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Author Topic: On Top of Da Floatin', Burny Rok(Open)  (Read 112 times)

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On Top of Da Floatin', Burny Rok(Open)
« on: May 24, 2017, 11:53:17 PM »
Upon the beautiful sandy beaches of the main Ypreiq island laid an ugly green monster known, as an orc, clad in black "armor" that was lying face first where the shores of the island and the water meet.

It's black helmet was besides it, he had no apparent weapons any where near him. The only other thing of not was a goblin lying faced up.

Didn't take long for the orc, known as Ugdanak Badaxe, to wake up. His head came out of the sand and instead was now facing foward, still in a prone position. His eyes were still adjusting to the bright light, but when it did, he pushed himself up.

"Wot 'appened?" the orc said to himself as he looked around.

What did happen?

"Ya gitz, c'mere so Iz kan stomp yaz." the massive orc yelled at the top of his lungs as he slammed aside another sailor to the side while the goblin on his shoulder laughed manically as it traded fire with the other sailors.

They were on a boat for some reason, a reason that escaped both of them, but they had some really angry 'umiez to deal with.

While Ugdanak was busy beating on the sailor, the Goblin, named Zaggit, thought it was a good idea to light his next arrow on fire and fire it...stright into some gunpowder.

Needless to say, it had some explosive results.

The boat exploded, and the last thing the both of them remeber was jumping into the ocean...

*End Flashback*

"oooooh, so dat'z wot 'appen." The orc said to himself, at this point he was sitting up in the water, his head resting on his chin as he was in deep thought about, nothing really.

It was then he remebered he had a goblin companion, as he took a minute to look around before spotting Zaggit.

Zaggit seemed unconscious, so Ugdanak decided to punch him in the stomping, causing the goblin to squirt out water like a fountain.

The goblin then began coughing violently, before slowly opening his eye. "Oi, w'o put da light dere?" Zaggit then sat up and felt somthing on the back of his head. He felt that back of his head, and realized: he had a starfish attached to the back of his head.

As Zaggit began trying to violently remove the starfish, Ugdanak got up and began looking around. This land certainly did not look like any sort of land he had ever seen...

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Re: On Top of Da Floatin', Burny Rok(Open)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2017, 08:25:42 PM »
Kanoriq squatted down bedside the two green things, she had never seen things like this before but judging by their clothes they appeared at least somewhat intelligent. The bones had told her that she would meet someone interesting today, looks like they were right.
Kanoriq coughed lightly to get the two green things attention and concentrated, trying to remember the lessons in common she had received when she was young.
"Um, 'ello, um, arr yuh ohkay?" She spoke slowly, the words commuting with difficulty. "I ahm Kanoriq, ooh arr yuh?"

Kanoriq subconsciously moved her hand towards the hilt of her axe, suddenly realizing how much danger she was in, she had no experience in fighting, even unarmed the big one looked like he could crush her. Her wings started to spread out, making her look big.