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Author Topic: Crafting Yeah!! (give me items!!)  (Read 9233 times)

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Offline SethYuikora

Re: Crafting Yeah!! (give me items!!)
« Reply #40 on: October 18, 2017, 02:48:50 PM »
Living Carving

Used to craft objects with small traces of life energy (sort of a gateway object that opens possibility to craft "Living Trinkets" or "Living Staves" or something to that effect)

You need to collect some living wood, of course.  1 Living Branch and some other arbitrary item like Topaz can make 4 Living Carvings maybe?

Perhaps wood-based monsters or Fae can drop them in battle, or have the player able to chop wood with a possibility of encountering some none-too-happy Ents in the process?

Literally just thinking it up on the spot.

Once you get the Living Carvings you can use them as crafting materials for better stuff, maybe you can add them to items like socketables or use them as consumables for a buff that regenerates HP over time.  (The latter would probably be for the best, as I know how limiting RPG Maker can be).