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Author Topic: Sathurra, Scaleless Dragon of the North  (Read 210 times)

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Sathurra, Scaleless Dragon of the North
« on: September 06, 2017, 06:56:09 PM »
Sathurra, Scaleless Dragon of the Tundra
Age: 4000
Height (on hind legs): 30 m
Length(including tail): 50 m
weight: 20000 lbs
eye color: Deep Icy blue, with a dark white slit.
Gender: female
Species: Dragon
Occupation: Guardian, Watcher of the Tundra
Residence: Hyoite
Ethinicity: Draconi Forest
Relation ship status: single

Sathurra alongside her siblings were born to watch and protect their part of the world. She and her siblings were born of stardust and their souls were formed of the people they were born to protect. Sathurra after a meer couple years after birth was sent to Hyoite. Her scaleless body grew accustomed to the land fairly quickly. She learned how to hunt and thrive, how each animal interacted and grew with each other. She became everything to experience anything, but she was far from a god, she knew her purpose was to protect her land. She would do anything to keep the people and animals of the tundra from straying too far north or too far south.
At one point she met a dragon of night named Xanuthos, she was always opened to new members to the tundra but Xanuthos had no intention of staying. Sathurra hated this aspect of anyone who stayed in the tundra for longer than 6 months. She found him perched atop an ice spire after a year of being in the tundra and asked him what his reasoning for staying in the first place was. He responded to her: "My great nephew will be entering this land to train recruits in your harsh conditions. I ask you to let me terraform a region of the tundra for his troops." Sathurra had no tolerance for anyone trying to change the land she protected, she offered to comply so long as he was willing to give a part of himself in exhange. Xanuthos lost his ability to speak and could only iterate in one word sentences. But little to Xanuthos's knowledge, Sathurra made the region a living hell that became worse and worse everytime Kiron visited. This angered Xanuthos which sprouted all out war everytime they saw each other.

Sathurra is completely scaleless, but she makes up for this by forming a tangible cloak from the aurora borealis. She has no wings and has pseudo-ice or crystallized scales covering her dragon form. Her skin is a pure white and reflects sunlight perfectly keeping her out of sight during the day. She has a serpentine like body with four legs. She bears no wings and flies as if she were a snake through the cold air of the tundra.

Humanoid form:
In her humanoid form Sathurra is Caucasian with pure white hair that runs down to just above her buttocks. She is slim with a gracious build to her. Not too curvy not too big, but just in between. She covers her dignity in this form with her borelian shawl.

Sathurra has a lot of pride for her country, so much so she will manipulate people to do borderline demon-like tasks. She has come to learn many of things in her 4000 years of life thus she is very experienced and without a doubt a great leader and influence. She's conniving but she holds a heart of gold for her land.

Shapeshift-touch- when encountering a new species the guardians can become their own iteration of that species by touching it.
Instant Speech- In order to communicate effectively and learn the different languages of humanoids, the guardians must kiss a member of that species and they will learn every aspect of the language the species can speak.
Crystal breath- Can turn anything into ice crystals, even make her own pathways and such if need be, and is also available even when she shifts form.
Sathurra can cross the entire tundra within two hours, her strength is reliant on what form she is in, but she never uses her dragon form to show or use strength.

Spoiler: show
Guardians cannot be killed within the area they protect. Unless it is by a force destined to overcome them and take over as the new guardian. For Sathurra this is the tundra.

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