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Author Topic: The search continues [M] [Open By Request]  (Read 27 times)

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Offline Tursmun

The search continues [M] [Open By Request]
« on: March 29, 2018, 09:37:36 PM »
OOC: Real quick, this is not going to make a lot of sense if you don't know who Tursmun is. I highly suggest taking a quick peek here: 

    It has been many years, and Tursmun has only had whiffs of her scent. He has searched and looked far and wide, asked many questions, and met many people. But he still has not encountered the one he searches for. He has gotten close on a few occasions. The scent was cold, but it was there. It gives him hope, because it confirms his belief that she is still alive.
    Silently moving through the lush green trees, Tursmun catches a scent. He stops in a small clearing, his ears pricking up. Silence. Something is off. It's... too quiet. No birds chirping or singing, no wind rustling the branches of the trees. Tursmun leaps to the nearest tree, scaling it in seconds. Finding a thick, low-hanging branch, he settles down. He closes his eyes and lets his ears and nose do the work.
     His ears twitch. A leave rustles. His eyes open. Without moving, he moves his gaze downward, at the ground. He sees the spot where he was standing previously. He waits. Another leaf rustles on the ground. There was no wind, and although all logic said that it was simply a leaf rustling in a forest of leaves, Tursmun was an experienced hunter. Thousands of years of genetics was ingrained into his body. Instinct led his mind, taking in the surrounding bushes and trees. He determined that if he was sneaking up on someone, he would be behind the bush ten meters away from his perch in the tree. But, knowing that the chances of his hunter being so experienced and smart were quite low, he chose the second spot he would be in. It was the patch of long grass and shrubs directly beneath him. He already knew this was where the noise of the leaves had come from, and, putting two and two together, gathered that whomever was hunting him was in the grass. And they likely had no idea where their so called prey had gone.
     Tursmun loved this game. Taking a hunter and turning them into the hunted. He was not cruel, but, like all cats, he sometimes enjoyed to play with his food a little before eating it. But, he had just eaten, and was not interested in another meal. And although he loved the thrill of a hunt, Tursmun did not take life for no reason. He gathered himself, then waited some more. Finally, whoever was in the bushes realized that the large cat was not in the clearing as they had thought. Crouching, and moving silently, the figure moved into the clearing. Silently being a relative term. The figure, in all normal aspects, was quite skilled at silent movement, and didn't make much sound as it moved into the clearing. To Tursmun, however, it sounded like a blind elephant blundering through the forest. The figure reached the tracks that Tursmun had left. He followed them with his eyes to the base of the tree, then up the tree, following the scratch marks left by large claws. The figure, who was now discernible as a man, stood, looking at the base of the branch, then following it out. The man's eyes widened as he saw the large feline predator gazing at him lazily. His eyes widened even more as he realized he had just been hiding directly beneath the panther. Tursmun dropped gracefully from the branch, slowly moving toward the man, then stopping a few meters away. Tursmun, finally bored of this game, decided to find out why exactly this man was following him. Shifting into his human form, he walked forward.

Offline Tursmun

Re: The search continues
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2018, 06:02:54 AM »
     The man stared, mouth agape.
      "Afternoon, hunter." Said Tursmun, his voice slicing through the silence of the forest. The man promptly shut his mouth and stammered a reply,
      "Ah, uh, hm, ahem..."
      "I see you were following me." Said Tursmun, stated as a statement. He was blunt, not putting the idea up to question. It was obvious the man had some interest in killing a panther, perhaps it as his coat of silky black fur, or maybe just some food for himself and his family.
      "Ah, y...yes... I was, um, sorry... about that, I just ah, well, I ah..."
      "Yes yes spit it out."
     And with that the man fled in an all out sprint, glancing back every now and then to check if a fearsome panther was in pursuit. Tursmun just watched, a little confused on why the man was in such a hurry. He figured that the man had never seen a shape-shifter, much less someone of Tursmun's caliber.
     Returning back to his Panther form, Tursmun figured he had nothing better to do and set out in a silent pursuit of the man. Catching up quite quickly, the man was jogging, still looking behind him every now and then. Little did he know, he was looking in the wrong place. After a few hundred meters, he tired and slowed to a walk, confident that he was alone. Tursmun, high in the trees, watched this man, treading loudly through the forest. As Tursmun watched, he caught a scent. A scent that he hadn't smelled in many years. A smell that he had been trying to find for the entirety of his adulthood. It was fresh, maybe a few days old. He looked around, trying to find the source. After finding nothing, he realized the only possible source was the man. He thought back a few minutes, and recalled that the wind was in fact coming from behind him when he had first approached this man. Tursmun, dropping all sense of secrecy, dropped from the tree and flew through the trees, a blur to the naked eye. He spotted the man, and leaped, right as the man turned around, just barely hearing the sound of padded paws on the ground of the forest. Tursmun slammed full speed into the man, forcing the wind out of his lungs and knocking him to the ground, gasping for air. Tursmun landed, turned, and pounced. He pinned the man, who struggled, but had no chance against the powerful muscles of an animal built to kill. Tursmun growled loudly, silencing the man's movements. The mans eyes were filled with fear, but it was not, it seemed, from death, but fear of something else. Tursmun moved to the side, letting the man go, and turned into his human form.
      "Where have you been, and why do you smell like my sister?"
      "Answer me." Tursmun said, so quiet the man almost didn't hear him. His voice dripped with venom. Suddenly, the man realized that this shape-shifter was not one to be trifled with, and he could kill him at will.
      Still gasping for air, he slowly responded "Are... are you Tursmun?"