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Author Topic: Ophelia  (Read 122 times)

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« on: June 19, 2017, 02:46:54 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Ophelia (born Aaron Clearwater)
Age 23
Gender Male (very difficult to tell)
Species Human
Ethnicity Connlaothian
Height 5'4"
Occupation Working "girl" / Slave and informant to Elliot Isaac Laython
Residence Reajh

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Wavy red hair down past his shoulders. Very fair skin. Left eye is light gray, right eye is a darker gray. Soft, round face. Small patch of freckles on his nose and cheeks, just under his eyes. Very slight build, akin to a wispy teenage girl. Soft skin, small and effeminate hands and feet.

Attire: Silky, thin dresses of various colors while on the job. Normal Connlaothian women's attire (including pants, much to his chagrin) while traveling or outside.

Always eager to please. Seeks the approval, attention, and acceptance of others, despite some shyness around strangers. Talkative and flirtatious around people he's comfortable with. Submissive. Gullible. Easy to scare. Very "hands-on", and will often touch and rub others while holding a conversation with him or her.


Elliot Isaac Laython - Master / Owner of the brothel he works at in Reajh
Jorge Vrouge - Favored client
Cherno "Ogre" Korchagin - Former client, until Cherno wasn't drunk one night. Assisted him previously on a few odd jobs.
Garund Johanson - The priest who abducted and sold Ophelia into the sex trade
Mr. And Mrs. Clearwater - His parents. Deceased.

   Born Aaron Clearwater, Ophelia's parents had no idea what to make of him. Due to the confusing and unclear makeup of his genitalia, it was very difficult to tell if he was a boy or girl. But, given the laws of Connlaoth and the attitudes of most Connlaothians, they decided that they would raise him as a boy; at least this way, if Aaron was found to be crossdressing, the punishment would be less severe, and there'd be almost zero chance he'd be executed.
   As time passed, it seemed like they had chosen incorrectly. The Clearwaters noticed that Aaron played more with the girls of their hometown than the boys, and that he had more of an interest in traditionally female occupations than the more masculine pursuits of being a soldier, farmer, or leader. With the other parents of the small town growing increasingly wary of Aaron, the Clearwaters decided to move to another small town in Western Connlaoth, Twin Rivers, and start over.
   Aaron became Ophelia in Twin Rivers, and the Clearwaters raised him as a girl this time. The Clearwaters, despite doing what they felt at an instinctual level was best for their child, nevertheless felt guilty for keeping Ophelia a secret from the Church. By the time Ophelia was sixteen, his parents had become wracked with guilt and worried endlessly about the wages of sin for not only their child, but for themselves.
   So they decided to consult the local priest, Garund Johanson, in Twin Rivers. And it was the last mistake they ever made.

   The priest turned out to be corrupt. Part of a sex trafficking ring. And once he heard about Ophelia's condition from the Clearwaters, he recalled several buyers--with clients of particular predilections and desires--that would be very interested in acquiring him. So Garund arranged a hit. Made it look like a murder-suicide. Pinned the blame on Mr. Clearwater. Sometimes a man just loses his mind. Kills his wife and then himself.
   Garund's hired thugs abducted Ophelia. Sold him into the black market slave trade in Reajh to the highest bidder: Elliot Laython.

   Despite the sorrow and trauma of losing his parents and his freedom, Ophelia actually found that he enjoyed working in Laython's brothels. And as he became more aware of the general attitude in Connlaoth toward the sin of "impersonating" the opposite sex, he accepted the fact that--so long as he remained in Connaloth--this was the safest way for him to live.
   Still, a conflict. Though Ophelia warmed quickly to working as a prostitute, he knew that many other innocent girls and boys wouldn't and didn't feel the same. Despite enjoying his lot in life, Ophelia nonetheless awaits the opportunity to get his revenge on Garund, and, at the very least, take out a small part of the illegal sex trade. A tiny but meaningful contribution to bettering the world.

Additional Information
   Ophelia is a 45,X/46,XY mosaic male, wherein some cells of his body have a makeup of 45X monochromosome and others have a 46XY chromosome pair--hence the heterochromia in his eyes. He has Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis, resulting in a small, undescended testis on his right and a "streak" gonad on his left; as such, he very much prefers non-vaginal intercourse. This abnormality could be corrected with the appropriate application of healing magic. He also shows some symptoms of Klinefelter's syndrome: bilateral gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue, to B-cup size), weak muscles and bones, broad hips, and a docile and sensitive personality.

   Naturally, these terms and the exact nature of his condition are not known or understood by him, outside of what can be directly observed; e.g. his breasts, his eyes, etc.

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