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Author Topic: Vanquished, [Open]  (Read 101 times)

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Vanquished, [Open]
« on: March 18, 2018, 05:35:13 PM »
"It's dusk, they arn't comin." Grumpily voices a wrinkled faced man. His vigilant blue irises pulled away from scanning far down the western beaten path. He brought a hand up to his forehead and brushed back his graying blue hair while turning to look frustrated at the fellow companion mounted on the adjacent brindle brown steed to his.  Pink, shoulder-length hair neatly coiffured to reveal a full, time-worn face. Dancing pink eyes, set graciously within their sockets, are glued in the direction his were. Several moles are spread elegantly on a fair skinned nose leaving a lasting memory of this aging beauty.  "The mercenaries would not pass up the amount of gold suns our Lordship settled upon with them." She whispered only loud enough for the old scout to hear. "Hmph, they are all talk no bite." Snapped back the man before bring a leg up and around the mount to demount with a thunk to the ground. "Don't leave me hangin, Clarel." She rolls her eyes to spot him in the process of tying the reins of his horse to a tree. In the next moment he grins at her before entering the nearby brush crouched..

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2018, 09:56:31 AM »
Arden's purse was lighter than he was comfortable with. He needed to earn some coin so he could purchase the supplies and pay for passage on hia trip back into Connlaoth. As much as a wanderer as he was he did get homesick after being away for too long. Not that he cared to see his parents or to get tied up in their scrambles for political power, but he was fond of his brothers and sisters.

Fortunately he had been through this area before on his travels and he knew where to find the sort of people who would pay to have him, and his sword, along. In fact he owed one of these men a favor. Old Gethrik Munsen was tough but fair and that was probably what drew other mercenaries to his side.

Arden was surprised to find Gethrik and his men saddling up when he approached their favorite tavern. Gethrik took him aside and explained the amount of coin that this job was worth and that he could use another man to replace one that had fallen ill. Between the favor owed and the payment offered, Arden accepted the job without too much convincing.

It wasn't long after the wrinkled man crouched into the brush that the steady noise of horse hooves and wagon wheels cut through the quiet.

In the growing gloom a small band of men on horseback approached from the west, with a wagon following them. They bore no noticeable banners, but all except one had matching green symbols on their chests and shoulders.

The lone man among them without these markings stood out on his light gray horse. His armor and attire were of a higher quality, though not anything flashy. The young man had his hood down and his hair and light goatee were well groomed. Given his age and attire he almost certainly was, or had been, the son of a noble family. The symbol of the church of Ansgar on the left breast of his leather armor marked him clearly as someone from Connlaoth, a mage known to the church.

It was hard to say for sure without a closer inspection but the rest of the men seemed to be dressed in rough looking but functional armor. Their weapons however seemed well maintained and sharpened. The leader and a few others looked to be Connlaothian but the rest looked like they were born in Serendipity. Their ages ranged but they all looked to be experienced.

The group slowed and then stopped a little ways off as they approached the two waiting horses. The man in front was a stout and muscular man who looked to be at least 50 years old and bore many scars from battles past. He guided his horse closer and called out to the woman, "You who we're supposed to meet with? Sorry we took so long.” He nodded at the woman in a sort of seated bow and added, “Gethrik Munsen and company at your service."

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2018, 06:52:44 AM »
Clarel's head snapped towards the noise immediately as it hit her ears. Her eyes after realizing it was the expected mercenaries they wander up above their heads to the sky. The sun not long set below the horizon, dead centre of the western road broadcasts it's light changing the layer of lower sky to an orange ranging from the thick tall southern forest that the road goes along and high above the short brush of moderately thick vegetation.

Her rising gaze stops at the already appearing twinkling stars. 'Impatient old bat' Clarel thought about her companion as her momentarily glance comes back down to earth, and to the halting band of mercenaries. A upon Gethrik approaching closer she signaled her own steed forward by the nudge of her leg. "No need to apologize to me, I'm the laid back scout you are to accompany this fine night." She hollered back before acknowledging the courteous gesture with an overly exaggerated nod of the head. "Clarel Tiz of House Tani and I am delighted to meet your acquaintance." She added with the half grin.

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2018, 08:17:45 AM »
"All the same, I don't like being late. One of my men was unable to come, but I hired on the man riding the gray horse to replace him. I can vouch for him, his name is Arden Deschane, and he's a reliable ex-soldier from Connlaoth," he explained in his rough, deep voice.

Gethrik waved for the young man to approach and he nudged his horse to approach. The rest of the mercenaries spread out to keep watch in the other directions. The man driving the wagon dismounted to check that there were no issue with it.

While waiting Gethrik motioned towards the other horse, "Your partner stepped away?"

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2018, 03:44:10 AM »
Clarel pulled the reins of her horse to a stop once reaching mere feet away from Gethrik's steed. She sized him up as he spoke with a good look of the eye then switching to scan the rest of the mercs one by one until finally reaching Arden. "It does not matter as long as he has a pair of keen eyes and a good sword arm." She added with a smooth pitchy voice after Gethrik said his piece.

