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Author Topic: Ogive Valley / Thaumite  (Read 263 times)

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Ogive Valley / Thaumite
« on: May 21, 2017, 01:14:57 PM »
There's no template for locations/items, so I'm gonna wing it!


Spoiler: show

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Hardness: 7.5
Refractive Index: 1.64–1.70
Specific Gravity: 3.17 (+/- .04)
Cleavage: Imperfect
Luster: Vitreous
Optical Properties: Color Change

Despite it's name, thaumite is not magical- it's entirely mundane. When in the presence of magical energy however, the stone changes from pale blue to neon green. This unique reaction is caused by the stones chemical properties- thaumite refracts magical light differently than it does incandescent and iridescent light. As many spells create some amount of light as a byproduct, thaumite has become popular among wealthy citizens in Connlaoth as a means of security.

Quote from: Some Guy
"According to legend, thaumite was sent from the heavens by an angel of purity. It is said that this stone brings inner peace to people who were born on days ending in the letter "Y".
Spoiler: show
Nobody ever actually said this, it's just a marketing scheme.

Much like emeralds, inclusions are exceedingly common in thaumite- most pieces dug out of the ground are opaque. Translucent stones are what sell, as light must be able to pass through the stone in order for the color change to occur. Prices are therefore determined by the overall clarity of the stone. A 3mm piece of thaumite with multiple, visible inclusions will sell for less than a piece of the same size with a single, minute inclusion. A high quality, inclusion-free piece of thaumite is worth a small fortune, and can only be afforded by the richest noblemen.

Ogive Valley

Location: Nestled in between the Kilanthro Mountains and a large, constantly expanding Glacier
Spoiler: show

The second largest permanent settlement in the Sionad Tundra, Ogive Valley is a booming mining town. People from all backgrounds and cultures imaginable have made the journey to the village in order to seek their fortune in the thaumite mines. A group of bandits calling themselves "Frostbite" have recently made their home in the mountains overlooking the town, and tensions have been growing very high as of late...

Ogive valley is as cutthroat as towns come. While it's not total anarchy like Zantaric is, the laws are selectively enforced- only when the sheriff's personal mining operation is threatened will the townsfolk ever see "justice" take place. Most of the townsfolk have adopted a policy of "help only yourself", and this selfish attitude has led to many feuds and rivalries between residents. "Mining accidents" aren't uncommon.

Newcomers to Ogive Valley are often taken advantage of by the older residents, which only serves to perpetuate the town's self-serving culture. The town has gotten so dangerous that many of the smarter miners have hired mercenaries to protect them. The sheriff himself is only respected because he has more mercenaries than anybody else in Ogive Valley- he is otherwise despised by the residents for being openly corrupt.

While the majority of the miners are mages who've escaped from Connlaoth, Ogive Valley has attracted people from all over Le'raana. The town has a population of just over two hundred, but it's been on a steady upswing as more stories of people getting rich off the mine have spread.

As there is very little lumber available, many of the permanent buildings in Ogive Vally are built out of ice that has been cut out of the neighboring glacier. Tents made from animal skins are also common

Neither of the two inns ever have vacancies, and the majority of the townsfolk will not let strangers into their homes- travelers must bring a tent with them, or they will freeze to death.

A recent discovery, thaumite has only been on the market for about a decade. It was discovered when an exiled Connlaothian noble tried to flee to Hyoite after he was outed as a mage, only for his caravan to get lost and end up on the northwestern end of the tundra. There was a vein of thaumite exposed to the open elements there, and it's color changing properties wowed the entire caravan. After they managed to regain their sense of direction and make their way to Hyoite, the nobleman decided to return to where he had found the stone with a group of miners- and so Ogive Valley was born.

In the last two years a bandit group called "Frostbite" has begun raiding the town and plundering the rough thaumite from the mine. The residents haven't taken kindly to this, and the most recent bandit raid turned into an outright war between the Frostbite and the sheriff's mercenaries. While most residents of Ogive Valley fear and despise Frostbite, a small number have joined the bandits after becoming disillusioned with their own mining prospects.


Tell me if there's anything else I should add to this submission! If it gets approved then I'll create a profile for the sheriff and make Frostbite into a guild.

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Re: Ogive Valley / Thaumite
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2017, 10:51:17 AM »
This looks amazing. o__o Consider it canon!

*slaps on stamp of approval!*
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