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    SDB, Dragon Lord
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    Come not between the dragon, and his wrath.
    Everywhere, yet Nowhere
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    July 18, 2017, 09:52:00 AM
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    April 21, 2018, 05:23:50 PM
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    If you want to thread with one (or more) of my characters, please ask
    for the character you want and read the profile for that/those characters.
    I have over 100 characters, so asking me to match one of mine to yours
    is a good way to make me not want to thread. Thanks!
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    I'm going to keep track of how many threads I am in.
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    My Brothel:
    The Darkened Rose
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    My Guilds:
    Winter Winds
    Little Birdies
    Knights' Coven
    Shadow Squadron
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    My Personal Groups:
    The Silence
    S.S. Liberator

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    Current Threads:
    Spare a Room? (DragonSong)
    Characters: Declan Maddox & Thera Nirani
    Location: Matron's Hallow, Connlaoth
    Teacher's Lounge
    Characters: Rick Swantra
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    Vaulting at Wyrdwood (Whim, Eckhart, emeraldknight)
    Character: Ellie Klein
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    Oh! Hello! (DragonSong)
    Characters: Ginger & Darius Bakarov
    Location: Arca, Serendipity
    Dance of Diamonds and Blades (Aeyt)
    Character: Vel Hartmut
    Location: Arca, Serendipity
    All Shapes and Sizes (Whim)
    Characters: Joshua & Corrigan
    Location: Serendipity Riverlands
    Cherub Rock (Eckhart)
    Character: Brendan Chase
    Location: Wyrdwood Academy, Serendipity
    What's Yours, I Make Mine (emeraldknight)
    Characters: Xander Botinal & Lord Victor LaFronz
    Location: Whitesands, Serendipity
    Running is Always Uphill (DragonSong)
    Character: Ash Landys
    Location: Thunderblacks, Adela
    Flaming Hearts (Wrathwyrm)
    Character: Extrotun
    Location: Kunata, Thanatos
    Of Humans and Dragons (DragonSong)
    Characters: Freisae Norkait & Baylrys
    Location: Niahi Woods
    Two Wild Children (Kalak)
    Character: Bakara Jones
    Location: Kishahn Jungle
    It's Me Again (Eckhart)
    Character: Vivianne DeGrance
    Location: Zantaric
    The Least Dangerous Game (Eckhart)
    Character: Calypso Stern
    Location: Zantaric
    And the Hair Stands Up on the Back of Your Neck (DragonSong)
    Characters: Alderon Finicci & Selusa Finicci & Keryth Wistari
    Location: Zantaric
    Running Out of Time...and Coin (DragonSong)
    Character: Jareth Blamore
    Location: Zantaric
    All Lit Up (Eckhart)
    Character: Cassiopeia Marone
    Location: Zantaric
    Prince Among Thieves (Eckhart)
    Character: Eric Huntington-Whitley, a.k.a. Zack Blaque
    Location: Zantaric