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Niahi Woods / Re: Back here again {DragonSong}
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 02:33:44 PM »
"Oh?" Tobin took a bite of his stew, nodded in a satisfied sort of manner, and quirked his head to the side. "What sort of work do you do then? Sound like you're nearly about as useless as that one." He jerked a thumb toward Hana and she made an indignant noise of protest, cuffing the back of his head again.

"Well now there's no call for being rude," she said primly as she returned the stew pot to the hearth and took her own bowl in hand, leaning back against the wall to eat.
Wants and Limits / PixelatedGlory's Wants and Limits
« Last post by PixelatedGlory on Today at 02:27:14 PM »

What are your favorite kinds of plots and relationships to play?
I am willing to try just about anything. Thinking of how to work in new and interesting ways is great.

What are your least favorite kinds of plots and relationships to play?
If there's no room for mild joking every so often, It may get too dry

What are your favorite character types to play?
Just about every character I make (here or elsewhere) is different enough that I have no real favorites

Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you prefer to pre-plan and stick to a script when posting, or do you prefer to surprise and be surprised?
I can do both without too much trouble, but surprises are more fun most of the time

How do you feel about group threads?
As long as no one feels left out I have no problem with them

How often can you reply to any given thread? How long should a partner wait before nudging you for a post?

For the most part I should reply at least daily. It its been a few, then a nudge would be appreciated.

What is the longest you're willing to wait for a reply to a thread?
If I know that the reply is on the way but may take a bit? A month or so. If I don't have any heads up then probably a week.

How do you feel about instant messenger RP?
I have no problem with it, but sometimes I need a little bit of time to think

Ho do you feel about post volleying/rapidfire RP?
(Where you and another player post rapidly back and forth in a thread with each other.)
Its great fun. It suits a conversation a little better sometimes if there isn't a need to too much description

What's your preferred posting style? Long posts? Short posts? Anything and everything?
Depends on the situation. I try to match the length of others' posts without sacrificing quality.


What are you limits regarding powerplay/godmoding?
(For instance, do you mind if someone grabs your character? Picks them up? Punches them?)
I'm pretty much ok with it as long as you aren't causing lasting damage. Though with a heads up that may not be a big deal either

What are your limits in regards to romantic situations?
(What are you comfortable with and not comfortable with? Do you prefer to pre-plot relationships or let them happen organically? Are you open to IC-rejection or love-triangles? Age differences? Etc.)

I prefer things that happen organically, but I'm open to some pre-planning within reason. As long as the age difference or situation doesn't start to feel skeevy, I'll be fine.

What are your limits with regards to graphic content such as sex, violence, drug use, sexual assault, etc? What is your comfort level?
Most of it is ok as long as there's a bit of a heads up beforehand, with the caveat that if anyone becomes uncomfortable it fades to black or gets cut

What are your limits in regards to pregnancy within plots?
(Are you okay with pregnancy in plots? Miscarriages? Loss?)
If it makes sense, then fine. But it would take a lot of convincing to go with the darker themes.

What about healing?
(For example, a blind character magically being able to see, a scarred up character having their scars repaired, etc.)
As long as it fits the situation and general power level. Magic is magic, but players have the last say on how effective it is on their characters.

What about characters being transformed against their will? (Think vampires, werewolves, and magical spells.)
Only by permission of the player. Completely changing someone's character without their permission is not enjoyable

Anything else?
(Anything else you want to add that other players should know!)
If I don't have a character that fits your story but you think I could fit well, just let me know what you are looking for. I don't mind creating someone or something tailored to an idea
Niahi Woods / Re: Back here again {DragonSong}
« Last post by Lowen Thorn on Today at 02:17:57 PM »
Lowen's face turned a faded crimson as she helped him to his chair - though he wasn't sure why. He does have a dreadful attention span - constantly inside his own head - and is repeatedly caught off guard. It's actually somewhat amazing he has survived this long on his own.

The young man tilted his face down, clearing his throat, in attempt to hide the flushed tint of his cheeks.

Sure, clear your throat. That will definitely take the attention off of you.

His gazed turned to Hana's father after hearing the question. "Well, you see Mr. Tobin," he began, "Nowhere is home to me at the moment. I do not have a place to call my own right now, so I travel from place to place - looking for work to keep myself fed."

