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Adela Castle / Re: Th' Same Ol' Scheme Ain' Th' Same Anymore.... [Blink]
« Last post by Marakai on Today at 02:53:49 PM »
He marvelled at the sight of the living stones and earth. Was this how she viewed the world?

It was surreal. And when she cut it off and moved away from him, he was almost disappointed. And then he saw it.

The treasury.

A light seemed to turn on in his eyes as he took in the sight before him. Mounds of coin, gold bars stacked on a table more than five feet high....jeweled statues, jeweled weapons, jewels on top of jewels on top of yet more jewels on top of mountains of gold.

He stared, dumbfounded. And then he turned to Jaela. This was only possible because of her.

"....I'm going to buy you...the biggest damn bottle of rum you have ever seen. And whatever else you want. For as long as I live, so help me." He didn't even have the presence of mind to break out the accent. He felt as if his mind and body were in two very different places.

"We...need to grab as much as we can carry....and get out of here."

Very, very slowly, those gears within his mind began to churn again. He grinned widely, and looked for a container to place their wealth in.

Stacked in the corner was a pile of burlap bags. He grabbed two, and moved toward Jaela.

Almost machine-like, he handed her one. "Let's get rich, bird."
Draconi Forest / Re: A Ranger's Matter(RogueWolf, Open)
« Last post by Elekta Kount on Today at 02:47:05 PM »
"Doesn't matter as much fer barries, it's mostly looking at its texture." The dwarf said as he began walking at the indicated direction. "Alright lady, smell is important fer tracking but it ain't da only thing ya relay on. Keep ya eyes peeled for any visuals;hood prints, feeces, and such, anything that indicates that a boar has been through."
Sirantil Valley / Re: The You Who Will Never Be (M)
« Last post by Elekta Kount on Today at 02:41:22 PM »
"OI!" Came a loud holler, it was from the orc in black, the goblin on its shoulder laughing like a manic to the rock the orc produced with each step. "Dis suppose ta be you!?"

The orc was holding a massive, one might add crude, great axe. But in the other he held in front of him a paper, upside down, scribbled upside down was the words "muffins".

Turns out he had held the wrong paper, the same paper he got right before that pesky courier literally slammed into him. After literally shaking the courier by his leg, Zaggit found a paper meant for some big shot mecnary, and the courier had skittishly explained what was it about.

Needless to say, the courier had him at the word fight.
Draconi Forest / Re: A Ranger's Matter(RogueWolf, Open)
« Last post by RogueWolf on Today at 02:40:44 PM »
"The scent is on the wind and the wind is coming from the north I think.  This way at anyways." He waved a hand in the given direction.  "I can even tell you it's probaly about half a mile away feeding on some berries right now."  He sniffed the air once, "No, not berries.  Some sort of over ripe fruit though.  Not sure what kind of plant that is but the odor is intense."  He wriggled his nose trying to get the scent clear before turning to Joseph.

"I'll let you lead the way as I want to watch and learn."

Kilanthro Mountains / Re: The Path to Power [Blink!]
« Last post by Marakai on Today at 02:37:57 PM »
The ancient dragon could hear, from down the hall, the soft footfalls of a light person making their way toward him, hear the very parting of the air as small feet took their steps. He noted the sudden pause, just outside the door, and ascertained that the other had noticed his presence. The silence was palpable, but still imperfect - he could hear a second heartbeat, different from his own, small, strong. He also scented this other.

Female. Dragon. Young.

When she spoke, he closed his eyes, and she might notice the sudden lack of light as that hellish shine winked out. He listened to her words, and lifted his hands away from the book.

Slowly he stood, and turned around to see her. He towered over her by nearly a foot, he noted, opening his eyes and again releasing that hellish glow, bathing the smaller girl in crimson light. He took in her features, small, thin and slight, long white hair. Crimson eyes like his, but lacking the glow that marked a dragon's true strength.

"Hmm," was all he said at first, seemingly ignoring her question. Slowly, he dragged his hands out of his wide sleeves, and crossed his arms over his chest.

He stared down at her, his expression bored and jaded, unblinking and faraway despite the fact that they'd locked eyes. After a moment, he allowed the glow of his eyes to fade away.

And then he spoke, his voice a sonorous tenor.

"I am of Trin. You are of the Black-Hearths. I apologize for my intrusion. I'll be out of your way when I am finished with your library."

With that, he turned away, brushing her off as he looked over the books again."
Sirantil Valley / Re: Selfish Intentions [M]
« Last post by Draconian on Today at 02:33:55 PM »

Sunniva wasnt sure if this was better or worse that he knew these people. Worse. Probably. At the mention of her she turned her head away and ducked it down, flushing. Angry. Still, she turned her body and kept her expression neutral.

