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Author Topic: All I Need Is Burn (Jelen!)  (Read 19 times)

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All I Need Is Burn (Jelen!)
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:20:17 AM »
It was beautiful day in the town of Jin'ta. The port-town's streets were bustling with activity, and the air was filled with the sound of people going about their day. The scent of the ocean mingled with the smell of fresh seafood. Seagulls wandered about as if they owned the place, squawking at each other and squabbling over unattended food. It was the kind of place that many people would never get to experience in their life- and yet for those who lived there, it seemed entirely mundane.

Aahva Chatterjee was one of those people. The silver haired boy walked down the docks, searching for someplace he could get lunch. He had skipped school that day, not wanting the other children to see the gash on his cheek he'd gotten the night before. A scab had already formed on the cut, but it still wasn't the kind of thing he could pass off as having gotten in a fight. If Kita ever saw him like this, he'd never live it down!

Finally, the boy found what he was looking for- a seafood stall. Aahva's eyes lit up- there was a bucket of crab legs on the stall counter. "Whoa! He has king crab?" he thought excitedly as he rushed towards the fisherman who ran it. "They never sell it this time of year! Where'd he get it?"

Aahva pulled his small coin purse out of pocket. "Hey, fish-man! How much for the crab legs?"

The man frowned. "It's "Sir". And they're eight bits each."

Aahva's eyes narrowed- his only had 6 bits in his purse. He crossed his arms. "Do you think I'm retarded or something? I'm not paying that much!"

"Then leave." the fishman said dismissively. "Nobody's making you- hey! Get back here!"

Aahva had snatched the bucket off of the counter, and was now running of with it. "Ha! As if I'm paying that much for your shitty food!" the boy thought as he sprinted down the docks. "Only foreigners are that- oof!"

Not looking where he was going, the boy ran into somebody and fell over. Crab legs scattered across the ground. "You fart-sniffing dipshit!" The boy cried as he looked up at whoever he'd crashed into. "Watch where you're going, asshole!"