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Author Topic: Oberon Vega, Chieftain of the Creox  (Read 80 times)

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Online SilverDragonsBlood

Oberon Vega, Chieftain of the Creox
« on: January 03, 2018, 11:53:07 AM »
__________QUICK STATS

Name: Oberon Vega

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Species: Duhjari

Height: 6'6"

Ethnicity: Adelan

Occupation: Clan Chief

Residence: Serha Plains

__________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Oberon is a mountain of a man. His height makes him tower over people, and he has well-defined muscles from life outdoors. He has dark brown eyes and a strong jaw with skin that shows the toll that it takes to live the way he does. His hair is just as dark as his eyes and is kept tied back in a braid down his back.

His clothing is made primarily of leather and furs, basically what can be found on the plains. The outfit is entirely brown, from the boots to the armguards. He has short sleeves on his shirt, as long sleeves are too restrictive for his taste. He almost always has his bow and quiver with him. Oberon has tattoos on his upper arms, and he has an eye patch over his right eye from a battle.

Spoiler: show

credit: alexnegrea on DeviantArt
edits made by me

He has a tough nature about him, symbolizing strength and endurance for the many clansmen he leads. Oberon is strong and can come across as mean at first glance. In truth, he's a kind-hearted man with a gentle soul. He's a free spirit, making Adela's plains a perfect environment.

Oberon is a blunt man, who doesn't sugar coat anything. He's very direct in verbal skills - or lack thereof - and fighting methods. His view is shoot first, ask questions later. He is very self-sufficient, preferring to work with his hands, getting down in the dirt and muck with whom he's close.

He's extremely protective over his clan, willing to put his life on the line for those closest to him. Most of the clans respect only men as authority figures, but Oberon has distanced himself significantly from that. Though he despises the Adelan way of life, he values the merit-based society which gives women equal opportunity. He makes sure everyone knows that his wife holds power and authority equal to his own. Heavens help anyone who disrespects his wife.

Oberon has the Duhjari bond with horses that just makes the beasts obey him. He can tame any wild horse, as well as train any rider to be amazing. He is a master on horseback, as ninety percent of his life is riding.

He is also incredibly skilled in horseback archery and hand-to-hand combat.

Rosa (WIP) - wife
Elita - daughter (17 years old)
Laylani - daughter (13 years old)
Nemo - son (11 years old)
Creox - clan of 70+ people
Whisper - eaclot horse
Spoiler: show

credit: theDURRRRIAN on DeviantArt
edits made by me

Oberon was the first born of his father, the former clan leader. He had one sibling who died young, so Oberon is the only surviving member of his family. He grew up quickly, learning how to lead and fight and survive on the plains. He was practically born on a horse, and the life of a horse clansman came quite naturally to him. He lost his mother when he was twelve, then his father when he was eighteen. When his father died, the responsibility of leading the clan fell to him.

The young man had already gained the respect of the clan, but it was a new experience to be the one the people turned to in times of trouble or when they needed guidance. Even so, he was able to handle the pressure.

When he was twenty-one, he almost lost his life during a battle between clans. He recovered with his right eye blinded, but it made him realize that he needed an heir to take over if something were to happen to him. Oberon chose a young woman he had grown up with. They married and had three incredible children. Though it isn't customary in tradition for a woman to lead the Faslians, Oberon named his eldest daughter heir to the position, as he felt she was more suited than his son.



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Online SilverDragonsBlood

Re: Oberon Vega, Chieftain of the Creox
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 02:42:20 PM »
PM to join - membership is determined by me

1. Creox People
The Creoxan are a tribe that have slowly separated from the typical Duhjari people. They are a large clan of over seventy people. They are lead by Chief Oberon Vega.

They're a horse clan that travels the Serha Plains, typically trying to avoid outsiders. Their society values strength and cooperation above all else. Rank is based on abilities and willingness to obey the chief, so family name holds no value among the clansmen. They care for the elderly, typically turning to them in times of need because most of the Creoxan don't make it past age sixty.

They're a race feared by many due to most of them favoring war over peace. They are extremely talented archers, especially on horseback, but they are just as talented with spears and swords. They prefer to fight from a distance, but challenging one to a direct and intimate fight would be a foolish mistake.

The Creox people are hunters and gathers mostly. They do keep livestock, though. Every single member of the clan has an eaclot horse (read more below), which is one of the identifying features of the Creoxan. They also raise cattle, goats, and sheep. All of the animals have some purpose, but the horses are the most important. They spend ninety percent of their lives on horseback.

Their movements don't rely on one thing necessarily. They move whenever the chief decides it's time, but they never stay in one place for more than a month.

They despise the Adelan way of life, especially using dragons. The Adelan dragons are the only known predators to eaclot horses, so the Creoxan harbor deep hatred for the creatures.

2. Gender
Though traditionally a patriarchal society, the rules have begun to loosen, thanks to the current chief. The chieftain has always been male, but the next in line is now the eldest daughter of Chief Oberon. The chief is expected to be an expert in every aspect of the Creox way of life, and before now, women were seen as less talented or worthy of learning it all. Men tended to the eaclot horses, hunted, protected, and provided for their families.

Women were expected to take a more subservient role. They cared for the children and the livestock, but they were taught to fight, as they were required to fight alongside the men if a battle were to break out. Women were valued mostly for their ability to produce children and keep the population up, since life on the plains was trying to say the least. Women have been making strides towards equality, though; taking part in traditionally male activities. If a woman can hold her own against a man, she will be considered equal, but it is more difficult for women to make those strides.