This is what she got for her selfish intentions. Her hands smoothed over her tummy and she pressed her plams to her abdomen. A shiver ran through her and she tilted her head up, "I am only seeking to better the country. If that involves escorting this man through a false redeption so be it. Its proving to be most troublesome."
Adela Castle / Re: Th' Same Ol' Scheme Ain' Th' Same Anymore.... [Blink]
« Last post by Blink on Today at 02:29:11 PM »
His instructions were clear and to the point making it easy for Jaela to follow. With each pin, she moved and gear she spun it seemed they had to move onto another portion of the lock, unhinging it bit by bit. It took longer than she had wanted but eventually, the last pin was put into place and she could hear the subtle click of the door unlocking.

Just as Itachi had instructed Jaela did not move her palm from the door but stepped forwards as it opened, pushing the door carefully into place. As soon as she was sure it would not reset she slowly removed her hand, cutting off any vision inside of it that Itachi could see. However, with this mark, Itachi would see the world as Jaela did, and now that she was not concentrating on the door a few more things came to light.

The stone walls surrounding the room all seemed to be pulsating in some way as if they breathed just as any mortal. The floors moved the same, a living thing ready to bend at her will. This was what the world was like through her eyes when she focused, and if she touched it... she could see so much more. Literally, every construct was something she could move if she desired and all it would take was a little focus.

When she blinked Jaela's vision cleared and everything appeared normal once more. She had turned it off inside her head, the ability to see life in the earth placed in its rightful spot at the back of her mind. If Itachi were still touching her arm at this point all he would see is the same.

"I know I'm pretty amazing" she giggled, skipping ahead further into the room.
Connlaoth / Zhang Shin
« Last post by Valtxr on Today at 02:27:48 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Zhang Shin
Age 30
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Niahian (from a small village in the Niahi Woods, near the coast)
Height 5'8"
Occupation Freelance muscle/mercenary/enforcer/bounty hunter
Residence Anywhere between the Niahi Woods and Reajh

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Olive skin. Jet black hair, short on top and close cut on the sides and bottom. Dark brown eyes. Athletic build, thanks to his occupation. Handsome face.

Attire: Expensive, white silk shirt with buttons. Personally tailored gray vest and gloves. Leather jacket with a small, white fur collar. Dark pants. Boots. Belt. Bracers.

Calm, confident, level-headed, meticulous. Oftentimes succinct in speech, unless he is comfortable with the person he is talking to. Opportunist. Takes pride in the toned appearance of his body, particularly his abs. Has a liking and weakness for buying and wearing expensive clothes. Obsessively keeps his hair groomed.
Secretly prays for forgiveness after every kill in his line of work.
Holds a deep and persistent fear that life has made him into something he is not.

Ambidextrous. Good shot.
Typically armed with a short sword and a wheellock pistol.



__________________THREAD TRACKER
Current Threads
The You Who Will Never Be

Complete Threads
Sirantil Valley / Re: The You Who Will Never Be (M)
« Last post by Valtxr on Today at 02:26:21 PM »
   The payout was good. The job simple. Track and observe.
   Zhang Shin had followed the mark ever since she left Reajh. Stayed close, but not too close. Just watched from afar. Waited, perhaps, for an opportunity to arise. To get close. Mingle in. Gain her trust.
   Sharon Gordon was her name. And the Contact wanted him to keep an eye on her.

   Zhang had woken up before the sun had risen. Staked out The Overlook from far below until, at first light, he saw Sharon descending the path down sheer hillside. She had a burlap bag slung over her shoulder.
   Someone was up early. And heading out somewhere.
   Zhang followed her covertly. Out from Twin Rivers. Off the road and along the Mystral River until she came to a small, abandoned shack. Sharon set the bag down in a bush, making sure it was hidden. And she walked up to the shack. Stopped to listen. Glanced around. Zhang carefully edged back around the thick tree he was observing from.
   And she entered.
   After some time, she came back out. Dragging a woman's body.
   Zhang's eyes narrowed slightly. Unexpected. He thought of his own sins. His own transgressions against the innocent. The price he himself would have to pay. One day.
   Sharon discarded the body in the river. Stripped naked. Sat down by the edge of the water and waited for some time.
   Zhang watched quietly as she washed the woman's blood from her skin. Watched her get dressed again. Set off back in the direction she had come. Toward Zhang.
   He crouched down behind the tree. Held his breath. Stayed perfectly still.
   And Sharon passed by. Not even fifteen feet from him. Oblivious to his presence.
   When she was out of sight, Zhang stood up. Walked back up to the nearby road and made his way back to Twin Rivers.

