong.

It was like a fog was being lifted from his eyes and Dylan panted heavily, rage and lust lingering in his chest because... Why? His hair clung to his face from either water or sweat - he couldn't tell. Well, the lust was from having some strange who absolutely infuriated him down there by his dick. Dylan couldn't believe this was happening. Anger made him do it right? Was that a thing?

His mismatched eyes went wide when the shitty mage shit gripped his dick and just held it and... Started to talk and Fuck. "What?" Dylan exhaled sharply, hands gripping the sides of the tub harder, unable to keep his hips from jerking back and forth impatiently. Angrily?

"Fuck, I don't give a shit what you do," He breathed, head tipping back while he breathed slowly and deeply through his mouth. He could feel his pulse in his dick and he wanted to just... What? Dylan looked at his weird tub companion, his reddish hair clinging to his face and neck, mouth open, lips bitten red. A flush to his cheeks. Calm.

Dylan closed his eyes and took slow calming breaths, hands unclinging from the side of the tub and moved to gently push through Lec's hair. Tongue between his teeth as an outlet instead of gripping the tub. "What are you after?" Dylans gentle grip turned harsh, fingers threading through the hair and tugging, "What exactly are you after, mage?" He hissed, clearly unable to keep his calm longer than a minute and a half. "Use your words."

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