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Author Topic: Twice Cursed [Goblin] [M]  (Read 10206 times)

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Offline Juno

Re: Twice Cursed [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #500 on: December 02, 2017, 07:38:57 AM »
"I'd like you to at least try," he told her, feeling apprehensive about sewing but feeling it would be more fair if they both had to step out of their comfort zones. "I'll try your sewing and you'll try to cook- with my help, I mean. And maybe I'll let you read one of my books one day, too.

"I think you'd like if it you just had the...right attitude. Opened your mind up a little," he mumbled the last, feeling a little defensive for how she so easily shot down his ideas. As far as he was concerned she wouldn't learn a thing if he didn't have her try and it was part of his job as he saw it to teach her things. Even though it might not have been entirely necessary, if she was to live a more solitary life as a result of her affliction he was not going to allow her to go through that life bored and frustrated. Boredom bred destruction and he certainly didn't want her going out and killing, even if she didn't want to.

Offline GoblinFae

Re: Twice Cursed [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #501 on: December 03, 2017, 12:14:26 PM »
Her lips pursed tightly in displeasure at his suggestion. His offer though was fair and the noblewoman knew that she had to find compromise in her existence here with him or life was going to be unbearably miserable for her going forward. It was already difficult to begin with, she did not need to suffer more out of her own stubbornness. Slowly and begrudgingly, Yasmine nodded her head at him.

"It's then. "You sew and I'll...cook." She scowled in displeasure at the distasteful word before a thought popped into her head and she hurried to add, "and you're not allowed to complain when it's bad!" Nervously, she looked up to him to confirm he would agree to her additional terms.

"Same goes with the books I suppose," Yasmine added with a scrunch of her face. "Not like their is much else to do around her. Don't expect me to like any of them though. As I said there isn't anything I will find enjoyable. I've read so much of it already and it's all the same." Her arms crossed over her chest as some of her usual teenager attitude began to return bit by bit. She would be alright and it seemed he already was. Things could go back to the way they had before, at least until the next time she became overwhelmed and needed to feed.

Offline Juno

Re: Twice Cursed [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #502 on: December 05, 2017, 04:43:18 PM »
Conrey couldn't keep the small smirk of triumph from his lips at her agreement. He wasn't worried in the least about the quality of her cooking. After all, he planned on guiding her every step of the way and if he had a hand in it he didn't believe it could ever go as poorly as she seemed to imagine.

"You'll never know until you try," he pointed out with a chuckle, glad to see her somewhat return to her regular self. "You don't have to like any of it, but I would be happy if you'd be willing to try them. I won't complain but...I'd hoped you might be open to constructive criticism. Same goes for me, tell me what I can improve upon once we've tried a few...lessons.

"The sooner the better, I think. We'll start tomorrow morning, it's getting a bit late now," he pointed out, casting a look towards the darkening woods through the window.