* * * * *

   The still quiet of the morning (when it wasn't occasionally interrupted by some short, bald bard making the rounds about the inn) soon gave way to the loud stomping and clanking below the deck. Clearly, that was no vacationing noble. Sharon stood up from her seat and took a few steps forward to the railing of the deck and looked down.
   The deck was positioned such that it was on the very edge of the cliff-like drop down to the rest of the town. A good vantage point to see the winding path that led up to The Overlook. And what Sharon saw made her scowl and cringe. There was no way. No way those filthy green things were coming up here. No way they'd be allowed—and they just entered the inn. Seemed to be causing a ruckus with their mere presence, presumably in the bar next to the lobby. Goddamn it.
   Sharon turned her head slowly. Glared back at Jorge.
   "You cannot be serious."
   Jorge almost laughed out loud. A stifled noise in his throat as he held it back. "What's the matter, love? You wanna pick a fight with a big-time underboss, right? Gonna need all the help we can get."
   "I swear to god, Jorge."
   "You ain't ever seen an orc before or somethin'? You really need to get outta Connlaoth more."
   Pure exasperation from Sharon. "I swear to fucking god, Jorge."
   "Well, if you don't like the orc, maybe you'll like him."
   "Him. Guy right behind ya."
   Sharon twisted her body and turned her head a little more. Then her eyes snapped wide open when she saw the dark, one-armed man approaching them. On a reflex, she yelped in surprise and spun around and drew her main pistol and pointed it at him.
   "Easy, Sharon, easy. He's one of the guys here for the job. Name's Black Skull. Just Black Skull, if you were wonderin', love."
   Sharon breathed a sigh of relief and holstered her gun. This man, Black Skull, seemed to get right to the point, asking her directly who she was after. "We'll talk. In a moment. Just...knock or say hello or something next time, would you?"
   Then, finally, a face Sharon was glad to see. The door to the deck swung open, and out came Gabe. A veteran of the battle at Cerenis. One of the small number of people Sharon felt she could trust.
   She returned the smile. "Gabe! Good to see you again. I was a little worried the courier might not find you in time. How have you been?"
Kilanthro Mountains / Re: The Path to Power [Blink!]
« Last post by Blink on Today at 02:17:31 PM »
It had been a few months since she last checked in on it, the citadel where she grew up. Jaela was supposed to be there watching it and already Kaida was imagining what she was doing to pass the time. Since Emelia's decline and Aeizith's desertion it was just Kaida, the lone sibling left to restore what was left behind. She still wasn't quite sure how she was going to do it, but one day everything would be as it should be again.

But all good things came with time and Kaida had plenty of it. She was patient, she knew that things wouldn't get better overnight. She knew that it was going to take a lot of hard work and careful tactics to get things back where they should be.

The citadel came into view between the clouds and Kaida soared downwards, flapping her wings as she prepared for a landing. As usual just before her claws would touch the ground she transformed, small red shoes now planted gracefully on the marble landing. Her eyes scanned the area as nastalgia set in. It still looked the same, except there was a thin layer of dirt covering most everything. However, it would probably never feel the same as it once did.

Despite that this was still home and Kaida would treat it as such. Striding towards the door she pushed one open and slipped inside, not even taking notice to how it was already partially pushed open. Kaida assumed it was just Jaela being careless and that she would probably find her in the throne room sprawled out over Emelia's seat.

As she walked down the halls her eyes flicked towards the many paintings lining the walls, most of them adorning Emelia's face in one way or another. But there was still the one, the largest of all the tapestries hung in the opening hallway. All five of them were in it, Kaida sitting gracefully in her eldest sister's lap while her brother Electi rested a hand on her shoulder. Every time she laid eyes on the portrait it stirred memories within her that would take days to shake.

Standing in front of the picture with arms crossed Kaida took it in for all it was worth... until she heard it. It was the sound of a page turning in the library down the hall. Normally something so insignificant wouldn't even make her bat an eye but there was one problem here, Jaela didn't read books.

Cautiously she moved towards the library before coming upon the door left ajar. Wrapping her fingers around the door frame she peeked her head in to see a man sitting at one of the tables reading from one of the many books in their collection. He was a man she had never seen before so therefore he was an intruder.

Stepping back into the hallway Kaida weighed her options on what she could do. Of course she didn't want to attack, at least not within the citadel and most importantly not in the library. There were too many important things in there that could easily be ruined in the face of battle.

With a deep breath she pushed herself off the wall and stepped into the room, her hands held behind her back as she strolled up to the man hesitantly.

"You know it's rude to not only enter a house that does not belong to you, but to also go through their things." Kaida then noted the pile of books thrown on the floor. "Not to mention making a mess of such valuable things... Who in the hell do you think you are?"
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