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Author Topic: Janius Atherius, Centaur Messenger & Hunter  (Read 51 times)

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Offline Janius Atherius

Janius Atherius, Centaur Messenger & Hunter
« on: December 07, 2017, 07:46:45 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name- Janius Atherius
Age- 35
Gender- Male
Species- Centaur
Ethnicity- N/A
Height- 7’6”
Occupation- Messenger / Hunter
Residence- La’Marri

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
 Standing at 7’6”, Janius Atherius stands head and shoulders above most humans and humanoids. Both his human and horse half are lean but defined in musculature. His human half has a dusky olive skin tone and the hair on his head is kept shorn short against the back and sides of his head and kept longer on top. When he is home he remains clean shaven but after some time on the road he will grow and maintain a short beard. His eyes are a dark brown. Often he will cover his human half with a roughly made white tunic and perhaps a black dyed leather vest made of deer hide when it is cold. He keeps black tunics with golden trim for days when he carries messages to high nobles and monarchs.

His horse half is all black in color and while the coat is clearly maintained decently it is not perfect. His hooves are often dusty despite his best efforts and when not attending to courtly matters, his tail is often left long to brush the back of his rear knees. When in court, however the tail is pulled into an elegant looking bun and he carries with him a blanket to cover his horse body for decency’s sake amongst the delicate human nobility.

While out on a job, Janius carries an oil treated leather coat made of deer hide, food and water to last the trip, a crudely made bow with a dozen arrows and a pouch with his earnings in them as he does not trust that what coin he leaves behind at home will not be taken. He also has grooming supplies for both his human and horse half. Aware that he will unlikely be able to sleep in inns or the like, he also carries in his pack a small flint and steel set, a warm blanket and a large piece of leather hide he uses as a makeshift roof or door for when he needs to camp out at night. The pack itself would be a heavy for a human but with his horse half he carries it across his horse’s back with ease in simply made saddle bags.

 Janius is a quiet man who keeps to himself more out of habit than a genuine dislike of people. While he prefers to make what he needs himself he is well aware of his limits and does not mind bartering or paying for quality items from more skilled craftsmen and artisans. As such he keeps careful track of the value of what he makes and learns what he can from others to improve upon what he already has. He would prefer to repair something that is damaged or old than replace it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Given his size he prefers open spaces to small, cozy homes and often feels more at home in the woods or on the road than even inside his own home unless the weather is really bad. Nothing relaxes him more than a hard run through the woods and across hard terrain or chasing down prey on a tricky hunt although he hates snow and ice as he has trouble trusting his footing. He dislikes being used like a beast of burden however as he considers such things insulting but he doesn’t mind hard labor when it’s necessary. He considers himself closer to a man than a beast and wants to be treated as such.

Emotionally, Janius doesn’t hide his emotions. They are natural reactions and deny one’s nature is to deny one’s self which is unhealthy for one’s mind, body and soul. As such he will not hide his tears from others if he is sad, his laughter or smile if he is happy or restrain himself from lashing out when he’s truly angry. He does not understand those who suppress their emotions and desires and finds their repression ridiculous. He rejects any religion, any god, who asks such of the people who worship it.

When it comes to companionship, Janius has few friends he trusts and many acquaintances. Fellow messengers, common callers for his work as a messenger, inn keepers in each major city that keep their stables clean, well maintained, and will let to him are all the kinds of people he remembers and takes care to keep in contact with but they are not what he would call friends. He has no family left to speak of as his tribe was all but wiped out by a plague that swept through their number ten years before and he carries a pair of finely crafted wooden rings, carved with the interwoven vines of marriage, on a leather chord around his neck as a reminder of the wife he lost to the disease. 

Magic/Abilities- Janius is an above average hunter and is moderately skilled in leather treating and leather working. He can cook okay and is familiar enough with the woods immediately around La’marri that he can usually decipher if there is something unusual going on with the wildlife. He has skill enough with barbering to keep up his appearance both on his human half and his horse half and treat himself for simple illnesses and injuries.

For his work, he can read and write the major languages of the kingdoms and has a moderate understanding of politics and the Game of nobilities. He knows the fastest and safest routes between the major cities and can navigate by the stars if he has to. Because he travels so often he has a hardier than average constitution and can withstand harsher weather conditions than most humans can for longer periods of time.

Relationships- Janius is a widower whose wife died of the plague that swept through his tribe. The same plague wiped out his known family and most of his friends. He and maybe five others survived the plague though he was the only one he knows of that chose to live amongst the other peoples rather than find another hidden tribe to take him in. He has mourned and let his family go since their passing and keeps a small shrine for them in his home to remember them by. He has not tried to make such close ties amongst those he lives with now partially because he doesn’t think he’d be compatible emotionally or physically with anyone outside of his people.

 Born the third son of the Helektra tribe’s shaman and his wife, Janius was meant to be a healer just like his parents. His eldest brother was promised to the hunters shortly after his birth and his sister was betrothed to the Elder’s son. They had been happy in their small, secluded section of the woods well outside the travel path of most outsiders and in all honesty none of their people considered leaving to live amongst the humanoids. To Janius there had been no other path for him and his family in life and he had been alright with that.

At one and twenty years old, his father informed him that the tribe’s matchmaker had found a woman for him from another tribe who, like him, was trained as a healer. He had been nervous when he traveled to her tribe to marry and bring her back to the Helektra tribe but then when he met her his nerves eased. She was not only a beautiful woman but she was intelligent, skilled and had a sharp enough sense of humor that he felt as if they were dueling with words every time they spoke. They were married within the week of his arrival and left to head back to Janius’ tribe again shortly after they consummated their marriage.

Years passed and despite their best efforts every child his wife conceived died before they born or else were stillborn. Still they kept trying, even when the first tendrils of the plague started affecting the hunters that returned from the edges of the hunting grounds. The symptoms were not so severe at first. A cough, a fever, the chills… nothing they hadn’t seen before. But then the cough turned bloody. Their stomachs turned out and they were unable to keep anything they ate in place. It looked like the disease was eating its way from inside them as their flesh began to fall off in places. Within a week of first showing symptoms, they began to die.

The hunters spread it to their wives and children. The wives and children spread it to others. Before long nearly every home in the tribe was marked as a sick house, a place where only the healers could walk into freely. Janius worked hard, barely sleeping, trying to save as many as possible, especially after his parents became ill themselves. He was stretched so far, left with so little strength at the end of the day, he didn’t notice until it was far too late that his beloved had fallen ill as well.

He stayed home after that, did not leave her side as he tried to ease her pain during her final hours and when she finally passed it was in his arms, struggling for every breath while she clung to him with what was left with her strength. Janius, as it turned out, was one of the five tribesmen who were immune to the disease… and once the plague had finished running its course, it was up to the five of them to ensure the rest of the tribe was put to rest as was proper. It took three years for the rage, guilt and nightmares to ease enough that Janius felt as if he could live around others.

He found the village of La’marri not long afterwards and quietly settled in on the edge of town, keeping to himself if only to take his time to adjust to living with others, much less humans and humanoids. It was there he met the first messenger who was too sick to complete his run. Janius delivered the message in the man’s stead and was offered good coin for it. He ran a few more messages before he was approached by the guild leader and offered a formal position within it. Janius, glad for the chance to work and travel outside the village, accepted.

Since then, Janius has been living in the village of La’marri between jobs from the cities, hunting for food and leather to sell or barter when he needs supplies for his next hard run.

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