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Author Topic: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees  (Read 260 times)

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Offline Draconian

Re: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees
« Reply #20 on: October 11, 2017, 11:37:07 PM »
It was criminal to be this comfortable against someone.

Bifrost hummed and snuggled in, eyes falling closed to the hair petting. It was a nice calm moment. Before the storm, as the saying was. "Just curious," He whispered, plucking at the fabric of Kirkley's shirt before he smirked and rolled himself onto the giant of a man. One leg on either side, resting slightly on his abdomen.  Bifrost looked down at Kirkley before pursing his lips and looking over his shoulder to the room.

A longer glance down at his ... Lover? Friend? Companion?

Still not really sure what to call Kirkley, Bifrost just smiled down at him and smoothed his hands over the other mans chest. He chewed on his lower like for a moment before he pushed his hair over his shoulder and leaned forward, hand on either side of Kirkley's head. Bifrost leaned down slowly before he pressed his lips to the bigger man's, tongue gliding along his lips before he pulled back.

"Okay. We go now, or we stay here another night and make really good use of the bed," His voice was low, he could feel it in his chest. Feel his heart and his breath and how warm being close to Kirkley made him feel. "The sooner we go, the sooner we get back," He whispered, pressing another kiss to Kirkley's lips, "Or, we relax another night in an actual bed before we go sleep on rocks." Bifrost pulled away and leaned back, keeping most of his weight off of the other mans abdomen.

"Choice is yours," He grinned widely before he stuck out his tongue.

Offline Cheesigator

Re: Being Together Under Troublesome Trees
« Reply #21 on: October 12, 2017, 12:04:55 AM »
Kirkley raised his eyebrows, running his fingertips across Bifrost's scalp and dipping down to tuck stray hairs behind his pretty, narrowly-tipped ears.

"Just curious, hm..?" He purred, before Bifrost moved to change positions and suddenly all of Kirkley's attention was focused in its entirety on the man currently straddling him.

His eyelids lowered until his companion's lips were pressed in full against his and he closed his eyes, hands coming up to tangle in the man's hair as he kissed him back, their tongues meeting and sending heated shivers down his spine.

Bifrost pulled back and Kirkley narrowed his eyes, smirking as he heard that unmistakable rumble in his thief's chest.

They could afford to stay another night.

"How could I ever say no to an offer from you when you're looking at me like that?" He murmured, kissing him again and using a hand in his hair to keep him close so he could look him in the eyes, something hazy glinting in his own. "Don't stick that tongue out at me unless if you plan to use it." He teased, letting one hand slide down Bifrost's chest, over his abdomen and down to shamelessly grope his crotch, that smirk of his turning into a wolfish grin that showed off those eerily sharp canines.

"I'd stay here with you forever if I could, Handsome." He leaned up enough to catch the skin of the thief's neck gently between his teeth, nipping and pressing soft kisses along his jawline down to his throat and the crook of his collarbone.

"I definitely wouldn't say no to getting the chance to taste you again.~"