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Author Topic: Gemini Crickets [M]  (Read 3570 times)

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Re: Gemini Crickets [M]
« Reply #240 on: April 12, 2017, 02:06:24 PM »
Krah growled, delighted int he roughness of her actions. He moved to pull their bodies close, hips aligning as he growled and raked fingers up her back. And he didn't ask for permission, he simply shoved his dick so far and deep inside her sex he nearly came,a nd was fast, like an animal to move up within her, pinning her hips against his body as he moved with need.

"Gods be damned," he growled and moved to bite and suck at her neck.
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Re: Gemini Crickets [M]
« Reply #241 on: May 16, 2017, 09:52:54 AM »
((OoC: I'm going to fast forward from this, because I feel like they'd just be stuck in bed indefinitely hahaha))

Despite her best attempts to stay awake after their final round of fucking, Cass had allowed herself to succumb to sleep. As expected of sleep in another realm, her dreams were filled with the strange and the bizarre. But strangest of all was that Krah made consistent appearances in her dreams, making a fairly reliable dream companion. She found them traveling on their way to retrieve that stupid silver ring of Ajax, crossing odd lands far and wide across the kingdom. A journey that could have lasted days, weeks, months, or years... It was difficult. At some points, it felt as if they were skipping through it in fast-forward, while others seemed to drag on with monotonous certainty.

It wasn't until they reached the end of the road... Well, more like the end of the world... That she began to feel a dark seed of doubt growing in her belly. They approached a long stretch of black sanded beach, scattered with the bones and the ashes of fallen creatures and people. From a distance she could spot a stranded ship of megolithic proportions, and as they neared it she could spot barnacles, kelp, and algae coating its hull... Evidence of its historic abandonment. Sea creatures, seemingly suspended in air, swam around its carcass as they would if it had drifted to the bottom of the ocean.

Sluggishly looking to her side for Krah, her heart clenched and the feeling of dread bottomed out as she looked in panic all around for him. Somehow she had made it across the sands without him, and he still stood on the edge of the sands while she had approached the ship. When she whipped her head back around to look at the ship she saw him. The terrible figure of a man, watching, waiting, anticipating her arrival, cracking his knuckles...

Cass woke up with a start, sitting up quickly in the bed and dislodging Krah as she did. Grabbing for her weapons, she untangled herself from the sheets and Krah to stand up. A cracking sound... Heart skipping, Cass swung towards the sound to find herself facing a young human woman, who she assumed was a slave collected in the exchange of a changeling child. The young woman looked between Cass and Krah curiously.

Before she could ask any questions, the woman spoke, "My mistress has sent me to retrieve you and the mordecai." Cass watched the girl's eyes raking over Krah's body in curiosity as if dissecting him from some scientific venture. Tearing her eyes away, the young woman stepped forward and placed two sets of clothes on one of the tables. "She said that you would need new clothes after last night... Oh! And some refreshments..." The girl gave out a whistle and two more human slaves entered carrying trays of food and drink. "She said to tell you that they will not tie you nor the man to this world, so not to fear. Once you have washed, dressed, and eaten, I shall bring you to her. I shall wait outside your door."

Once they had left, Cass toed through the piles of clothes they had scattered about the ground the night before... They were definitely not in the best shape. Looking through the new clothes brought to them, she begrudgingly felt some level of gratefulness for their simplicity.

Grabbing up the jug, she poured herself some of the golden liquid and began swigging from it as she took a damp washcloth and began to clean herself from the night's pleasures.