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Author Topic: The Plasteon  (Read 68 times)

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The Plasteon
« on: February 14, 2018, 07:40:57 AM »

Species Overview
The Plasteon have been around since the ancient Fae first learned how to do magic. They are borne of stones, given life from the very make of the Earth. Diversity is actually majorly based on what their geological lineage is, so they aren’t the most diverse people.

Location: sole wanderers, but the main kingdom is in the Niahi Woods

The Plasteon live in a matriarchal monarchy. They live in a secluded kingdom, simply known as the Garden. The matriarch goes by Mason given name. She is in charge of overseeing everything that occurs in the Garden, as well as making sure the source of their life lives one. Her role is typically thought of as more of a priestess than a queen by most outsiders, but her people see her as their supreme leader.

Hypothetically, these people could be thought of as immortal. Their lifespan is that of an average human. When they die, the Plasteon return to the unanimated stone form from which they were born, but they can be given life again. In the thousands of years of their existence, the matriarch has only changed four times.

The Plasteon have any job that you can think of. Their society runs very similarly to human society. The most important jobs are priests and guards, who serve to protect the Blue Flame.

These people appear to be living statues, as that’s pretty much what they are. Their individual coloring and basic patterns depends on what stone they were originally built from. Their hair is surprisingly soft, though not exactly capable of blowing in the wind. Their eyes aren’t usually colored, unless they decide to paint them.

Males are typically about 5’11” to 6’7” tall, and they are built quite broadly. Women are typically about 5’5” to 5’10” tall, and they are built with beautiful curves.

Common Traits
Every Plasteon has a unique design on them. When they are built, the matriarch oversees the birth, deciding what kind of designs will be etched into the new body. All of them have a small, blue gem in the middle of their foreheads, linking them to the Blue Flame.

They wear regal clothing with native patterns on them. The general style is loose and flowy, while still showing off the person’s unique designs and carvings.

Family Life
Families aren’t exactly part of the society. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” holds very true to the Plasteon people. Since they are born from stone, they don’t have a mother or father, while everyone in the kingdom is called “brother” or “sister.”

Marriage is quite common among the people, though conception of a child is literally impossible. As such, homosexuality is completely accepted. They believe that the body is merely a vessel, so the soul is what one falls in love with.

Basic crimes, such as theft, murder, kidnapping, and the like, do occur, but the punishment is always the same. Anyone caught committing a crime for purely selfish reasons is exiled, parted from the power of the Blue Flame, which then turns them into a lifeless statue. If the motives for a crime are unclear, there will be a trial, where the matriarch will decide the person’s fate.

The harshest offense is tampering with the Blue Flame. If anyone is caught trying to do the Flame harm, they will not only be turned into a lifeless statue, but they will be smashed into pieces.

Their religion centers around the Blue Flame, an eternal fire on a staff which burns a brilliant blue color. They believe the goddess, Haetic, lives in the fire, which makes the Flame burn forever. The matriarch’s primary purpose is the safeguarding of the Blue Flame, and she has several male guards who assist her in that job.

During ceremonies or special occasions, the matriarch carries the staff of the Blue Flame through the kingdom. It’s a time of great celebration, as they believe that Haetic is then walking among them.

Views on Magic
Magic is ingrained in the Plasteon lifestyle. They are born of magic, and magic is used to support the beings’ lives.

Elemental magic is permitted, but no variations of wind or water magic is allowed, as it can pose a threat to the Blue Flame.

Since Fae typically have glamour or earth-based magic, it would be understandable that some kind of elemental magic gone wild would result in something magnificent. This gave life to the first stone. A women of stone was brought to life, given intelligence and emotion and free will. She became the first matriarch.

The first thing she saw was a brilliantly blue fire, so she automatically assumed that was the source of her new life. Taking the Blue Flame, she built a staff to support the magical fire.

The woman brought to life others like her, of different stone types and given different bodily patterns. She built the first males to look like the first human male she saw, and she built other females to resemble her own appearance. Over a few years, they built their own kingdom. Their numbers grew, while the Blue Flame continued to burn.

Now, thousands of years later, very little of their society has changed. They are still a superstitious people, while also living in continuous peace amongst each other and other races.

NOTE: PM me if you make a character! (Or leave a comment on this post.) I’ll keep a record of the characters and their jobs in the kingdom here! :)
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