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* War's A-brewin'!

There is a civil war brewing in Connlaoth! Check out its info page here and its plotting page here!
The SotE video game is accepting crafting item submissions right here!

Also, we have a Discord chat server! Check it out. 8D


Elekta Kount
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    Me characters!
    Josef Grinsbeard- The Dwarf Ranger//Ugdanak Badaxe- The Orc//Zaggit Nutcrusher - The Goblin//Otto Schiff - The Hangman//Volkhard Köstner -The Veteran//Gustav Wulff & Ace- The Houndmaster and the Hound// Foosfaruk Steelheart- The Free Minotaur//Karl von Braun-Administrator & Secretary 

     The Death Eagles!       
    (Credit to Games Workshop)
    Gerwen Jäger -Captain of the Death Eagles//Ostwin Jäger- Second-in-command of the Death Eagles//Walter Desch- Beast Wizard of the Death Eagles//Gammy Pickitt-Hoggs- Cook and Medic of the Death Eagles// Gorgitz Facethunker- Gorgitz Facethunker, Infiltrator Specialist of the Death Eagles//Thoth- Great Eagle of the Death Eagles