Her eye remains on the approaching Arden while indirectly saying to the Mercenary Leader. "Ser Greenwall went ahead to begin scouting out the old silver mine. We best get moving soon or else he will be bathing in the joy of discovery once we catch up." Her lips curl up into a grin at the attempt of a humorous remark.

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #5 on: March 31, 2018, 10:32:06 AM »
Gethrik returned Clarel's appraising gaze with a grin and waited for the other man to approach and introduce himself, replying simply, "Those he has." The other mercenaries paid little attention to the woman and continued their business of looking after their gear and watching for any unexpected trouble. Their weapons were a mixture of swords and axes and a couple carried crossbows with quarrels of bolts at their side. They moved with the ease of a group who had been working together for a long time.

Gethrik nodded at Clarel's request to move out soon. Indicating himself and Arden he explained, "He'll be best used closer to you and your man and i'll stay nearby but focus on directing my own men." At the attempt of a joke he chuckled, "Well we can let him have all the fun now can we?."

Arden approached on his horse and dipped his head towards Clarel, "Good evening my lady, Arden Deschane also at your service." The young man was polite, relying on some level of training in etiquette from his childhood. As the greeting were finished the men prepared to follow Clarel to the site of the mine.

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #6 on: March 31, 2018, 11:26:41 AM »
"Damn freezing up this far north..." The Adelan mercenary said in his usual gruff tone, holding tightly to his black horse as it galloped up the gently curving pathway through the forest. "Naturally. The Connlaothian border rests not too much farther. Surely you've been introduced to the harsh winters there?" His companion, the Serenian vagabond asked, raising a brow at him.

The two men rode side-by-side, looking to be polar opposites. Leon's armor was worn from use, his black hair long and unkempt, his skin a healthy olive shade. There was a predatory gleam in his wolf eyes, a sort of gleam which immediately gave away that some of his humanity was all but gone. His expression was cold and unfeeling.

Tri, the man beside him, rode a white horse, and although he looked like he hadn't seen a bed in quite sometime, had a much brighter aura surrounding him. What armor he did have looked like it once belonged to a much larger set, a brilliant red covering his arms and knees. His rusty hair was neatly brushed, and nicely parted to the side, revealing an expression that was more determined than cold.

"You sticking around for the festivities, Greysteel?" Leon asked, not passing him a glance. Tri scoffed. "I don't do mercenary work. I'm not like you. You needed an escort through these parts, and I gave you that." He told him calmly. "You would pass up gold, huh? Looks like you're hurting for it." Leon retorted. Tri shook his head. "Gold is not my primary concern, and even if it was, shedding blood senselessly wouldn't be the way to achieve it."

There was a silence, the two men deciding not to go further, at the risk of sparking one of their many arguments. Both skidded to a halt as they came across a caravan full of mercenaries just like Leon, all preparing to leave with two others... Leon's employers, no doubt. Tri looked around suspiciously, both slowly trotting up. "Where do you find these people...?" He whispered, Leon quietly hushing him.

"Hope I'm not too late to join the party." Leon spoke up, trying to get Clarel's attention. His horse stood beside Gethrik, who Tri gave a greeting nod to, as well as Arden. "My name's Leon Woods, of Adela. A few contacts here in Serendipity said I could find work with you and your partner." The mercenary went on. "I'm merely his escort." Tri explained.

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #7 on: April 15, 2018, 09:44:36 PM »
Clarel rolled her eyes to Gethrik and joined his chuckle with a chortle. "The young lad might need to help us old scouts have fun." She briefly smirked before switching her sight to Arden. Her pink eyes slightly narrowed onto him for a fraction of a second. A moment of doubt drifts through Clarel's mind at the closer inspection of the Connlaoth church symbol on his chest, "Good to meet a lad that has courtesy." albeit it passes with her giving a nod to the lad. "Your with me." She added with a wink.

Clarel then craned her head past Arden and Gethrik to the approaching Leon and Tri. "Of course it is not to late." She said back then tilted her head slightly to the left listening further.  "Clarel Tiz of House Tani. I extend my Lordship's agreement of 400 gold suns per sword for hire to you and your escort." Her eyes directly on Leon as she offered.

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Re: Vanquished, [Open]
« Reply #8 on: April 15, 2018, 10:43:39 PM »
Gethrik snorted as Clarel smirked and returned his attention to his men. Then he also turned to appraise the two other arrivals. His careful gaze examined Leon and Tri and he gave a very faint nod towards Tri in acknowledgement. Employers and their agents deserved politeness. Anyone else needed to earn that right as far as Gethrik was concerned.

Arden met Clarel's gaze as she inspected him. He had been stared at in similar ways far too many times to count. Especially when people were bothered by the mark on his chest. He didn't flinch or look away, he just waited with a sliver of a smile on his face. "Oh, have you been meeting with discourteous young men?" He asked with a grin and a wink.

"Right. With you I am," he added in a little more professional of a tone. Gethrik what have you dragged me into this time? Arden then returned Tri's greeting with a friendly nod of his own.

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