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Author Topic: A seal in human's clothing. [Roi]  (Read 57 times)

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A seal in human's clothing. [Roi]
« on: March 18, 2018, 10:11:50 PM »
The village she was currently staying at was still sleeping when Tikaani slipped out of the plush tent she'd made her home and picked her way down to the seashore, thick furs bundled around her form. It was still dark out, though the sun was beginning to rise and cast just enough light to see by, but for her it was the perfect hour. Few people would be out and about, the ocean was calm and still. It was just her and the sea; just her and her true home.

She walked along the shore for some time before she reached the cliffs where she had stored her skin the night before. Pulling it out from a deep crevice, she unrolled it, smoothed out the crinkles, and for a moment just relished in the familiar smell and feel of it, the sense of connectedness, of wholeness. It was getting more and more difficult, wandering the tundra and spending less time at sea, and she relished these moments.

Shedding her clothes--her human skin, in a sense--she slipped back into her sealskin and took to the sea.

She lost track of time, hunting fish the old fashioned way, enjoying the taste of raw meat, and when Tikaani returned the sun had risen almost completely. Fish guts! She had lost track of time! The village would be awake and moving now, and if she wasn't quick, things could get awkward fast.

Reaching the shore, she waddled her way onto land, dragging her body through the sand, and began to wriggle free of her her skin--which looked easier than it was, for it was a tight fit. She kicked free of it, hissing at how bloody cold it was as a naked, hairless human, grabbed it and rolled it up quickly, and then scrambled for her clothes to dress.
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Re: A seal in human's clothing. [Roi]
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2018, 10:56:33 AM »
It had been a while since Roi had made his way back to Serendipity and had been working as a freelance mercenary on the side to amuse himself and earn a bit more cash for though he technically had his family's fortune, he wanted his own money to spend as he wished. That was what brought him to Hyoite in Northern Le'raana, namely, it was a client who had hired him to find something and bring it back intact. That item was quite the intriguing one, specifically, the pelt of a selkie, a seal like creature which was said to shed its skin while on land and take the form of a human woman with an almost unearthly degree of beauty and allure. Upon receiving this commission, Roi wondered what exactly the man would do with the selkie pelt, but then he remembered the legends he had read about them. He had felt sorry for the selkie whose pelt he was going to be stealing today, but a mad had to do what a man had to do, as the saying went.

So he had set off to Hyoite and inquired after the selkie without raising suspicion thanks to his special ocular prowess which could make women who made eye contact with him susceptible to his influence and more likely to help him out. After making his inquiries, he had made his way to the lake where the selkie was rumored to frequent to see if the rumors were true and if he could actually make off with her pelt. A part of him kept screaming that this was just a fool's errand since selkie were so rare, but he ignored it and set himself down completely camouflaged on the beach so the selkie wouldn't notice his presence, hopefully anyway.

After that he had waited, watching patiently as the selkie came out of the water and before his very eyes, shed her skin and transformed into a remarkably beautiful woman, one very much suited to his tastes, he might add. However, business came first and so he devised a plan to hopefully trick the selkie into leaving her skin unguarded for a few moments. He turned towards the lake and then sent one of his physical clones under an invisibility spell to the shore. The clone then proceeded to go into the water and since its ability to swim was disabled, it began to drown and so cried out for help

"H-Help...gah, I-I injured my leg and it h-has...cramped up on me, so i cant seem to...s-swim!!! Help, someone! A-Anyone!! Please save me, I have a wife and kids at home who a-are eagerly awaiting my arrival with the f-fish I p-promised to c-catch for them!!"

The clone's voice was clearly reaching the shore, the invisibility spell had been taken off leaving it in plain view, and the acting was hopefully convincing enough to trick the selkie into leaving her skin alone to help save the clone him. Roi waited patiently to see if his trick would pay off since selkie tended to be pretty trusting and didn't try to ever look underneath the underneath to any deception, which, in his opinion was why they tended to lose their skins to humans so often, if the tales about them were to be believed anyway. Roi made sure to stay far enough away from the selkie and in full camouflage so she wouldn't be able to detect his presence and attack him in retaliation, wondering all the while if he would be able to pull this off since the request had seemed so ridiculous to him, strategically speaking.