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Author Topic: Open Threads!  (Read 14195 times)

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Offline Elekta Kount

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #180 on: May 24, 2017, 11:57:56 PM »
Me characters!
Josef Grinsbeard- The Dwarf Ranger//Ugdanak Badaxe- The Orc//Zaggit Nutcrusher - The Goblin//Otto Schiff - The Hangman//Volkhard Köstner -The Veteran//Gustav Wulff & Ace- The Houndmaster and the Hound// Foosfaruk Steelheart- The Free Minotaur//Karl von Braun-Administrator & Secretary 

 The Death Eagles!       
(Credit to Games Workshop)
Gerwen Jäger -Captain of the Death Eagles//Ostwin Jäger- Second-in-command of the Death Eagles//Walter Desch- Beast Wizard of the Death Eagles//Gammy Pickitt-Hoggs- Cook and Medic of the Death Eagles// Gorgitz Facethunker- Gorgitz Facethunker, Infiltrator Specialist of the Death Eagles//Thoth- Great Eagle of the Death Eagles

Offline WallyD

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #181 on: May 26, 2017, 07:15:15 PM »
  • Thread Name: Card Tricks
  • Character: Zane Kelly
  • Location: The City of Arca
  • Description: After guards saw him sneaking over a fence if a well known noble, Zane Kelly was able to shake them off by introducing his a friend of his, while showing off some fancy card tricks.

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #182 on: May 27, 2017, 11:14:36 AM »
  • Miracle Drug
  • Character: Randal Barlow
  • Location: Zantaric
  • Description: Randal's mentor is out of town, and it's his job to run the apothecary while she's away! There's a lot of stuff he has to do though- way more chores than any eleven year old should ever have to complete. I was hoping for another character around his age for some slice of life stuff, but if you have any other cool ideas shoot me a PM!

Offline Puolikuu

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #183 on: May 30, 2017, 05:14:49 PM »

Character: Alkio

Location: i forget sorry but its name but itd the city of art in Connalth

Description: Alkio has an aching shoulder and its on his regular arm. He went to the city to see if he can get it checked out and went on a little stroll before hand. He is expecting something unexpected to happen but who know. Maybe something would or something won't.

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #184 on: June 24, 2017, 02:04:24 PM »
  • Adventurers Not Welcome
  • Character: Hoss
  • Location: A town on the outskirts of Draconi Forest
  • Description: Hoss has just been turned down from joining an adventuring party, and now she's upset. You know what would cheer her up? Somebody who wanted to go on an adventure with her!

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #185 on: June 26, 2017, 07:01:49 AM »
  • Thunderstruck
  • Character: ALICE FURY
  • Location:Sirantil Valley
  • Description: ALICE FURY has been cornered by a very angry ice mage! He could really use a rescue!

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #186 on: July 09, 2017, 03:23:44 PM »
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • Character: Emilia Black-Hearth
  • Location: A small town in Darken Vei
  • Description: Emilia Black-Hearth, a leading contender for the title of "least likable person in Le'raana", just beat up a child and stole his only possession of value. What a jerk!

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #187 on: July 20, 2017, 05:42:08 AM »
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Characters: Eckhart Von Musel and Belladonna
  • Location: Maestoso, Tirial
  • Description: Eckhart and his familiar hear a loud crash and a cry of pain come from an alleyway! It's a good thing that they're healers- they can help whoever has gotten hurt!

Offline Seasalt

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #188 on: July 22, 2017, 03:24:45 PM »
Thread Link: Living, Fuming Cargo
Characters: Fury
Location: Hivan Ocean
Description: Smugglers attempt to take Fury (who they believe is a demon) to Serendipity as something to sell on the black market. Perhaps they don't get very far?
Fury - Anger God |

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #189 on: September 04, 2017, 10:51:27 AM »
  • The Least Dangerous Game
  • Character: Sarah Whitechalk
  • Location: Zantaric
  • Description: Sarah is practicing her assassination skills by stalking somebody! But she isn't just stalking anybody- she's stalking your character!

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #190 on: September 04, 2017, 01:08:08 PM »
  • No Cure For Bad Luck
  • Character: Eckhart Von Musel
  • Location: Maestoso, Tirial
  • Description: Uh oh! Eckhart is being mugged in a back alley! He's a bit of a dweeb, and isn't very good at defending himself. Will somebody rescue him?

Offline Kalak

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #191 on: September 20, 2017, 10:39:33 PM »
Anyone out in the Sionad Tundra?
Come meet the new kids on the block!

They have just raided a settlement near you!

Thread is open, but by PM only!
Come say hi!

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #192 on: September 25, 2017, 04:56:24 AM »
  • Don't Fear The Reaper
  • Character: Wallace Hope
  • Location: A town in Northwatch
  • Description: Welp, it looks like Wallace is getting run out of town- that's the third time this month! He just ran headfirst into someone- will they help him? Or will they think he's a freak too?

Offline Puolikuu

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #193 on: October 29, 2017, 07:17:20 AM »

Offline WallyD

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #194 on: November 02, 2017, 10:12:05 AM »
Thread: Walking Metal Detector
Character: Canary Burns
Location: Essyrn Beaches
Description: After a long day of searching the sandy beaches for precious metals, Canary begins to lose consciousness and promptly falls asleep. Probably not the best place for a nap, but Canary doesn't really care.

Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #195 on: November 26, 2017, 06:00:47 AM »
  • My Sword Is A Tool Of Justice!
  • Character: Adharah Braunschweig
  • Location: Reajh
  • Description: Adharah is trying to stop a thief from mugging somebody! She's only nine, so she could really use some help! Or maybe your character is the one getting mugged- I left that possibility open too!

Offline Tide

Re: Open Threads!
« Reply #196 on: December 05, 2017, 11:13:18 AM »
  • The Descent
  • GM: Flashgordon512 (please PM him if you're interested in joining)
  • Location: Mine in northern Serendipity
  • Description: A few days ago miners tunnelled into a vast catacomb network. A small party of them ventured into the tunnels and have not been heard from since. The company sent out the call for an adventurer party in order to save their men.
Catalogue - The Harbour                                     Characters                               Player Info - Wants & Limits
Rex Havelock, Bard Extraordinaire
Artemis Talon, Watcher of the Woods
Thomas Crow, Fallen Soldier
Valkyrie, Chooser of the Dead