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Author Topic: Rory's Journal  (Read 95 times)

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Offline Elrond

Rory's Journal
« on: August 02, 2017, 09:47:18 AM »
First Entry:

They all start to look at him the same way I do. They see he's just bat-shit crazy. They know he talks to mother. He knows she's not alive. But what can they say? "Hey Mr. All-Powerful-President you need he--wait what is that what are you doing okay very good just summon a skeleton army right here, I guess." Daddy issues, I know, and writing about it in a journal? All I know is that this won't last long, and I'm going to find my hands full with responsibilities that are better suited for someone else.

Take Cailan for example. He lives for this shit. Kia knows what really goes on in his head. He is kind and generous, but ruthless when it comes to power. He looks like a leader, he speaks like a leader, and he acts like a leader. The kid would do well in father's shoes. And he just might.

Father wants a council where each of the noble houses has an equal vote, while Cailan wants to outright be king of Serendipity and probably fucking Connlaoth and Adela while he's at it. All the good will and levels of sanity can only last for so long, but they're a boiling pot right now that will soon steam over if something doesn't change.