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Author Topic: Damien Lola, Rags to Riches  (Read 28 times)

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Damien Lola, Rags to Riches
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:23:05 PM »
Name: Damien Lola, referred to as "Lola" by the few who know his true identity
Noble Name: Theodore Alcott, "The Young Lord"
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Serenian
Height: 5'11''
Occupation: Nobleman
Residence: Arca, Serendipity

Physical Description
Tidily-kept, dark brown hair complimenting a fair complexion, with lush purple eyes and a charming smile. Lola's noble appearance, "Theodore Alcott", is that of a proper young lord, wearing the typical robes of nobility to match. When away from his nobility disguise, he will wear dusty old pants and shirts more equipped for a commoner as that's what he is the most comfortable in.

When in his normal 'Lola' appearance but around nobility, he scruffs up his hair and wears a black cloth around his face - masking everything but his eyes.

"Theodore" is full of wit, carries a playful energy, is a riot at parties, and is charming to boot. He likes entertaining others with grand tales of bravery (that never happened) and the gallant foes (that do not exist) on his many journeys (that he's never been on).

When he is not in his mask of nobility, Lola is a kind and modest man. Despite such kindness, he buries rage and hatred inside of him. The few that know him this way know him as a reserved being, kind and supportive of those he cares about, and self-righteous.

Lola is handy with all sorts of blades, but his real skill lies in his magic. He has elemental abilities with the power of both fire and water, neither being more efficient than the other. He also has the power of glamour, particularly in the art of illusion. His magical abilities make up for his lack of strength, but when fighting in more physical combat, he's very strategic, though he tries to avoid these time of confrontations if possible. He prefers using his power of glamour to get others to do his dirty work for him, but pride will often get in the way when there is a target he specifically wants to make suffer.

Lola has no known family or close friends, though he has some acquaintances, both in nobility and in rags. The only family he has ever known was his Mother who was murdered at an early age in his life.

Lola grew up poor with his mother being the only family he had. They lived in the outer areas of Serendipity, and though struggled for food day in and day out, they made it through. Young Lola thought that together him and his mother could do anything as long as they were by each others' side. He dreamed of bettering himself, becoming a noble as he got older, one way or another, to provide for the mother who had always cared for him.

He somewhat got his wish, but it happened under dire circumstances. At the age ten, a Serendipity nobleman met Lola's mother. She was soon after mesmerized by his promises of wealth and love, and moved the women and Lola into his estate.

TW: Mention of violence and rape

For the next year or so, the Nobleman, Viktor Radbyrne, would continue to violently beat and rape the women when he saw fit, and would lay with other women on a regular basis - either while she tended to the chores of the house or forcing her to watch. Lola's mother finally snapped, deciding to fight back, when Viktor cut her throat and left her for dead. The man could not bring himself to do the same thing to Lola, him being just a small boy, so he ordered one of his servants to do the dirty work for him. The servant could not bring herself to harm the boy, and instead brought him to a shelter on the edges of Coastal Serendipity, never telling her Lord the truth.

Growing up an orphan, Lola vowed revenge on Viktor. As he aged, he began discovering his gift of elemental magic and glamour, and used that glamour and art of illusion and trickery to work his way up to the ranks of citizenship. That's when 'Theodore Alcott', the young noble, was born. Obtaining that status was all a part of his plan to seek revenge on the man who killed his mother and ruined his life - as well as anyone else who may get in his way.

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