Marriages are required in the Creox society. If someone isn't married by thirty years old, they are considered damaged to the others because nobody wants them. Anyone considered to be damaged is most often cast out from the clan. If a death occurs, the widow or widower is not permitted to marry again because it is seen as disrespectful to the deceased partner.

3. Sexuality
Overall, the Creox people don't have any rules around sex. They are far from prudish, typically becoming sexually active by fifteen years old. Women are expected to be virgins until marriage, but men have looser rules.

Incest is highly stigmatized, as they don't want any children to be produced from such a union. If a child is conceived from an incestuous relationship, the child will be killed and the parents will be exiled.

Homosexuality is permitted, provided certain terms are met. As long as both people in the homosexual relationship have produced a child in one way or another, they aren't judged or ostracized. The most important thing about a relationship is having a child, so as long as that is followed through with, they don't care who is married.

4. Magic
The Creox people have an innate ability to communicate with their horses. The eaclot horses are a magical race, so the bond between horse and rider is considered a type of magic.

5. Style
The Creox clothing is made from whatever can be found on the plains. Typically, they wear clothing made from leather and furs from animals they hunt, such as deer or rabbits. Men and women have similar styles because dresses are usually impractical, given their chosen lifestyle. Some will choose to wears skirts or dresses, though breeches will be worn beneath them.

Jewelry is uncommon in the society, but they will sometimes have pieces made from beads or natural gemstones. Tattoos are quite common, as they are easy and permanent without getting in the way.

Long hair is customary in the society, but men are expected to keep their hair tied back. Women sometimes wear beads or feathers in their hair, but men don't usually decorate their hair with anything.

6. Religion
The Creox have no names for their gods and have very loose guidelines about religious worship. They believe each aspect of life and nature is ruled by a deity, but the deities have no names nor genders, rather committing to pray to and worship the physical embodiments of life. They have ceremonies for seasonal changes, as well as moon cycles particularly.

7. Perception of Outsiders
Because of the Duhjari's relationship - or lack thereof - with Adela, the Creox don't trust outsiders easily. They are very isolated, preferring to avoid contact with anyone outside of the clan. Anyone who travels on the land they're occupying, those people would usually be unwelcome and treated with hostility and suspicion. They may be provided with an escort to safety for a price.

When it comes to battle, the Creoxan typically don't take prisoners. They will spare anyone who surrenders, but the war prisoners will be taken as slaves. If the slaves work hard and are deemed worthy after a decade of work, they may be assimilated and welcomed into the clan.

8. Laws
Rape and murder are two of the highest offenses, punishable by death. Theft and slaughter of an eaclot horse is equal to kidnapping and killing a human, as the horses are spiritually connected with the riders. Killing an eaclot horse is punished in a much more extreme manner than any human crime.

Smaller cases are usually settled among the individuals involved, though it may be brought to the chief if it goes unresolved.
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Online SilverDragonsBlood

Re: Oberon Vega, Chieftain of the Faslians
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2018, 02:42:50 PM »
Eaclot horses

1. History
These horses are a magical race that were gifted to the Creox people before anyone can remember. There are many versions of the myth story, but the most widely accepted is that these magical horses came to the clan in a time of great sorrow. War was raging, and the Creoxan were losing horribly. They lost their best warriors, and their horses were either stolen or killed.

One day, a large mare wandered onto the battlefield, meeting the pregnant wife of the deceased chief. That night, the woman birthed a son, and the mare birthed a foal. The foal was as white as snow with blue stripes that glowed brilliantly all down his body.

The war was fought for eighteen years, both sides suffering heavy losses. The boy and the foal grew up at the same rate, learning with each other and teaching each other.

When he was eighteen, he took on the role of chief. The foal and boy had grown up to be a horse and man, and the clan dominated the battlefield under their lead. The horse's magic was within the stripes on his body, as those stripes created a shield for the man and horse. When on the horse's back, no harm could befall the man.

Night after night, another eaclot horse would appear. They were fully grown and immediately bonded with the warriors. Each warrior who bonded with an eaclot horse could not be injured. The war was won within weeks, and ever since then, every member of the Creoxan was gifted an eaclot horse, as it is in their blood to bond with these animals.

2. Physical Description
Eaclot horses come in all shapes and sizes. They have no specific colors, nor do they have any true requires for what they look like. The only constant is that they look like a horse.

3. Personality
The eaclot horses are absolutely still horses. They have no speech, and they have no independent thought. That being said, they are extremely loyal and intelligent creatures. They have a spiritual bond with their partners, which can sometimes even be so strong as have physical signs. The eaclot horses will protect their partners at all costs, throwing self-preservation away to ensure their Creox is safe.

4. Magic
They age slower than regular horses. Their typical lifespan is approximate sixty years, as they age with their partners. The horses and riders age at the same pace, as they are born at the same time and will usually die at the same time.

The bond between eaclot horse and rider is powerful enough to override the horse's natural instincts. These horses have energetic shields that protect their riders, as well as some kind of magic that is individual to the horse.

5. Role
The eaclot horses are the most important aspects of the Creox way of life. The magic and personality of the eaclot horse that is born is believed to reflect the personality and power that the child will have as an adult.

Many judgements about a clansman will be made upon the birth of his, or her, eaclot horse.
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