He smiled contently at Hana's mouthed apology. "I was in a bit of a rough patch when Hana found me."

Welcome Wagon / Re: Hail and Well Met!
« Last post by BryceTheDozy on Today at 02:12:53 PM »
*Rapidly takes notes*

All good stuff, I'll keep this in mind! If anyone wants to shoot me a PM I'm down to join/make a thread, otherwise I'm probably going to post an open thread sooner rather than later.
Kilanthro Mountains / Re: Far from Home
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 02:09:32 PM »
Her pack chuckled, low and rough, and Shyla smirked. Aeris leaned in close and murmured that the stranger was extending his hand to shake, and she stepped forward to take it.

"Well now, it's not very nice to judge someone by their looks," she said with a little grin, eyes staring blankly over his shoulder. "What makes you think my pack doesn't want to help?"

Stella hid a laugh into a cough, and one of her brothers elbowed her. Shyla rolled her eyes. "And I don't lead them, exactly. That's Aeris's job." She nodded to the massive, burgundy maned creature on her left, and her smile went crooked. "I'm just the public face, so to speak."

She drew her hand back and turned to move toward her family. "Come on, then. We made camp further up the mountainside, it's just this way."
Kilanthro Mountains / Re: Far from Home
« Last post by PixelatedGlory on Today at 02:00:19 PM »
Oren let out the breath he had been unconsciously holding into a decidedly unmanly sound. Much like a quiet whimper. He relaxed a tiny bit as the weapons were stowed but the approach of the others made him decide to remain seated.

He gives a nervous laugh as he looks between the gathering of people more or less surrounding him, “If you aren't after money and you aren't going to eat me, and I really hope that you aren't, what is it that you do want?”

His eyes flit towards the source of the growling, but return to Shyla when no attack comes and she resumes speaking, “I can tell that not all of your companions are as willing to help as you claim to be. That offers me two choices, I think. Either I put myself at your mercy, and I think I already am, or I can try to make a run for it back the way I came.”

Oren looks back the way he came and thinks for a moment before turning back and struggling to give a lackluster smile, “I think I would rather take you up on your offer.” He slowly stands up and extends his right hand. “So, if its not too much, how did you come to be leading this pack of...wolves?” He gives a bit of a confused look at the pack members standing behind Shyla.
Niahi Woods / Re: Back here again {DragonSong}
« Last post by DragonSong on Today at 01:57:23 PM »
"Of course he's sure!" Hana beamed and linked her arm through Lowen's, towing him to the little table set into a back nook of the cottage, with two chairs set around it. She nudged Lowen into one chair and sashayed her way across the cottage to the hearth.

"You sit, too, Tobin, I'll get the stew," she urged. Her foster father grumped at her, but he took a seat in the other chair and folded his hands on the table, looking their guest up and down.

"What exactly were you doing out in the middle of nowhere then, lad?" the hermit asked gruffly, quirking an eyebrow.

"Papa." Hana frowned at him and swatted his shoulder as she sauntered her way back over with the stew pot- holding the scalding metal in bare hands as she dished out helpings of the heavily spiced meal into bowls. "Be nice, won't you?"

Tobin glowered at her. "You only call me Papa when you want something."

"Yes. And now I want you to be polite." The kitsune rolled her eyes and crinkled her nose up at Lowen, mouthing, Sorry.
Events Plotting / Re: I'm new and would like to RP
« Last post by Lowen Thorn on Today at 01:56:28 PM »
Hi! I'm also new here, and have been enjoying RPing in a couple of threads as of late. I'd love to start something up with you if you want to shoot me a PM with your thoughts on what you want to do.
Welcome Wagon / Re: Hail and Well Met!
« Last post by GoblinFae on Today at 01:53:51 PM »
No thanks needed, I am more than happy to help!

*bows* my thanks! There's still quite a few of us old enough to remember even if the girl who ate the peach forgot everything.
Welcome Wagon / Re: Hail and Well Met!
« Last post by Longbeard on Today at 01:46:38 PM »
Thank you for the advice, I'll be browsing around in the plotting center soon then. 

Also, love your pronouns and title....not many remember The Labyrinth.
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