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Author Topic: Through a Glass Darkly [M]  (Read 1058 times)

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Offline Lion

Re: Through a Glass Darkly [M]
« Reply #100 on: April 13, 2018, 12:53:53 AM »
Mercuxio’s breath hitched at her responses, the little breaths she made, where she panted and arched her back into his touch. He didn’t know if it was just the alcohol talking or if the sped up heart beat in his chest was because he wanted her. He let out a low slow breath, shuddering and releasing a soft moan as he settled between her legs, her skin so soft and untouched. He was still on his hands and knees, holding himself above her with one and letting the free hand rove her body.  A thumb brushed over her nipple, feeling the bump of hardened tips, and flushed state of her pale skin.

“Did you?” Stupid. Don’t parrot the questions back to her, he chided himself.  “Fucking hell.  Aveline.” He panted hotly against her lips as she took his hand and pressed it down her body, down to that spot he’d favored before with a few fingers. Rubbing at her again, he focused his hand slowly letting her twitch and moan to the little motions of his fingers on her body.

“Yeah,” he panted. His lips pursed to kiss at hers and he tugged on her bottom lip, pulling it with his and sliding his tongue inside her mouth again. “We can make love.  This…is supposed to feel good. If something is uncomfortable, then I can adjust so that it feels wonderful. God… Aveline…you’re so hot.”

He pulled his hand away with some reluctance. Fuck he watch her face and listen to her mewl forever, but the little whines would wait a bit as he settled more between her legs and brushed his tip against her entrance.

“I slip inside you. Into your heat…And our bodies become one,” he explained gently, moaning against her mouth, and kissing down her neck, and pressing himself against her, so that that heat slicked him up and made entry all that much easier.
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Re: Through a Glass Darkly [M]
« Reply #101 on: April 14, 2018, 11:12:38 PM »
Everything was nice and good feeling, she writhed against his hand, her breath was hot against her lips and when he kissed her she moaned into his mouth. Her fingers pressing through his hair and moving down to squeeze at his shoulders, arching towards his hand between her legs, more than happy to accept more of those careful touches.

Aveline shifted her hips slightly and blinked up at Mercuxio, waiting and patient and tense and so ready.  Eager and waiting and wriggling for it. Aveline chewed on her lower lip, body shivering slightly and there was a tense feeling in her belly when she finally watched Mercuxio crawl up between her legs. It wasn't shame it was just... Unfamiliar and what if she did this wrong?

Turning her head slightly, the tingles and sweet feelings didn't go away, but they were backseat to the strange unfamiliar fullness. Aveline shifted her hips and bent her legs to rest her feet near Mercuxio's thighs, cradling him between her own.

"That's it?" She whispered, opening an eye to peek at him through her lashes. The stories were all about how much everything hurt. The shame of feeling pleasure from it and... Aveline let her eyes drift closed and she rolled her hips ever so slightly. "I was expecting this to be much worse," she said voice soft, moving her hands from his shoulders to the front, slipping her arms under his to gentle drag her fingertips down his back.

"I like you being so close," She whispered, shifting her hips again and enjoying the closeness of this strange man that was now her husband more than the tingling of pleasure just out of reach. "Can we do this every night? A nice intimate kind of hug before we sleep?" Aveline's eyes closed briefly and she smiled up at him, shifting again because she knew there was something else that was supposed to be there besides feeling content. "Is this it? This is nice."