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Author Topic: Aleki, Fisherman in Training  (Read 71 times)

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Offline Jiaolong

Aleki, Fisherman in Training
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:25:35 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Aleki
Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Yoreiqi
Height 5'2"
Occupation Training to be a Fisherman
Residence Tribe in Yoreiq

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Aleki is unusually lanky and short for a Yoreiqi. One might mistake him for being much younger than he really is, but his tattoos betray his real age. They are black and are composed of swirls and petal-like shapes. Despite his short stature, he bears the common traits of dark skin and straight black hair, which he wears down. It reaches the middle of his back and is streaked with violet. His eyes are large and a light brown, and he has a long-healed scar on his left leg. Aleki wears a transparent lavender wrap coupled with other cloths. He also wears many shell necklaces and bracelets. Aleki's most noticeable trait is his large, grey-black wings that resemble those of an albatross. While they make him a strong flier, they often get in the way and lie awkwardly when he sleeps.
Aleki always feels like he needs to prove himself, especially to his mother. This sometimes leads him to do risky or dangerous things, and he can be very stubborn at times. He tries his best to act tough and "grownup," but he often drops this facade to partake in childish things like kite-flying. Aleki is naturally curious about the world, and he dreams of traveling to all the lands outside Yoreiq.
His large wings, paired with his small body and light weight, make him an excellent flier. Sometimes he spends whole days practicing flying to build up muscle and stamina. So far, he is able to go scouting for schools of fish(or other sea animals) and spear them from the air. He possesses no magical powers.
He has never been in any romantic(or sexual) relationship. He doesn't really understand why everyone seems so excited about the latter. Otherwise, he has a close relationship with his mother who likes to baby him.
He often traveled with one of his "fathers" to the port-town of Ainu and sometimes lived there for long periods of time when he was younger, allowing him to pick up a bit of Common. Seeing the trade ships and merchants also ignited his dream of wanting to see the world. A run-in with an angry boar when he was younger has caused his mother to be over-protective of him, and he constantly tries to run from her watchful eyes.
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